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Rampage Radio Daylight Savings Tailgate Party Extravaganza!
November 3, 2013 12:00am


Ians Disco Breakdown
Rampage Radio Daylight Savings Tailgate Party Extravaganza!
Rampage Radio Daylight Savings Tailgate Party Extravaganza! 11/3/03
Hosted by Loren with DJ Annabelle from KALX, LastAngry Manny & Father Featherstone

"Synchronize your watches. The future's coming back..."

The full 6 hour Rampage Radio 11/3/13 is HERE:


1:51am: Queen Of The Damned by Motorhead

1:56am: La Villa Strangiato (live) by Rush

1:05am: Yakety Sax by Boots Randolph

1:07am: This Eternal War by Verscythe

1:10am: Pandoras Egg by Avatarium

1:19am: We're Going Off (demo) by Trauma

1:27am: The Witch by The Sonics

1:33am: Allt Genom Dig (live) by November

1:40am: Legacy Of Blood by Sorcery

1:46am: Slow Death by Despair

1:55am: Allied Forces by Triumph

1:59am: We Hate Everyone by Type O Negative

2:01am: Santanico Dramatico by DDLM - Dia De Los Muertos

2:07am: Dia De Los Muertos songs by DDLM

2:09am: Plague Mass by DDLM -Dia De Los Muertos

2:12am: Eye for an Eye by Soulfly

2:16am: Fog Of War by Fog Of War

2:20am: Meet the Grinder by DDLM - Dia De Los Muertos

2:28am: Worse Than War by Havok

2:32am: Laser Enforcer (demo) by Slough Feg

2:40am: Intro-Megaton-Vestige of Earthly Remains by Defecation

2:42am: Sigo Siendo Rey by DDLM - Dia De Los Muertos

2:44am: Las Calaveras Del Terror by DDLM - Dia De Los Muertos

2:47am: Amok Run by Kreator

2:48am: Destroy What Destroys You by Kreator

2:53am: Dia De Los Muertos by Tradicion de Mexico

2:57am: Sigo Vivo by DDLM - Dia De Los Muertos

3:02am: I Wont Give Up by Jello Biafra & Guantanamo School of Medicine

Return Of The Son Of Loren's Psychedelic Breakfast 5/19/13 Part 2
May 19, 2013 12:00am


Ians Disco Breakdown
Return Of The Son Of Loren's Psychedelic Breakfast 5/19/13 Part 2
Return Of The Son Of Loren's Psychedelic Breakfast 5/19/13 Part 2

Part 1 HERE:

12:06am: FTC by Phoenix Bird

12:06am: Folsom Prison Blues by Slim Harpo

12:11am: Vintage N.S.U. by The Talismen

12:18am: Kraken Mare by High Priest Of Saturn

12:27am: Everything\'s Gonna Be All Right by The Farm Band

12:42am: Assault & Battery Part I/The Golden Void Part II by Hawkwind

12:49am: Fire And Water by Wilson Pickett

12:50am: Feel Like Making Love by Millie Jackson

12:54am: I\'m A Mover by Free

1:01am: The Green Manalishi (live in Boston Feb \'70) by Fleetwood Mac

1:18am: Somebody\'s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight by Earl Vince & The Valiants

1:19am: Bad Cloud Overhead by Blackrock

1:21am: Keep On Knockin\' by Death

1:24am: Thrills Of Love by Warlock

1:32am: Sucking My Love (live \'93) by Diamond Head

1:37am: Starrider by F*r*ig#er

1:41am: Feels Like The First Time by Axis

1:46am: Silver Screen by Critical Mass

1:55am: Rubdown by Joe Tex

2:00am: #9 Dream by John Lennon

2:00am: Spiral Architect by Black Sabbath

2:00am: return to normal schedule.

Loren's Psychedelic Breakfast Mother's Day 2013 Part 2 (midnight-2am)
May 12, 2013 12:00am


Ians Disco Breakdown
Loren's Psychedelic Breakfast Mother's Day 2013 Part 2 (midnight-2am)
Check out part 1 here:

12:03am: Funny by Joe Hinton Happy Mothers Day!

12:12am: If You Don't Like Hank Williams by Kris Kristofferson

12:19am: Fist City by Loretta Lynn

12:20am: Lay Lady Lay by The Isley Brothers

12:23am: One, One, Two, Two, Boogie Woogie Avenue (Home Of The Boogie, House Of The Funk) by The Spinners

12:28am: Fancy Pigeons by Ghost & The City (Ghostet)

12:33am: The Stroke by Andre Williams

12:35am: Funky Judge (instrumental) by Bull & The Matadors

12:37am: Sally, Go \'Round The Roses by The Jaynetts

12:40am: Laugh At Me by Sonny Bono

12:46am: Ben by Michael Jackson

12:49am: He's There Waiting by Ralph Carmichael Presents The Electric Symphony (The Moog Synthesizer)

12:51am: Matilda Mother by Pink Floyd

12:56am: Elysian Fields by Fields

1:01am: Don't Slander Me by Roky Erickson

1:03am: The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man by The Rolling Stones

1:09am: Let Me Roll It by Paul McCartney & Wings

1:14am: Where Have You Been All My Life by Fotomaker

1:16am: Holy Holy by Arnold Corns (a/k/a David Bowie)

1:18am: Sing Child by Heart

1:25am: Parents by Budgie

1:35am: Heavy Metal Rules by Nightime Flyer

1:44am: 714 by The Godz

1:46am: Streets Of Alameda by Stepson

1:53am: Lipstick Traces (On A Cigarette) by Benny Spellman

1:54am: Boogie Disease by Doctor Ross

2:07am: Mother Sky by Can

Dancing In The Moonlight with Lance Romance & Foxy Jennifer
May 5, 2013 12:00am


Ians Disco Breakdown
Dancing In The Moonlight with Lance Romance & Foxy Jennifer
Dancing In The Moonlight with Lance Romance & Foxy Jennifer

A musical moustache ride to the Mill Valley of your mind ...

12:05am: Actual Proof by Herbie Hancock

12:07am: California Summertime by Lance Romance

12:09am: Dancing In The Moonlight by King Harvest

12:10am: Gold by John Stewart

12:17am: Kohoutek (excerpt) by Journey

12:18am: Hustler by Journey

12:23am: With Your Love by Jefferson Starship

12:25am: Here Comes The Night by Nick Gilder

12:29am: Topaz (excerpt) by Journey

12:36am: Hypnotized by Fleetwood Mac

12:37am: Days Gone By by Joe Walsh

12:43am: Woman by Free

12:45am Actual Proof (excerpt)by Herbie Hancock

12:46am: Need Your Love by Cheap Trick

12:59am: Electric Phase by UFO

1:10am: 20th Century Foxes by Angel

1:19am: If You Think You Know How To Love Me by Smokie

1:24am: Lighten Up McGraw by Crack The Sky

1:26am: You Could Have Been A Lady by April Wine

1:33am: Dirty Work by Steely Dan

1:38am: Constipated Duck by Jeff Beck

1:40am: Fool To Cry by Rolling Stones

1:52am: Fearless by Pink Floyd

1:58am: Heart Of Stone by SVT

1:59am: Dancing In The Moonlight by Thin Lizzy

Loren's Disco Breakdown
April 28, 2013 12:00am


Ians Disco Breakdown
Loren's Disco Breakdown
Loren's Disco Breakdown ... Punk Rock Disco Heavy Metal Funk Soul and Rock'n'Roll ... Good To Your Earhole!

12:00am: Ca Disco Pour Moi by Plastic Bertrand

12:21am: Disco Europa by Blondie

12:21am: Boogie 1984 by David Bowie

12:25am: I Was Made For Loving You (And Disco) by Kiss

12:25am: New York Disco Groove by Ace Frehely

12:26am: Black Velvet Disco Stallion by Budgie

12:32am: Do You Believe (in Disco?) by Lord Vicar

12:38am: Disco Music by Witchfinder General

12:46am: White Disco Demon Stir Fry Boogie Fever by Say Bok Gwai

12:47am: Disco Magic by Olivia Newton-John

12:50am: Gonna Raise Hell (At The Disco) by Cheap Trick

1:00am: Disco Ride by Cathedral

1:06am: Boogie Disco 12" DJ Mix Press My Button (Ring My Bell) by Lil Johnson

1:15am: Disco Rockin' Chair by Gwen McCrae

1:22am: Last Disco Dance by Donna Summer

1:26am: Humpin' Bumpin' And Thumping (At The Disco)by Andre Williams

1:28am: Disco Love Bandit by Lee Rogers

1:28am: Disco Gangster Funk by Crime

1:37am: Disco Funkier Than A Mosquita's Tweeter by Ike & Tina Turner

1:42am: Disco Diamonds And Disco Rust by Judas Priest

1:42am: Expect No Mercy At The Disco by Nazareth

1:43am: Son Of A Disco Bitch by Accept

1:49am: Disco Loser by Motorhead

1:55am: Boogie To The Hills by Iron Maiden

1:58am: Disco Devil Eyes by Mercyful Fate

We're On The Right Track!!! (Early Days Of Disco Special!)
January 27, 2013 12:00am


Ians Disco Breakdown
We're On The Right Track!!! (Early Days Of Disco Special!)
Join DJ Ian and guest DJ Shawn as we throw down a special set of 1976 and before early Disco classics! You'll hear soulful singing and sweet grooves from the likes of South Shore Commission, Rare Pleasure, MFSB, Eddie Kendricks, and many, many more!

-Track list to come-

Skippin' To The Classics
December 2, 2012 12:00am


Ians Disco Breakdown
Skippin' To The Classics
Hello San Francisco!!! (And points beyond!)

Another Saturday night! Don't let that stupid "conventional time" thing call it Sunday. It's Saturday until you go to sleep in my book. Some skips at the end, the bad mixing is a regular highlight of the show, but I have some classics for you here!!!

And the breakdown if I must....

Rinder And Lewis - Lust

El Coco - Cocomotion

Bumblebee Unlimited - Space Shuttle Ride

Kat Mandu - the Break

Slick - Space Bass

The O'Jays - I Love Music

Loleatta Holloway - Love Sensation

Five Special - Why Leave Us Alone

Ashford And Simpson - Found A Cure

New York Community Choir - Express Yourself

First Choice - Let No Man Put Asunder (Shep Pettibone Remix)

Nick Straker - A Little Bit Of Jazz (Kiss FM Shep Pettibone Remix)

Giorgio Moroder - Evolution (Battle Star Galactica Album One)

Magazine 60 - Don Quixote

Kano - I'm Ready

Vivian Vee - Give Me A Break

Playback - Space Invaders

Post Turkey Tryptophan Breakdown
November 25, 2012 12:00am


Ians Disco Breakdown
Post Turkey Tryptophan Breakdown
Join Ian and Rob and the background party people... (Check your Radio Valencia host ID skills!) A few sloppy mixes and no song titles! Enjoy!

Dante's Hot Tub - Disco Cat Sitting!!!
November 21, 2012 8:00pm


Ians Disco Breakdown
Dante's Hot Tub - Disco Cat Sitting!!!
Ian and guest DJ Rob take care of Dante's place while he and suspicious caretaker Juan Rapido are on vacation! Hear sexy Disco music and a mystery cat knocking needles off records!!!

BTW, Here's the breakdown...

Ray Parker JR - For Those Of You That Like To Groove

Golden Flamingo Orchestra - The Guardian Angel

William DeVaughn - Be Thankful For What You Got (82' Remake)

Diana Ross - It's My House

The Jackson 5 - It's Great To Be Here

Brass Construction - Changin'

La Toya Jackson - If You Feel The Funk

Can - I Want More

Vince Montana Sextet - Heavy Vibes

The Jungle Brothers - Doin' Our Own Dang (Doing It To The JB's Edit)

I.R.T. - Watch The Closing Doors

Ian Dury - Girls Watching

The Nick Straker Band - Straight Ahead

Vaughn Mason - Rockin' Big Guitar

Jimmy Ross - First True Love Affair

Dharma - Plastic Doll

Project Future - Ray-Gun-Omics

Alexander Robotnik - Problems D' Amore (Ah Ou Ah Version)

Jago - I'm Going To Go

Todd Foster- Dancin'

Patrick Cowley - Get A Little

Date With The Rain
November 18, 2012 12:00am


Ians Disco Breakdown
Date With The Rain
A rainy night in SF! Here’s the breakdown..

Eddie Kendricks – Date With The Rain

Lonnie Linston Smith And The Cosmic Echos – Expansions

Lamont Dozier – Going Back To My Roots

Idris Muhammad – Could Heaven Ever Be Like This

Powerline – Double Journey

Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Running Away

Candido – Thousand Finger Man

ESG – Moody

Liquid Liquid – Optimo

Bohannon – Let’s Start to Dance Again (Party Version)

Goody Goody – It Looks Like Love (12″ Long Mix)

Aural Exciters – Chinese Rap

Sharon Redd – Beat The Street

Telex – Moskow Diskow (Disco Mix)

Klein And M.B.O. – Dirty Talk (European Connection Instrumental)

Stopp – I’m Hungry

R.E.M. (No Not That Group The Italo Group!) – Computer Communication

Massimo Barsotti DJ – W.L.L

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Behind The Mask

B.B. And Band – BB Band Melody

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