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608 Bernie Krause (5/12/2013)
May 12, 2013 12:00pm


Greek Mind
608 Bernie Krause (5/12/2013)
[air check] (Excerpt) by Bernie Krause from Amazon Days and Amazon Nights
(Excerpt) by Bernie Krause from Prairie Winds
(Excerpt) by Bernie Krause from Gorilla
(Excerpt) by Bernie Krause from Dawn At Trout Lake
(Excerpt) by Bernie Krause from Mountain Stream
(Excerpt) by Bernie Krause from Gentle Ocean
(Excerpt) by Bernie Krause from Green Meadow Stream
(Excerpt) by Bernie Krause from Ocean Dreams
(Excerpt) by Bernie Krause from Whales, Wolves, and Eagles of Glacier Bay
(Excerpt) by Bernie Krause from Rainstorm In Borneo
Nights West (Excerpt) by Bernie Krause & Ruth Happel from Midsummer Nights
[air check] Prelude To A Fleeting Day (Excerpt) ending by Bernie Krause from Kalimantaan: Heaven Before Time

607 Collapsed Arc (4/28/13)
April 28, 2013 12:00pm


Greek Mind
607 Collapsed Arc (4/28/13)
0:00:01-0:09:44 [air check] White Night (excerpt) by RICHARD LAINHART from White Night cd
0:09:45-0:11:44 Spacefire by COLLAPSED ARC from Tension and Tenure cs
0:11:45-0:14:05 It Started All Over Again by CAROLE KING from compilation
0:14:06-0:24:34 untitled trk1 by XOMBIE from Acideater
0:24:35-0:27:37 Surveyor by H. TICAL from Impact Synthesized Sound And Music
0:27:38-0:33:17 live 2/26/2005 at Hemlock Tavern (excerpt) by ZEEK SHECK from (bootleg) unreleased
0:33:18-0:35:17 El mejor silbador de Jazz del mundo by RON MCCROBY from live on The Tonight Show (unreleased)
0:35:18-0:38:56 Stahlman Gas by EKOPLEKZ from Intrusive Incidentalz Vol 1
0:38:57-0:43:47 Wind (excerpt) ending by FRANCISCO LOPEZ from Patagonia cd
0:43:48-0:48:39 (untitled) by SICK LLAMA from Swinging Death cd
0:48:40-0:52:40 side a (excerpt) by SICK LLAMA AND SPYKES from Alien Facials cs
0:52:41-0:54:44 Me Sir by LEE PERRY from 7" single
0:54:45-1:01:36 I'm At the Helicopter Graveyard by JAMES AMOEBA from Mysterious Library cd
1:01:37-1:21:52 LIVE in studio by COLLAPSED ARC from (unreleased)
1:21:53-1:28:27 Ursula by KADET from Seismic cd
1:28:28-1:29:17 untitled by THE LONG NOW CHIME GENERATOR from (bootleg) unreleased
1:29:18-1:31:38 EIGHT MILES HIGH (excerpt) by RUFUS HARLEY from unknown
1:31:39-1:33:17 excerpts from The Gnostic Mass by ALEISTER CROWLEY from The Great Beast Speaks
1:33:18-1:35:04 Hot Chick'A'Roo by RICKY WAYNE from 7" single
1:35:05-1:50:20 trk1 by WOLF EYES from People Unwatched 3 cd
1:50:20-1:57:44 Enoshima Island (excerpt) by HIROSHI HASEGAWA from e: music noise compilation

606 Landscape Sculpture with Fog Horns (4/21/13)
April 21, 2013 12:00pm


Greek Mind
606 Landscape Sculpture with Fog Horns (4/21/13)
0:00:01-0:01:05 [air check] Super Mario Bros. Theme (excerpt) by LONDON PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA from Greatest Video Game Music comp
0:01:06-0:03:51 Martin Denny by CHRISTIAN MARCLAY from More Encores
0:03:52-0:06:21 Way Down Yonder in New Orleans by JAN AND DEAN from Surf City
0:06:22-0:11:05 T Is For Texas by HALF JAPANESE from fan club 7"
0:11:06-0:13:40 Bath Time by MALCOLM CLARKE from BBC Radiophonic 10" boxset
0:13:41-0:17:01 Formule by THOMAS BLOCH from Music for Ondes Martenot
0:17:02-0:19:32 Wild Honey by THE BEACH BOYS from Wild Honey
0:19:33-0:27:29 Glaxa 8.13.95 (excerpt) ending by SPECULUM FIGHT from Swimming Pool
0:27:30-0:33:04 side a by HENRI CHOPIN from Alphabet Et Glotte 7"
0:33:05-0:36:21 Pencil-Necked Geek by FRED BLASSIE from 7"
0:36:22-0:38:14 Jambalaya by ANDY KAUFMAN AND THE WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS BAND from Late Night TV
0:38:15-0:38:56 unknown by CHRIS ELLIOTT from Late Night TV
0:38:57-0:39:20 Stand (excerpt) by R.E.M. from Out of Time
0:39:21-0:43:22 My Time by ROBERTO CACCIAPAGLIA from The Ann Steel Album
0:43:23-0:51:20 All Moments by MATT CARLSON from All Moments
0:51:21-0:54:30 Maria by THE MIGHTY SPARROW from Hot and Sweet
0:54:31-0:58:36 Dentaku by KRAFTWERK from Pocket Calculator 7"
0:58:37-0:59:39 Hey You mouse jam by unknown from Electronic Arts Instant Music demo video
0:59:40-1:02:00 Cycle Annie by LOU REED from unknown velvets bootleg
1:02:01-1:08:28 Blue Poppy by MORT GARSON from The Wozard of Iz
1:08:29-1:11:59 Dark of the Morning by ZOSER from unknown psych comp
1:12:00-1:13:50 Dr. Kaplan's Office by BOB. B. SOXX from phil spector 7"
1:13:51-1:17:42 Machine Music (excerpt) by LEJAREN HILLER from Electronic Music from the University of Illinois comp LP
1:17:43-1:21:04 Summer Samba by WALTER WANDERLEY from 7" single
1:21:05-1:24:31 Psycho's Blues by CLEAR SPOT from 7" single
1:24:32-1:27:41 Moog: 32 Keys of Polar and Bipolar Oscillations by THE AZUSA PLANE from 7"
1:27:42-1:29:06 Shades of Sennett by HENRY MANCINI from The Pink Panther OST
1:29:07-1:34:23 Second Mind by GRIMBLE GRUMBLE from split 7" with azusa plane
1:34:24-1:38:38 excerpt by CANNIBAL FREQUENCIES from untitled Gods of tundra cassette
1:38:39-1:40:47 The Golden Road by GRATEFUL DEAD from s/t
1:40:48-1:44:16 Flowers to Bees by PLVS VLTRA from Parthenon
1:44:17-1:46:41 Oh Yeah, Maybe Baby by THE CRYSTALS from 7" single
1:46:42-1:59:37 Landscape Sculpture With Fog Horns: Live Radio Version 1982 by BILL FONTANA from KQED LP

605 Julia Mazawa (4/7/13)
April 7, 2013 12:00pm


Greek Mind
605 Julia Mazawa (4/7/13)
0:00:05-0:06:05 untitled track 1 by MERZBOW from Last of the Analog Sessions cd1
0:06:06-0:16:40 [air check] Like Flies by JULIA MAZAWA from unreleased
0:16:41-0:20:30 Get Down Goblin by JAN TERRI from unreleased
0:20:31-0:25:36 Irlite [get 0] (excerpt) by AUTECHRE from Exai
0:25:37-0:27:23 Apache by HOT POSSE from An American Dream (with PATRICK COWLEY)
0:27:24-0:30:00 Galway Bay by HOUSTON WELLS AND THE OUTLAWS (joe meek production)
0:30:01-0:54:43 LIVE in studio by JULIA MAZAWA from unreleased
0:54:44-0:56:49 You Should'nt Be Sad by THE KINKS from Kinda Kinks
0:56:40-1:00:27 To Start...To Hesitate, To Stop by THE POP RIVETS from Medway Powerhouse Vol.1 LP
1:00:28-1:02:28 Fallen Headdress by BLACK THREAD from 7" lathe
1:02:29-1:06:30 Seeperbold by STEREOLAB from Mark Radcliff radio show 11/22/1994 bootleg
1:06:31-1:09:53 Dre Drei Wege Ins Unbekannte Teil 2 by ANDREAS MARTIN & CHRISTOPH HEEMANN from Lebenserinnerungen Eines Lepidopterologen 2cd
1:09:54-1:11:40 "Whirled Beat: Part II": Boy Drumming on Washing Machine -- again (original version) by Dan Carollo's son from youtube video
1:11:41-1:15:28 Sensory Depravation by R. H.Y. YAU from Coagulation: Selected Works 1996-2000
1:15:29-1:17:33 Rose by REIKO KUDO from the field silently riping in the night
1:17:34-1:24:36 Ludus Tonalis by KEVIN HAYS TRIO from Live At Smalls
1:24:37-1:29:08 side a (excerpt) by SPYKES from Faces In The Lake
1:29:09-1:31:49 Musical Fissions by CATHERINE COX from Music of America
1:31:50-1:36:35 From Noise Pancakes At Artsf, San Francisco, July 25, 2004 by LOACHFILLET from Concluding Unmusical Postscript dvd
1:36:36-1:42:28 various by MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ from Return Visit to Rock Mass boxset
1:42:29-1:44:30 side b (excerpt) by LEAVENWORTH from The Killing Floor
1:44:31-1:55:00 Mandara (excerpt) by TOSHIRO MAYUZUMI from Electronic Panorama
1:55:01-1:59:43 Chorus of Green Swamp Frogs by ANDREW SKEOCH & SARAH KOSCHAK from Time for the Tarkine

604 Horseflesh (3/24/13)
March 24, 2013 12:00pm


Greek Mind
604 Horseflesh (3/24/13)
0:00:01-0:09:29 Kattorna by KRYSZTOF KOMEDA from OST
0:09:30-0:12:11 You Only Live Twice by JOHN BARRY from OST
0:12:12-0:15:35 untitled by WIRE WEREWOLVES from And the Moon Became a Fang 3"cdr
0:15:36-0:29:03 side a (excerpt) by PULSE EMITTER from Lung
0:29:04-0:34:19 Requiem Pour Un C... by MALDITOS from s/t lp
0:34:20-0:41:39 untitled trk a3 by GAS MASK HORSE from Full Moon Hysteria - Truncated Edition lp
0:41:40-0:53:17 Ombra by IVO MALEC from Triola lp
0:53:18-0:55:33 Joe 90 theme by BARRY GRAY from OST
0:55:34-1:04:16 UN-X-2 by JOSE MARIA NEVES from cuatro composiciones electroacusticas 2lp
1:04:17-1:30:53 Live on-air by HORSEFLESH from !!! (unreleased)
1:30:54-1:32:40 Theme from Shaft (excerpt) by THE HOLLYRIDGE STRINGS from Play Hits of the 70s lp
1:32:41-1:40:23 untitled live set by COCONUT from Noise Pancakes at ArtSF 2007 (unreelased)
1:40:24-1:41:20 (excerpt) by COCK E.S.P. from Experimental Music With A Touch of Class dvd
1:41:21-1:46:29 The Scent by HAIR POLICE from Visitation Rites lp
1:46:30-1:50:29 Rock 'n' Roll Is Killing My Life by SONIC BOOM from Spectrum cd
1:50:30-1:59:58 (excerpt) by GORDON HEMPTON from Old Growth cd

603 Black Thread (3/10/13)
March 10, 2013 12:00pm


Greek Mind
603 Black Thread (3/10/13)
0:00:01-0:15:03 [air check] Erratum Musical (For Three Voices)... from MARCEL DUCHAMP ‎– Music By Marcel Duchamp
0:15:04-0:17:22 Waddle Waddle by THE BRACELETS from 7"
0:17:23-0:21:01 Cloud Anchor IV by Black Thread from unreleased
0:21:02-0:31:50 Cricket Voice (excerpt) by HILDEGARD WESTERKAMP from Transformations cd
0:31:51-0:47:11 LIVE in studio by BLACK THREAD from unreleasedX
0:47:12-0:50:44 unknown trk1 by SHERRY EMATA from "The Winners!" (dolor del estamago)
0:50:45-1:00:30 trk11 (excerpt) La Chute (Coda : Pour Une Ouverture) by JEAN BAPTISTE BARRIERE from Pandemonium: Non, Jamais L'Esperance bootleg cd
1:00:31-1:02:44 Don't Go Away by THE TEDDY BEARS from Greatest Hits cd
1:02:45-1:10:30 trk3 (excerpt) by WOLF EYES AND JOHN WIESE from Wheels of Confusion Vol 1 cd
1:10:31-1:11:07 Shrimp and White Wine (viral video version) by BEAVER BOYS from Season 1 dvd
1:11:08-1:13:11 My Baby's Crazy About Elvis by MIKE SARNE from 45 single
1:13:12-1:21:44 Beginn - Anfang Von Abschnitt 7 by STOCKHAUSEN from Atmen Gibt Das Leben... cd
1:21:45-1:23:37 Main Title (Quiero La Noche) by MARVIN HAMLISCH from Bananas dvd
1:23:38-1:34:52 [air check] Leggio V by LUIGI NONO from La Lontananza Nostalgica Uptopica Futura cd
1:34:53-1:37:02 Hello, Hello by CLAUDINE LONGET from 45 single
1:37:03-1:57:00 Idle by DAMION ROMERO from 3"cdr

602 Arachnid Arcade (3/3/13)
March 3, 2013 12:00pm


Greek Mind
602 Arachnid Arcade (3/3/13)
0:00:01-0:15:29 [air check] Trk1 by BIRTH REFUSAL from Deny Everything cd
0:15:30-0:17:41 "Sinbad may have been bad, but hes been good to me" promo 7" from 7th Voyage of Sinbad bluray
0:17:42-0:28:30 Formation of the Thunderbeings by ARACHNID ARCADE from Chronomadic Soul Vision cd
0:28:31-0:34:57 Eggman by 0TH from ?
0:34:58-0:37:38 seq.7 coffee time by BRUNO NICOLAI from ost
0:37:39-0:46:49 Victoriaville mai 2011 - encore by RICHARD PINHAS / MERZBOW / WOLF EYES from victoriavilla mai 2011 cd
0:46:50-0:49:35 Here's To The Oblong Boys by RENALDO AND THE LOAF from the elbow is taboo
0:49:36-0:53:56 Human Breakdown Of Absurdity by NORM BURNS AND SINGERS from song poem compilation
0:53:57-0:57:34 Jasz by DOME from flexi-disc
0:57:35-1:01:02 yourgan again by CARLY PTAK from Prepare Yourself
1:01:03-1:02:39 [air check] Danger (excerpt) by SERGE GAINSBOURG from ost
1:02:40-1:22:35 LIVE in studio by ARACHNID ARCADE from (unreleased)
1:22:36-1:30:34 This Moment Obscure by ZOVIET FRANCE from Shadow, Thief Of The Sun
1:30:35-1:34:12 The Lotto Man Cometh by SHAUN DAVEY from Waking Ned Devine OST
1:34:13-1:38:33 Zombies by MAGMA from udu wudu
1:38:34-1:48:02 trk5/6 (excerpt) by FAMILY UNDERGROUND AND DEAD MACHINES from Strangled Pairs 11
1:48:03-1:59:59 side a (excerpt) ending / side b (excerpt) by MICHAEL SIEGEL from The Sounds Of The Junk Yard lp

601 Sun Poisoning (2/24/13)
February 24, 2013 12:00pm


Greek Mind
601 Sun Poisoning (2/24/13)
0:00:01-0:04:59 Cauldron by FIFTY FOOT HOSE from Cauldron
0:05:00-0:12:59 [air check] o god i love so many things... by MYSTERY WATER SALOON BOYS from Shall We Be Ruled... cd
0:13:00-0:17:59 O by SUN POISONING from Praisin' & Hell Raisin' d/l comp
0:18:00-0:20:16 Dew Drop Inn by JEAN MAYS from 45 single
0:20:17-0:27:27 "Sabbath Style" by HENRY & HAZEL SLAUGHTER from One Take Mix / Homemade Electronics unlabelled american tapes cd
0:27:28-0:32:09 Fid by JOHN BUTCHER & GINO ROBAIR from New Oakland Burr cd
0:32:10-0:38:29 trk1 by HALIBET TIN METAL SEWAGE BAND from s/t cd
0:38:30-0:55:25 trk4 by DEAD AIR (Dead Machines and Aaron Dilloway) from "2" american tapes cd
0:55:26-1:03:04 850DKRP3 by RK FAULHABER from 10 Studies Of Texture Music cd
1:03:05-1:24:10 LIVE at Radio Valencia/in studio by SUN POISONING (unreleased)
1:24:11-1:28:28 Veiny Casing by COTTON MUSEUM from Hatching Extraction lp
1:28:29-1:37:38 trk1 by UNNECESSARY SURGERY from The True Spirit Of Delight 3"cd
1:37:39-1:43:42 In Raven's Dissipation by DARWINSBITCH from Thinktank sampler 3 cd comp
1:43:43-1:48:19 untitled (excerpt) by CHRIS FREEMAN/MOJDEHI collab LP
1:48:20-1:55:09 Elasticized Wasteband by ALPHASTONE from Sunday Sept 14 97 cd comp
1:55:10-1:59:55 (excerpt) by THE RITA from Thousands of Dead Gods cd

518 Goofin'
February 17, 2013 12:00pm


Greek Mind
518 Goofin'
0:00:01-0:10:10 [air check] untitled trk1 by DA/AD from This Is My Hell cd
0:10:11-0:12:48 that boy is messin' up my mind by THE ORCHIDS from 45 single
0:12:49-0:22:22 les jeux des anges (1964) from film soundtrack by BERNARD PARMEGIANI from n.e. electric music co. series 3"cdr
0:22:23-0:24:57 don't you know what i mean by TRACHTENBERG FAMILY PLAYERS from 45 single
0:24:58-0:27:42 trk4 by HAIR POLICE from our minds our problems vol.1 cd
0:27:43-0:38:00 trk2 (excerpt) by WOLF EYES from diseased howls cd
0:38:01-0:40:02 Capricorn by HARVEY SID FISHER from Astrology Songs dvd
0:40:03-0:44:26 side a (excerpt) by DAVID PHILLIPS AND ERIC BURNS from Easy Vegan Cooking 7"
0:44:27-0:47:06 (excerpt) ending by COLLIN MCKELVEY from Epistime split 7"
0:47:07-0:49:19 (excerpt) untitled live at the boiler room london feb 2013 by HOLLY HERNDON from unreleased
0:49:20-0:50:14 Born to Die (a cappella cover) (excerpt) by DUKE UNIVERSITY SINGERS from unreleased
0:50:15-0:51:30 Video Games (mash-up) by VARIOUS ARTISTS from unreleased
0:51:31-0:55:35 o mon amar, shajo prokriti by LAKSHMAN DAS, singer, from indian street music - THE BAULS OF BENGAL
0:55:36-0:58:22 live in 16th street BART station (headboggle remix) excerpt by COAGULATOR from unreleased
0:58:23-1:00:15 Dumb Head by THE SHARADES (joe meek production) from 45 single
1:00:16-1:11:41 knee play 6 - Spaceship (excerpt) by PHILIP GLASS ENSEMBLE from Einstein on the Beach LP
1:11:42-1:16:08 untitled trk2 by SICK LLAMA from Being Viewed 3"cdr
1:16:09-1:20:59 side a (excerpt) ending by VELVET UNDERGROUND from Sweet Sister Ray (2LP AM bootleg, 2012)
1:21:00-1:35:05 Electronic Labyrinth by DANIEL TUETH AND GEORGE LUCAS from (unreleased original soundtrack) [1967]
1:35:06-1:36:26 the emperor's new drone (excerpt) by Deepkiss 720 from Blue Period cd
1:36:27-1:37:39 Colour (excerpt) by DELIA DERBYSHIRE from The Dreams OST
1:37:40-1:38:59 (excerpt) by A SNAKE IN THE GARDEN from (wether split) 905 tapes
1:39:00-1:40:30 side b (excerpt) by SMALL CRUEL PARTY from All Early Parts cs
1:40:31-1:45:23 (excerpt) by GENERAL ASSURANCE from "Abundancia En Su Vida" cs
1:45:24-2:00:00 trk6 and trk8 excerpts from American Tapes GOOFIN' cd (AM500 boxset)

517 Private Life
February 10, 2013 12:00pm


Greek Mind
517 Private Life
0:00:01-0:03:35 "Malinconica Sernita (1a parte)" by ENNIO MORRICONE from Il Mostro OST
0:03:36-0:11:55 [air check] "Moog Fantasy" by IVAN PATACHICH from Works of Electronic Music E.N.M. LP
0:11:56-0:14:19 "It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3" by JILL GIBSON from 7" single
0:14:20-0:20:20 untitled by MARK MORGAN from Delwar Showdown comp CD
0:20:21-0:23:22 "Circle" by BRUNO NICOLAI from Eugenie (1969 OST)
0:23:23-0:32:51 "Psychogeist" by WOLF EYES from The Driller 12" single
0:32:52-0:35:01 "Night Train to Mundo Fine" by JOHN CARRADINE from Red Zone Cuba OST
0:35:02-0:39:29 side a (excerpt) ending by SKIN GRAFT from Ill Will CS
0:39:30-0:44:00 "Sun Sukd" by BRUCE HAACK from Haackula CD
0:44:01-0:46:59 "Where or When (excerpt)" by JOHN DAVIS from unreleased
0:47:00-0:52:40 "Analog Part II" by ECOMCON from 7" single
0:52:41-0:56:51 blue tape side b (excerpt) by THE MOSSY THROATS from Microelectronics CS boxset
0:56:52-0:59:18 "Beaucoups of Blues" by RINGO STARR from Beaucoups of Blues LP
0:59:19-1:03:53 "Rock n Roll Animal" (excerpt) by VON HIMMEL from untitled LP
1:03:54-1:06:11 "Action Packed" by JOHNNY DOLLAR from compilation
1:06:12-1:09:59 "Soft Ballet - Jail of Freedom (Jailtilsli) Remix" (excerpt) by AUTECHRE from compilation
1:10:00-1:11:59 "Pied Piper" (written by Paul Simon, early 1960s) by CUPCAKES from 45 single
1:12:00-1:15:39 "The Phantom Words of Explicit Memory" (excerpt) by JASON E ANDERSON from split CS on Dscrmnt
1:15:40-1:17:50 "Motor Hands" by KEVIN SHIELDS from Thrash Sabbatical LP boxset
1:17:51-1:21:59 side a (excerpt) by THE EATING PEOPLE & HENRY & HAZEL SLAUGHTER from Horror Unfolds @ Unpopular Waterpark CS
1:22:00-1:25:18 "One Note Samba" by LIVING JAZZ from The Girl from Ipanema LP
1:25:19-1:26:59 (excerpt) by AARON DILLOWAY from Tractor Cuts CS
1:27:00-1:31:59 "Hidden Agenda/Seinsart" by THE NEW BLOCKADERS from The History of Nothing LP
1:32:00-1:34:19 "Calamity" by BRIAN WHITE & THE MAGNA JAZZ BAND (engineered by Joe Meek) from untitled LP
1:34:20-1:38:13 (excerpt) by DJ DOG DICK from The Yo Po Freestyles LP
1:38:14-1:40:45 (excerpt) by TOM GRIMLEY from Octet DVD
1:40:46-1:47:24 (excerpt) by SMEGMA AND WOLF EYES from AM288 collab CS
1:47:25-1:59:36 "2617 3rd Avenue South" by JUSTIN MEYERS from Private Life CS

516 El Día Anterior A La Emergencia De Los Adultos De Magicicada
February 3, 2013 12:00pm


Greek Mind
516 El Día Anterior A La Emergencia De Los Adultos De Magicicada
12:03pm: you are my everlovin\' by henry flynt from you are my everlovin\
12:08pm: jet by harry revel from perfume set to music
12:12pm: dreamin\' about you by annette from 45 single
12:14pm: side b by jean j. perrey from prelude au sommeil
12:25pm: cinque bamboie azzurre by piero umiliani from 5 bambole per la lna d\'agosto
12:30pm: (excerpt) ending by Lawrence English ‎ from Ghost Towns
12:38pm: sandy by giorgio moroder from (out of print b-side) from soundcloud
12:41pm: radiosonde by santo subito from xavier
12:47pm: smokey joe\'s cafe by buddy holly from the complete buddy holly boxset
12:49pm: klein liebe by das blut from on disappearing
12:55pm: stromplane haifisch by gustav holgurtz from 1927-2002
1:09pm: the journey by tangerine dream from sorcerer
1:11pm: energia pesante by april orchestra from vol. 5
1:14pm: primary flaccidity (3rd mix) by Coagulator from split cs w collapsed arc
1:16pm: anatomy of melancholy (excerpt) ending by Rudolf Komorous from gallery piece 1974 , from compilation
1:21pm: cowboy coffee (version) (excerpt) by dub narcotic sound system from disco plate 12\"
1:22pm: side b (excerpt) by Justin Johnson from Brain
1:25pm: untitled trk7 by FC Judd from Space Patrol comp (on dolor del estamago)
1:26pm: genetic engineering by OMD from dazzle ships
1:29pm: pt1 by Slug Life (Josh Thomas) from untitled self-released cd
1:34pm: shopping in paris by andre popp from unknown comp
1:35pm: scaredness by elyse perez from the tiny album
1:36pm: trk2 untitled by The Pink Chunk Jazz Band from Clear Concious Bottom Dregs Living
1:39pm: Invitation by Impregnable from Deflower
1:46pm: El Dia Anterior A La Emergencia De Los Adultos De Magicicada by Francisco Lopez from El Dia Anterior A La Emergencia De Los Adultos De Magicicada

515 Bootlegs
January 27, 2013 12:00pm


Greek Mind
515 Bootlegs
0:00:01-0:07:03 Mars Everywhere - Live and Unreleased (SOP) side B excerpt
0:07:04-0:09:11 Nick Amster - New Day from By self-released cd
0:09:12-0:13:26 2012-11-06 Collapsed Arc - Fairfield Chapel Oberlin
0:13:27-0:16:55 2010-05-28 Coagulator - The Lab SF
0:16:56-0:21:31 2009-06-06 Liver Cancer - Golden Trapperkeeper SF
0:21:32-0:28:13 2008-08-31 Moe Staino - Pharoah Maybellines SF
0:28:14-0:30:00 2012-10-12 Zachary Watkins - The Cave SF
0:30:01-0:35:46 2012-01-15 Old Million Eye - The Lab SF
0:35:47-0:39:52 2011-09-18 Xome - The Lab SF
0:39:53-0:43:54 2012-11-10 Kevin Harris - Apop Saint Louis
0:43:55-0:51:46 2008-08-31 Noel Von Harmonson - Pharoah Maybellines SF
0:51:47-0:56:21 2012-04-15 Monisala Gbadebo - The Lab SF
0:56:22-0:57:37 2002-02-16 Zbigniew Karkowski - SFMOMA
0:57:38-0:59:59 2009-04-30 Pink Canoes - Luggage Store SF
1:00:00-1:05:20 2011-08-18 Louis CK - Punchline SF
1:05:21-1:10:30 2009-06-06 Syrinx - Golden Trapperkeeper SF
1:10:31-1:14:19 2008-10-04 Critical Monkey - Heco's Oakland
1:14:20-1:18:59 2009-05-21 Vibrating Garbage - Delores Park Cafe SF
1:19:00-1:22:59 2011-11-10 Nerfbau - The Lab SF
1:23:00-1:26:44 2011-07-13 Sudden Oak - Hemlock SF
1:26:45-1:31:02 2011-07-24 The Haters - Retox SF
1:31:03-1:33:38 2009-05-28 Wolf Eyes - Retrofit Sacramento
1:33:39-1:40:35 2008-08-09 Jay Korber - ArtSF
1:40:36-1:44:13 2010-05-26 Darksmith - The Lab SF
1:44:14-1:49:40 2008-08-30 Occasional Detroit - Hemlock SF
1:49:41-2:00:00 2008-08-23 Jacqueline Gordon - SFAC Gallery, outdoors

514 Prairie Dog's Bluegrass Special
January 20, 2013 12:00pm


Greek Mind
514 Prairie Dog's Bluegrass Special
0:00:06-0:02:37 Intro/Foggy Mountain Breakdown--Flatt and Scruggs & Foggy Mt Boys
0:02:38-0:04:50 Reno & Smiley -and the Tennessee Cutups 1951-59-Barefoot Nellie
0:04:51-0:06:14 Buzz Busby-Going Home (Starday 57-59)-Banjo Whiz
0:06:15-0:08:17 the windy city boys aka the stoney island boys-paul and silas
0:08:18-0:12:20 Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder -Bluegrass Rules!-Get Up John
0:12:21-0:14:46 The Stanley Brothers - Folk Festival (disc 2)-Angel Band
0:14:47-0:16:54 Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop-Sunny Side of the Mountain
0:16:55-0:19:04 reno and smiley 1959-1963 (Disc 1)-Steel Guitar
0:19:05-0:21:30 Alan Munde-Festival Favorites Revisited-Bill Cheatem
0:21:31-0:23:31 The Lily Brothers & Don Stover -Early recordings-Wheel Hoss
0:23:32-0:26:34 Norman Blake & Tony Rice 2-Lost Indian
0:26:35-0:29:25 The Country Gentlemen On The Road (and more)-Heartaches
0:29:26-0:32:32 Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music-Uncle Dave Macon _ Wreck of the Tennessee Gravy Train
0:32:33-0:34:47 reno and smiley and the Tennessee Cutups 1951-59 - CD3 Banjo Signal
0:34:48-0:37:26 The Music of Bill Monroe [disc 1_ 1936-1952]-Footprints in the Snow [1952]
0:37:27-0:39:53 The Music of Bill Monroe_ from 1936 to 1994 [Disc 2]-Molly And Tenbrooks
0:39:54-0:42:26 The Music of Bill Monroe_ from 1936 to 1994 [Disc 3]-Walk Softly On My Heart
0:42:27-0:44:50 The Music of Bill Monroe_ from 1936 to 1994 [Disc 4]-Pike County Breakdown
0:44:51-0:47:01 The Music of Bill Monroe_ from 1936 to 1994 [Disc 2]-White House Blues
0:47:02-0:48:55 The Music of Bill Monroe_ from 1936 to 1994 [Disc 3]-Sailor's Hornpipe
0:48:56-0:51:14 The Music of Bill Monroe_ from 1936 to 1994 [Disc 2]-Wheel Hoss
0:51:15-0:54:43 The Music of Bill Monroe_ from 1936 to 1994 [Disc 4]-Jerusalem Ridge [starring Kenny Baker]
0:54:44-0:57:48 The Music of Bill Monroe [disc 1_ 1936-1952]-My Little Georgia Rose [1950]
0:57:49-1:00:08 Reno & Smiley -and the Tennessee Cutups 1951-59 - CD2-Dixie Breakdown
1:00:09-1:02:41 Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop-Cli-Sittin' on Top of the World
1:02:42-1:05:48 Norman Blake & Tony Rice 2-Salt Creek
1:05:49-1:08:24 Reno & Smiley 1959-1963 (Disc 4)-Lady of Spain
1:08:25-1:10:31 Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder -Ancient Tones-Carolina Mountain Home
1:10:32-1:13:24 Down From The Mountain (From _O Brother, Where Art Thou_)-Cox Family _ Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown
1:13:25-1:15:34 Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music Volume Four (1)-Monroe Brothers _ Nine Pound Hammer Is Too Heavy
1:15:35-1:18:44 George Pegram-Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane
1:18:45-1:20:43 Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop-Clinch Mountain Backstep
1:20:44-1:24:06 the windy city boys aka the stoney island boys-little willie
1:24:07-1:26:28 jim & jesse1952-55-my little honeysuckle rose
1:26:29-1:28:51 Buzz Busby-Going Home (Starday 57-59)-Tragic Highway
1:28:52-1:31:23 Alan Munde-Festival Favorites Revisited-Devil's Dream
1:31:24-1:34:16 Ricky Skaggs-Bluegrass Rules-Rawhide
1:34:17-1:36:24 Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys Live at McCabe's Guitar Shop-Daybreak in Dixie
1:36:25-1:38:16 The Lily Brothers & Don Stover -Early recordings-Old Joe Clark
1:38:17-1:40:14 Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder -Ancient Tones-How Mountain Girls Can Love
1:40:15-1:42:27 The Stanley Brothers - Folk Festival (disc 2)-East Virginia Blues
1:42:28-1:45:52 The Lily Brothers & Don Stover -Early recordings--John Hardy
1:45:53-1:48:03 Reno & Smiley -and the Tennessee Cutups 1951-59 - CD2-Limehouse Blues
1:48:05-1:52:16 Reno & Smiley -and the Tennessee Cutups 1951-59Charlotte Breakdown
1:52:17-1:52:24 1959-1963 (Disc 2 reno and smiley - -World Is Waiting for the Sunrise
1:52:25-1:54:53 reno and smiley 1959-1963 (Disc 1)-Love, Please Come Home
1:54:54-1:57:01 1959-1963 (Disc 2 reno and smiley-Follow the Leader
1:57:02-2:00:00 Outro / Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs___Flint Hill Special

513 Daniel Johnston Bootleg
January 13, 2013 12:00pm


Greek Mind
513 Daniel Johnston Bootleg
0:00:01-0:05:38 FACTRIX from live at Target Video
0:05:39-0:08:04 Another Year, Another Day by THE POPPY FAMILY from boxset
0:08:05-0:08:20 station break
0:08:21-0:10:21 Baggy Pants by JAN AND DEAN from rarities
0:10:22-0:13:54 untitled by BASSHATERS from untitled selfreleased tape
0:13:55-0:19:22 Cadenza for Solo Cello by DANIEL STEFFEY from unreleased
0:19:23-0:29:15 untitled a-side by SIXES from 666 (american tapes)
0:29:16-0:29:45 [computers...] by unknown from The Hanna-Barbera SoundFX Library
0:29:46-0:34:30 Django by DOROTHY ASHBY from Django (1961)
0:34:31-0:45:08 untitled by HOT AIR BALOON RIDE from Bundle of Laughs cs
0:45:09-0:49:36 Constant Dreams by BRIAN ENO from Textures
0:49:37-0:56:53 Side a by PALMETTO MOON ELECTRONIC GROUP from Restructures II cs
0:56:54-0:59:02 untitled by DEVELOPER from split cs with crown of bone on Nefarious Activities
0:59:03-1:00:00 untitled by HEX BREAKER QUINTET from Riders
1:00:01-1:02:52 Snake Eater (Instrumental) by NORIHIKO HIBINO from Metal Gear Solid 3
1:02:53-1:04:19 side a (excerpt) by CROSSE HUMILIATIONfrom Crosse Humiliation cs
1:04:20-1:06:49 Banjo Medley by HACK JOHNSON from Authentic Rare Bluegrass Recordings
1:06:50-1:10:34 Sentimental Journey (HEADBOGGLE Remix) by DR QUINN MEDICINE WOMAN from unreleased
1:10:35-1:14:07 untitled by STIMBOX from Recycled cs
1:14:08-1:16:47 Valencia by PAUL WHITEMAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA from 78 record
1:16:48-1:18:48 untitled by ASCETIC from self-released cs
1:18:49-1:28:04 excerpt by HIVE MIND from Ashen Geometry cs
1:28:05-1:29:41 untitled by BONUS BEAST from Disaster cs
1:29:42-1:30:40 untitled by FRAGMENTS from Fragments of Now
1:30:41-1:36:45 C m C child man child (excerpt) by BEAST NEST from split cs on KDVSR
1:36:46-1:39:26 Sorry Entertainer (live) by DANIEL JOHNSTON WITH BROWN WHORNET from live at Al's Bar, L.A. 1998 (bootleg - unreleased)
1:39:27-1:41:50 Casper the Friendly Ghost (live)by DANIEL JOHNSTON WITH BROWN WHORNET from live at Al's Bar, L.A. 1998 (bootleg - unreleased)
1:41:51-1:45:44 Rock This Town (live) by DANIEL JOHNSTON WITH BROWN WHORNET from live at Al's Bar, L.A. 1998 (bootleg - unreleased)
1:45:45-2:00:00 Side A by AARON DILLOWAY from Post Live At Coda Lunga

512 Christian Special
January 6, 2013 12:00pm


Greek Mind
512 Christian Special
0:00:01-0:06:45 [intro] / St. Patrick's by Flin Flon from Boo Boo
0:06:46-0:09:30 Reindeer Ride by Roger Lavern and the Microns from 7"
0:09:31-0:11:24 23rd channel by Gene Merlino from Song-Poem comp
0:11:25-0:12:42 Hannukkah Dance by Woody Guthrie from Hard Travelin'
0:12:43-0:15:19 Prelude #10 from Book One by ? from Sanctum Concert - Rosicurcian Record
0:15:20-0:16:51 We Gather Together by The Word from Your Dreams Are Mine
0:16:52-0:20:05 O' Jesus My Savior by Rodd Keith from Song-Poem comp
0:20:06-0:21:26 Random TV / with Charlemagne Palestine - Holy
0:21:27-0:33:15 Sanctus-Agnus Dei-Things Get Broken-Secret Songs 1/3 by Leonard Bernstein from MASS
0:33:16-0:35:02 The New Creation by The New Creation from Troubled
0:35:03-0:37:10 Purim's Here by Jackie Cytrynbaum from Latkes and Hamentashen
0:37:11-0:39:45 Halleuljah What A Savior by Ralph Platt from The Birds Sing His Praise
0:39:46-0:42:17 Baby Got Book by Momentum Church from unknown
0:42:18-0:44:17 Joy in the camp by The Davis Family from Sings
0:44:18-0:46:49 Get All Excited by The Smith Family from Just Us
0:46:50-0:50:51 How Much More by The Smith Family from Just Us
0:50:52-0:52:27 I'll Never Die by The Smith Family from Just Us
0:52:28-0:55:34 He Never Said A Word by The Smith Family from Just Us
0:55:35-0:58:43 There's Something In The Air by The Smith Family from Just Us
0:58:44-1:01:15 Bow Bells (St. Mary-le-Bow, London) by F.C. Judd from Bells & Sirens 7"
1:01:16-1:05:59 ? by The Smith Family from Just Us (side b)
1:06:00-1:08:12 ? by The Smith Family from Just Us (side b)
1:08:13-1:10:12 Touring That City by The Smith Family from Just Us (side b)
1:10:13-1:12:34 Let's Sing A Song About Jesus by The Smith Family from Just Us (side b)
1:12:35-1:15:20 Hymn Medley by The Smith Family from Just Us (side b)
1:15:21-1:16:49 Christian Side Hug rap (excerpt) by unknown from ?
1:16:50-1:20:20 I Will Cry At Christmas by Denim from Novelty Rock
1:20:21-1:23:43 One Way by Danny Lee and the Children of Truth from One Way
1:23:44-1:24:20 Jesus Lean by B-Shoc from ?
1:24:21-1:30:06 Karenina (excerpt) by Charlemagne Palestine & David Coulter & Jean Marie Mathoul from Karenina Revisited
1:30:07-1:32:24 Searching Questions by Sounds of Life from Breakthrough
1:32:25-1:33:21 A Simple Stroll by Pastor John Rydgren from Silhouette Segments
1:33:22-1:36:45 All My Trials by First Revelation from This Side of Eternity
1:36:46-1:40:45 Sinnin' Woman by Richard Wilson from He Lived the Good Life
1:40:46-1:45:11 My Life's Dream by Cliff Adelman from Joyful Noise 3
1:45:12-1:49:01 Let's Put Christ Back In Christmas by unknown from song-poem
1:49:02-1:58:51 Stones (excerpt) by Christian Wolff from Kyrre Laastad, Tor Haugerud, Michael Duch and Christian Wolff June 2012 performance

511 DJ Prairie Dog
December 23, 2012 12:00pm


Greek Mind
511 DJ Prairie Dog
0:00:15-0:08:24 [air check] Little Rootie Tootie (Encore) by The Thelonious Monk Orchestra from At Town Hall
0:08:25-0:11:39 My Melancholy Baby (Alternate Take) by Charlie Parker & Dizzy Gillespie from Bird And Diz
0:11:40-0:15:24 Tea For Two (Take 10) by Bud Powell from The Genius of
0:15:25-0:23:28 No Cover, No Minimum (take 1) by Bill Evans from New Jazz Conceptions
0:23:29-0:31:49 Woody 'N You by Sonny Rollins from A Night At The Village Vanguard Vol.1
0:31:40-0:40:27 Fly Me To The Moon by Vince Guaraldi Trio from A Boy Named Charlie Brown
0:40:28-0:45:04 How Did It Happen by The Horace Silver Quintet And Trio from Blowin' The Blues Away
0:45:05-0:49:50 Yardbird Suite by Chet Baker & Stan Getz from West Coast Live
0:49:51-0:54:12 This Can't Be Love [alternate take] by The Art Tatum Group from Masterpieces Volume 7
0:54:13-0:56:51 Who Knows (alternate take) by Thelonious Monk from Genius of Modern Music
0:56:52-0:59:45 Blueberry Hill by Mose Allison from Greatest Hits
0:59:46-1:09:09 Flamenco Sketches (alternate take) by Miles Davis from Kind of Blue
1:09:10-1:16:03 Wee-Dot (alternate take) by Art Blakey Quintetfrom Night at Birdland - Vol. 1
1:16:04-1:18:15 Introspection by Thelonious Monk from Solo Monk
1:18:16-1:21:58 It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) by Gerry Mulligan from California Concerts Volume 2
1:21:59-1:24:50 Bemsha Swing by Bill Evans from Conversations With Myself
1:24:51-1:31:41 Salt Peanuts by Dizzy Gillespie & Charlie Parker from Town Hall, New York City, June 22, 1945
1:31:42-1:35:41 Makin' Whoopee by Gerry Mulligan Sextet from Mainstream of Jazz
1:35:42-1:41:07 Dance Of The Infidels by Charlie Parker with Fats Navarro & Bud Powell from Complete Live At Birdland May 17, 1950
1:41:08-1:50:46 Bright Mississippi by Thelonious Monk from The Complete Monk At It Club
1:50:47-1:53:58 Winter Wonderland (78 take) by Chet Baker Quartet featuring Russ Freeman from s/t reissue
1:53:59-2:00:00 [air check] First Take (excerpt) by Ornette Coleman Double Quartet from Free Jazz

510 Waxy Tomb (12/16/12)
December 16, 2012 12:00pm


Greek Mind
510 Waxy Tomb (12/16/12)
0:00:01-0:02:57 Sitar In Blues by Riz Ortolani from Una Sull'Altra OST
0:02:58-0:09:31 Untitled trk2 (excerpt) by Twig Harper from s/t
0:09:32-0:11:35 Sixteen Cubes Of Sugar by Carole King with Bernie Knee from Complete Recordings 1958-1966
0:11:36-0:15:09 Spicer by Town and Country from Decoration Day
0:15:10-0:17:42 Pierce Deciphered by Waxy Tomb from Praisin' & Hell Raisin' comp
0:17:43-0:24:00 Untitled trk2 by Vom Grill from Don't Ollie On Thin Ice!
0:24:01-0:38:15 Church In Half by Juniper Fuse from Dark Globes I
0:38:16-0:42:13 Downtown by Head/Head from 7"
0:42:14-0:45:05 Speeclus 2 by Asmus Tietchens from Sinkende Schwimmer
0:45:06-0:50:29 untitled by The Pool At Metz from s/t
0:50:30-0:57:46 We Will Always Love You by We from s/t
0:57:47-1:04:04 side b (excerpt) by Liminal Planes from s/t
1:04:05-1:06:19 side a (excerpt) by Drainolith from Morton Sociejo Lying Fiction
1:06:20-1:19:33 Waxy Tomb live session in studio
1:19:34-1:23:39 Facing the Moon by Somnambulist from split 7"
1:23:40-1:30:11 Acclimator by Container from SP025 LP
1:30:12-1:35:25 The Exploded View by Raglani from Real Colors of the Physical World
1:35:26-1:37:10 unknown Waltz 78 vs. Gary Numan Pleasure Principle by DJ Waxy Tomb
1:37:11-1:47:46 Mecanique by Forma from Off/On
1:47:47-1:52:10 Pre-Dawn to Sunrise Ragas (excerpt) by Ali Akbar Khan from Pre-Dawn To Sunrise Ragas
1:52:11-1:59:54 Iron Works Fabrication Facility by Vertonen from Le Coeur Mecanique

509 Library Music (12/9/12)
December 9, 2012 12:00pm


Greek Mind
509 Library Music (12/9/12)
0:00:01-0:02:01 Nurseryland (excerpt) by Paul Piot from CHAPPELL DANCE & MOOD MUSIC VOL.4
0:02:02-0:04:19 Hey Sweetie! by Georges Teperino from Rhythmical Melodies (IM 17)
0:04:20-0:07:02 Free Life by Les Baxter from KPM 1070: Bugaloo In Brazil
0:07:03-0:07:45 Star Prizes A by Tony Kinsey from KPM 1302: Entertainment
0:07:46-0:07:51 Approach by Clive Hicks from KPM 1157: Side A: The Hunter
0:07:52-0:10:03 Inspiration II by Mo Foster from JW 505: Bass Response
0:10:04-0:10:50 Blips and cannons by Frank Gartner from Dramatics Electronic
0:10:51-0:13:01 Bouncing by Giampiero Boneschi from Cybernetic Circus
0:13:02-0:16:00 Funky Express (re-edit) by Duncan Lamont from KPM Green label: Music for Dancefloors
0:16:01-0:16:34 Reggae Bubbles from ISST 137
0:16:35-0:18:41 Cosmopolitan Museum by Bill Martin and Phil Coulter from Spider-Man
0:18:42-0:21:20 War Party (Attack) by Keith Papworth from De Wolfe - Wagon Train
0:21:21-0:22:00 Moog Shots 15 by Sam Spence from De Wolfe - The Art of Synthesizer
0:22:01-0:24:18 Children of Devon by James Clark from KPM 1143: Suspended Woodwind
0:24:19-0:26:22 Prelude in Volt by Eugen Thomass from Sound Music - Album Nr. 10
0:26:23-0:28:37 Obsedant Industriel by Patrice Sciortino from Percussion Power
0:28:38-0:30:59 unknown (trk8)
0:31:00-0:33:08 Sound Industrial No.11 by Roger Roger from Sounds Industrial (IM25)
0:33:09-0:33:42 Giant Steps from ISST 141
0:33:43-0:36:18 Theme 9 - Ballade Pop by (?) from MON12: A Musical Picture
0:36:19-0:38:49 Love Call by Jean-Jacques Robert & Jean-Michel Guise from MP14: Delirius MUsic
0:38:50-0:42:00 Le Chateau De Prague by Janko Nilovic from MP12: Black Jack Party
0:42:01-0:44:00 excerpt from Roger Roger - La Merveilleuse Histoire Du Cafe - Side 1
0:44:01-0:46:08 Aberration by Eddie Warner from IM17: Strictly Rhythmical
0:46:09-0:46:55 Electronic Minaret by Frank Gartner from Dramatics Electronic
0:46:56-0:49:45 Entree Des Gladiateurs by Roger Roger from MDINT9421: Panorama European
0:49:46-0:53:10 Electromatics (B) by Keith Mansfield from KPM 1321: The Video Connection
0:53:11-0:55:24 Hard Labour by Roger Morris from L'illustration Musicale - Le Jazzbeat Vol 2
0:55:25-0:56:43 Be Cool (B) by Benny Carter from KPM LP 28
0:56:44-0:58:18 Emergency Service by Kenny Wheeler from KPM 1056: Underscore VOl 2
0:58:19-1:00:16 Uneasy Silence by Duncan Lamont from KPM 1157 Side A: The Hunter
1:00:17-1:02:18 Action Drive by Johnnny Pearson from KPM: Action Drive
1:02:19-1:04:38 Clean Air by Keith Mansfield from KPM 1124 Big Business / Winds of Change
1:04:39-1:07:38 Mitzou by Roger Roger from MDINT9424: Mediterranea
1:07:39-1:09:14 Wormy Apple by Ralph Lundsten from MML015: Strangers In Paradise
1:09:15-1:11:03 Blackout by Walter Murphy from Major Records 06088 Production Music
1:11:04-1:12:51 Dark Depth 1 by Walt Rockman from Underwater
1:12:52-1:14:21 Jungle Campfire (alt v.) by ? from De Wolfe Music Tv Suite 3
1:14:22-1:16:40 Moonscape by Alan Parker from KPM 1055: Dramatic Background
1:16:41-1:19:21 Junior Jet Set by Keith Mansfield from KPM 1037: Flamboyant Themes Vol 1
1:19:22-1:20:19 Electronic Fields 6 by Gerhard Trede from "... and his electronic instruments"
1:20:20-1:20:32 Ambling by ? from ISST 140
1:20:33-1:21:32 Movement Eight by Flowers/Morgan from KPM 1089: Bass Guitar and Percussion V2
1:21:33-1:25:08 French Lick by David Lindup & Si Begg from KPM Favourites Remixed: Bootleg Beats
1:25:09-1:27:52 Holiday For Girls by Walt Rockman from "... and his Synthesizer Band"
1:27:53-1:31:37 Happy to Be Alive by Nick Ingman from KPM 1189: Distinctive Themes / Race to Achievement
1:31:38-1:35:31 Alcove Secrete by Daniel J. White from Impala IMP 04: All Stars Mood Music
1:35:32-1:37:44 Electronic track 17 by Cecil Leuter from IM20: Electronic Tricks
1:37:45-1:40:31 Song of the Sun by Paul Dupont and his Orchestra from LPC1062: Music of Roger Webb
1:40:32-1:42:15 Time to Go by Well-Tempered Music Library from Alternate Mixes/Versions CD [with Bernie Krause outro]

508 Creel Pone(12/2/12)
December 2, 2012 12:00pm


Greek Mind
508 Creel Pone(12/2/12)
0:00:01-0:05:53 Boa (excerpt) by Jon Appleton & Don Cherry from Human Music
0:05:54-0:08:35 Lo Spazio (excerpt) by Umberto Di Grazia from Dimensione Sogno
0:08:36-0:14:26 Reise (1969) (excerpt) by Gunter Maas from Klangbilder
0:14:27-0:22:06 Ambiances 2 (excerpt) by Knud Viktor from Ambiances
0:22:07-0:25:54 Olofyrmos (excerpt) by Nikos Mamangakis from Greek Electronic Music - 1
0:25:55-0:30:12 Prints (excerpt) by P Beyls from Elektronische Produktie Van I.P.E.M.
0:30:13-0:36:05 Himinglitur -- Gleams in the Sky by Larus Halldor Grimsson from islensk raftonlist -- Electronic Music from Iceland
0:36:06-0:41:35 Le Robot (Pt 2) ending by Paul Boisselet from Le Robot
0:41:36-0:46:37 Falling Up by Lorq Damon from Journey To The Land Of Forgotten Dreams
0:46:38-0:49:38 Nd Filter by Romolo Grano from Musica Elettronica 1
0:49:39-0:56:25 Espacios II (excerpt) ending by Juan Blanco from Musica Electroacustica
0:56:26-1:02:36 Animal Animal by Edgardo N. Canton from Musiques Electroacoustiques
1:02:37-1:05:26 Demons of Rage by Nik Pascal from The Sixth Ear
1:05:27-1:10:41 Studie V by Lucien Goethals from Alpha Brussels split lp
1:10:42-1:16:56 Magic Square (excerpt) ending by Arnold Aard from Electro-Sonnances
1:16:57-1:23:36 Luxikon II (excerpt) ending by Gil Trythall from Luxikon II / Echospace
1:23:37-1:30:30 Le Souffle Du Doux (excerpt) [last 7min] by Daniel Arfib from Musique Numerique
1:30:31-1:32:03 L'Ordinateur Deregle by Cecil Leuter from Spectacular Stereo Sounds
1:32:04-1:37:19 Pentes (excerpt) by Denis Smalley from The Pulses Of Time
1:37:20-1:45:33 Diverted To Frankfurt (For Twelve Pulse Generators) by Gregory Jones & Roy Sablosky from No Imagination
1:45:34-1:59:29 Tides by Bengt Hambraeus from Concrete & Synthesizer Music

507 Field Recordings From India (11/25/12)
November 25, 2012 12:00pm


Greek Mind
507 Field Recordings From India (11/25/12)
0:00:01-0:10:24 Three Clarinets, Cello and Piano (1971) (9:33) by MORTON FELDMAN from Late Works for Clarinet CD
[air check]
0:10:25-0:14:36 My My My by THE DAVID RUSSELLL SNAKE from Is Slow Motion CD
0:14:37-0:23:59 Langton St. by RADIANT HUSK from Micromegas CD
0:24:00-0:28:20 Impossible Love (excerpt) by RAGLANI from Web of Light LP
0:28:21-0:32:25 L'Envol (excerpt) by ANDRE ALMURO from L'envol/Ambitus LP (CD bootleg)
0:32:26-0:34:09 Huskies by EDWIN MICKLEBURGH from Antarctica LP
0:34:10-0:36:44 Peel by J. SOLIDAY from Nonagon Knives CD
0:36:45-0:42:10 Our Wild Flight (excerpt) by FAILING LIGHTS from Dawn Undefeated LP
0:42:11-0:45:29 ...Pileated Woodpecker... by JAMES BAIRD from The Edge of the Meadow - Droll Yankees LP
0:45:30-0:51:17 untitled live by NAUTICAL ALMANAC from Live In Montreal CDR
0:51:18-0:55:22 side b (excerpt) by TARPIT from Aback & Adown CS
0:55:23-1:00:38 side b (excerpt) by SPINE SCAVENGER from Weighted Ghost LP
1:00:39-1:03:59 side b (excerpt) by ANDY ORTMANN from Misinterpolations CS
1:04:00-1:08:42 Kept by STEVE HAUSCHILDT from Sequitur LP
1:08:43-1:14:29 3 Transformations for Xylophone (excerpt) by ACHIM WOLLSCHEID from Zelphabet-A CD
1:14:30-1:16:22 Mangwilo Melody by S SKLAIR from Authentic Africa CD
1:16:23-1:21:17 Cyber Rebels by MOON POOL AND DEAD BAND from s/t LP
1:21:18-1:23:49 No 12 in F Minor (pt 2) by J.S. Bach from GLENN GOULD well-tempered clavier CD
1:23:50-1:27:29 side a (excerpt) by BRETT NAUCKE from Home By Now CS
1:27:30-1:29:23 Pica Boy by INFERO from s/t LP
1:29:24-1:33:43 ? by MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ from live 1984-85 CD
1:33:44-1:35:18 ? by ? from M.U.G. #3 (A.M. M.U.G. 7")
1:35:19-1:38:52 ? by LIDLESS EYE from Demos CS
1:38:53-1:42:13 Tiresias Blinded Pt 2 by SOUP PURSE from Wounds Without Cause split CDR
1:42:14-1:47:29 untitled live at 21grand by PIGS IN THE GROUND from [bootleg] unreleased
[air check]
1:47:30-1:52:51 Arachnid Orchid by ARACHNID ARCADE from Saint Street CD
1:52:52-1:59:59 Waterfall Powered Prayer Wheel..., Ralang Monastary, etc. from FIELD RECORDINGS FROM INDIA CDR

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