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June 8, 2019 4:00pm


Infinite Beat
Broadcast 73 features arc of Black Hole Cinematheque (Oakland). As an accomplished multi-media artist and filmmaker, this mix signals his Bay Area departure and a new nomadic chapter beyond the Bay Area.


Arc played:

Terry Fox / Suono Interno

Marie Davidson / Prélude

Umfang / Chant

Jaclyn Kendall / In 2036

Eliane Radigue / Terre - Eau - Pluie

Angels In America / Troy Bellamy

group A / LIAR LIER

Isabella / Tapped

Waxy Tomb / Black Boxes

Via App / Chatter

Kyoka / Shush

Controlling Interests / untitled

Tomoko Sauvage / Amniotic Life¹

Jordan Belson / Allures

Martin Bartlett / Three Songs Featuring Dan Shiedt + Doug Collinge

Two Daughters / Sad Horizons

Lara Sarkissian / The Wave's Recountal

Meuko Meuko / About Time

Daniel Higgs and Twig Harper / Number 4

Sophie Ginou / Free to Kill

Mariah / 心臓の扉 (Shinzo No Tobira)

Kali Malone / Fifth Worship

May 11, 2019 4:00pm


Infinite Beat
Broadcast 72 features an exclusive mix from Scott Moore (Jacktone Records), the iron fist of Limp Wrist and principal daddy at The Stud's experimental electronix night Other Stranger.


Bezier / 綠館三溫暖

CTI / Conquest

Salo Mentale / Golden Twilight

Transllusion / A Moment of Insanity

Stallone the Reducer / Drug Pusher

Jahiliyya Fields / Galcit 210

Severed Heads / Lamborghini

Ovimormia SCI / Fashoin Magazines (Test Vocal Mix)

If-Then-Else / Sidewalker

Kevin Harrison / All Night Long

Robert Bergman / Fluent in Robotics

Traxx vs Legowelt / Stranger in the Strangest of Lands

Chris & Cosey / Obsession (12" mix)

DsorDNE / Al Contrario

Exillon & Bill Converse / Bodily Tension

Chris & Cosey / Doctor John (Sleeping Stephen)

Frak / Lust For Love

Peel MD / Monster

VisBalla / Cavalluccelline

I-F / Sloth

Limp Wrist / Dead Artist

Bill Converse / Endless Tide

Phuture / Your Only Friend

D.R.Y Project / Digital Wave

The Horse He's Sick / Larnyx

O Yuki Conjugate / P2

Ectomorph / Skin

Ariisk / Point KLK

April 27, 2019 4:00pm


Infinite Beat
Broadcast 71 features Infinite Beat friend Roche. He has a three part series of releases on Jacktone Records documenting years of developing his sound.

In this transmission, Roche shares his thoughts on how he creates an organic release, sharing his thoughts on DJ mixes and afterwards, shares an intimate mix featuring friends who we both love very much. Enjoy.

Topazu played:

Christina Vantzou / Laurie Spiegel (The Sight Below Remix) / 3.5 (Nº3 Remixes)

Roche played:

Actress / RIP / Honest Jon's Records

Its Own Infinite Flower / Drone, Drugs 'n' Dissonance / Squirrels On Film

Susumu Yokota / Kinoko / Sublime Records

Levon Vincent / No Regrets / Novel Sound

Cherushii / Nightsteps (Roche Secret Bootleg Remix) / Unreleased

Cherushii / Nightsteps / 100% Silk

Joey Anderson / Sorcery / Dekmantel

DJ Sprinkles / Sisters, I Don't Know What The World Is Coming To / Mule Musiq

Bleie / Tharn / B-O-D-I-E-S

Bookworms / Illusion Flip / BANK Records NYC

In Series (1998) - David Last - Jacktone Records

Dopplereffekt / Von Nuemann Probe / Liesure System

Indy Nyles / BLK HRT / Sierra Negra Records

Steve Summers and Bookworms / Halfzware / Confused House

Nackt featuring CM-4, Doc / Sleep Ford / 100% Silk

Actress / Lost / Honest John's Records

Roche / Deeper / Mathematics Recordings

Roche / Deeper / Perfect Location Records

Roche / Untitled / Unreleased

Roy England / The One For Edan (Roche Remix) / Perfect Location Records
G. Zifcak / Tuned And Clocked / G. Zifcak

Burial / Endorphine / Hyperdub

Huerco S. / Prinzif / Software Recording Co.

Actress / RIP / Honest Jon's Recordings

Cherushii / Your Love Is Smoke In My Hands / Run The Length Of Your Wildness

March 16, 2019 4:00pm


Infinite Beat
This broadcast features Night Sea, a Bay Area-based duo crafting aquamarine, dub-tinged sound sculptures.

Let us celebrate the 70th transmission of Infinite Beat as these two friends share a collaborative mix of an ocean of music that inspires their own work.

Night Sea played:

Emily Sprague / Synth 3 / Mount Vision

Taylor Deupree / Negative Snow / Faint

Roche / A Genuine Effort To Make You Comfortable / A Genuine Effort To Make You Comfortable

M. Geddes Gengras / Mirror / Light Pipe

Warmth / Anchorage / Home

Djrum / Creature Pt. 1 / Portrait with Firewood

Leon Vynehall / From the Sea/It Looms (Chapters I & II) / Nothing Is Still

Steven Legget / Forte / Bathhouse

Robert Rich / Obscured by Leaf Shadows / Vestiges

Ligovskoi / Labiate (Abdulla Rashim Remix) / Dilip EP and Remixes

Ligovskoi / Mana / Dilip EP and Remixes

SVLBRD / Vessel / Stratus

CV313 / Serenity Thru Sorrow / Dimensional Space

Wanderwelle / The Starry Night / Lost In A Sea Of Trees

Purl / Stillpoint / Stillpoint

Porter Ricks / Port Gentil / Biokinetics

Valentino Mora / Extravagate (Transfiguration Phase II) / Ash Walk

Primal Code / Jikan (Interpreted by Luigi Tozzi) / Ä’teru

Forest Drive West / Transmission / Apparitions

Mike Parker / Inversion 6 (Donato Dozzy Remix) / GPH13.5

Deepchord / Moving Lights / Auratones

Skee Mask / VLI / Compro

ASC / Echo Location / The Waves

How to Disappear Completely / Astra / Mer de Revs III

March 2, 2019 3:00pm


Infinite Beat

February 16, 2019 4:00pm


Infinite Beat
Broadcast 68 features Bobby McCole from Pyramid Records, a jewel of a record store nestled in the Mission District of San Francisco. We speak candidly about creating a well designed space for music lovers, keeping things strange on the dance floor and the music that makes us move. Enjoy!

Topazu played:

Theme / Centauri / Centauri

Maximum Joy / Silent Street / Silent Dub / Stretch

Suicide / Surrender / A Way of Life

Lustmord / Tramsmutation Void Mix / Vacancy


Bobby from Pyramid played:

Paradise Island / Mindwash / Lines Are Infinitely Fine

Thick Pigeon ‎/ Subway / Subway / Sudan

Sandii / Zoot Kook / Eating Pleasure

Art of Noise / Comes and Goes / Into Battle With The Art Of Noise

Prefuse 73 / The Only Trial Of 9000 Suns (with Trish Keenan) / The Only She Chapters

Klang / Flying Triangles of Ice / Contactdisc 2

Turn On / Delimiting / Turn On

Bill Converse / Shuck / Converse

Stereolab · Nurse With Wound / Trippin' With The Birds / Simple Headphone Mind

Robert Wyatt / Pigs in There / Pieces

Takako Minekawa / Kangaroo Pocket Calculator / Cloudy Cloud Calculator

Throbbing Gristle / Hot on the Heels of Love / 20 Jazz Funk Greats

Psychic TV ‎/ Alien Be-In (Silent Servant and John Tejada Remix) / Alien Be-In

Coil / Wrong Eye (feat. Rose McDowall) / Wrong Eye / Scope

Chris & Cosey ‎/Little Houses / October Love Song

Severed Heads / George the Animal / The Big Bigot

Limp Wrist / In My Mind / Facades

Paradise Island / A, B / Lines Are Infinitely Fine

Family Fodder / Wrong / Monkey Banana Kitchen

Broadcast / Microtronics 06 / Microtronics Volume 01: Stereo Recorded Music For Links And Bridges

Björk / Pluto / Homogenic

Nico + The Faction / My Heart Is Empty / Camera Obscura

January 19, 2019 4:00pm


Infinite Beat
Broadcast 67 welcomes the accomplished filmmaker, visual artist, composer and performer Marc Kate to the Radio Valencia Studio. With his work in the post-punk band Never Knows, beautiful solo releases on Jacktone, Computer Tapes, HNYTRX, his own imprints Untitled & After, Failing Forms and his collaborations with performance artists like Monique Jenkinson, Marc Kate optimizes what many of us would call a true Bay Area artist in all forms.

This transmission features an exclusive mix by Kate. It not only presents the thoughtfulness of his selections or his interest in the slow progression of drones, but it showcases an artist with a quiet mindfulness. A sort of meditative call to being present in a world of chaos. It was a pleasure to have him on the show and it is a pleasure to be able to share this with you. Enjoy.

Marc Kate played:

Low / The Son, The Sun / Double Negative / Sub Pop / 2018

Leila Abdul-Rauf / Life Leaving / Diminution / 754046 / 2018

Christina Vantzou / Glissando for Bodies and Machines in Space / No. 4 / kranky / 2018

Alice Coltrane / Krishna Krishna / Turiya Sings / Avatar Book Institute / 1982

Naaahhh / Blooz / Themes / Blackest Ever Black / 2017

Vessel / Zahir (For Eleanor) / Queen of Golden Dogs / Tri Angle / 2018

Geneva Skeen / A Parallel Array Of Horses / A Parallel Array Of Horses / Room40 / 2018

Lichens / Kopernik Trip Note / Lítió Fólk / Morc Records / 2012

Penelope Trappes / Kismet / Penelope Two / Houndstooth / 2018

Drew McDowall / Rhizome / The Third Helix / Dais / 2018

Penelope Trappes / Silence / Penelope Two / Houndstooth / 2018

Bliss Signal / N16 Drift / Bliss Signal / True Panther / 2018

Jan Jelinek / Lady Gaga, you once said in an interview that you write music for the fashion
industry. Is fashion as important to you as music? / Zwischen / Faitiche / 2018

Hiro Kone / Being Earnest / Love Is the Captial / Geographic North / 2017

Maria w Horn / Fides Minus / Kontrapoetik / Portals Editions, XKatedral / 2018

Yann Novak / Stifling Sensitivity / Performances of Masculinity / Champion Version / 2018

Aghast / Sacrifice / Hexerei im zweilicht der finsternis / Cold Meat Industries / 1995

The Mistys / Heat Death / Pregnant Mannequin / Plastique Influencer / 2018

Wild Adoration / Sublimation / Wild Adoration - EP1 / New Atlantis / 2018

SOPHIA / Mortus Mantrus / Unclean / Cyclic Law / 2016

Clarice Jensen / BC (with Jóhann Jóhannsson) / For This From That Will Be Filled / Miasmah / 2018

Marc Kate / Deface IV / Deface / Failing Forms / 2017

January 5, 2019 4:00pm


Infinite Beat
Happy 2019! Infinite Beat opens the new year with an exclusive mix from Portland-based composer Patricia Wolf. Formerly a member of the duo Soft Metals, Wolf has emerged as an accomplished solo artist in her own right, co-founding the gallery Variform, which focuses on sound design and modern composition, as well as her work with Novation. Enjoy a luminous mix from the artist herself.
Topazu played:

51717 / Sara / Paranoia Star

Veronica Vasicka / From Here (Robert Hampson / Chasam Mix) / In Silhouette

Patricia Wolf played:

Lena Platonos / Witches / Gallop

Pauline Anna Strom / Freedom at the 45th Floor / Spectre

Polydactyl / Black Seadevil

Grouper / She Loves Me That Way / A I A : Alien Observer

Caterina Barbieri / Pneuma / Vertical

Hiro Kone / Poortgebouw / Pure Expenditure

Meroitic (Jamondria Harris) / Round Six / quaerere LP

Kara-Lis Coverdale and LXV / Informant / Sirens

Marcus Fischer / Loss / Loss

Delia Derbyshire / The Sea / The Dream

Chloe Alexandra / Idioms

Dolphin Midwives / Mirror / Liminal Garden

Raica / Culson / Books

Ryuichi Sakamoto / Zure / async

Giorgio Magnanensi / Here.Now / Re: Presence - Motion Remixed

Laurel Halo / Raw Silk Uncut Wood / Raw Silk Uncut Wood

Astrid Sonne / 00000 / Human Lines

Cruel Diagonals / Oblique Ritual / Disambiguation

Michele Mercure / Antigone / Beside Herself

Dolphin Midwives / Grass Grow (Patricia Wolf Remix) / Grass Grow

Marie Davidson & Lamusa II / La Ecstase / La Ecstase

Helena Hauff / Furthermost Nevermore / Shatter Cone

Mor Elian / Dysmorphia / Persona Non Grata

Zwischenwelt / Telemetric / Paranormale Aktivitat

Tzusing / Nonlinear Way / Cititrax: Tracks, Vol. 2

Objekt / Runaway / Cocoon Crush

December 8, 2018 4:00pm


Infinite Beat
Broadcast 65 marks the last Infinite Beat transmission for 2018 and a new beginning for the show in 2019. Lavender graces us with a winter mix to warm the soul. With two releases on Jacktone Records, Mystique Youth and Horizons Beneath the Surface, an upcoming full-length LP coming in 2019 and a day job building beautiful modular synthesizers, Lavender is nothing short of a genius of electronix.

2018 has been a whirlwind of wonderful opportunities. I would like to thank many people who have encouraged and supported me to move forward in my creative endeavors:

The team behind Mutek SF
Recombinant Media Labs
Honey Soundsystem
Surface Tension
Katabatik Kollectiv
They're Here
Run The Length of Your Wildness
The Stud
Radio Valencia
The Creatrix
Naut Humon
Justin Anastasi
Damon Eliza Palermo
Aaron J
Russell E.L. Butler
Steven Chen
Jefferson Cheng
Hrishekesh Kashyap
Lydia Panda Kim
Everyone who came out to support an underground show
Everyone who has worked door
Everyone who has loaded, set up and unloaded an entire renegade soundsystem
Everyone who has looked out for someone else on the dance floor to keep them safe
Everyone who pitched in to get their friends in when they couldn't afford it
Everyone who has opened their space up when a show has lost their venue
Every one of the 36

My love for you is an infinite beat. See you in 2019!

Topazu played:

Hiro Kone / Scotch Yoke pt. I & II / Pure Expenditure

The Lotus Eaters / Eat Eat Eat / Desatura

Lavender played:

Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou / The Homeless Wanderer / Ethiopiques, Vol. 21

Blue Chemise / Celeste / Daughters of Time

odi me / IM22 / odi me

Kit n C.L.A.W.S. / No One Left to Haunt / Starving at the Palace Gate

Kara-Lis Coverdale & LXV / Territory Of Subtle Entries / Sirens

James Place / Oab / Interpretations of Superstition

Nathan Moody / A Small Amount / Dissolved

Rémy Charrier / A Sine Tale / Cowries

Marc Kate / Sorry, I Haven’t Read Your Manifesto / File: #08

Gultskra Artikler / Des / Destroy Music

Last Faith Studio / Obligerent (Feat. Christina Chatfield) / Constructions Vol. 1

Bezier / Cosmos / Cosmologist EP

Green Velvet / Coitus (Remix) / Green Velvet

Arca / Front Load / Mutant

Vladislav Delay / Korpi / Latoma EP

Michael Claus / Chillin / Forthcoming

James Place / L'sg / Interpretations of Superstition

Steffi / Schools of Thought / World of the Waking State

Rhythm Is Rhythm / Nude Photo / Warp 10+1 Influences

Caltrop / Zoom and Enhance / RTLOYW Vol.2

Phuture / Acid S / Warp 10+1 Influences

Its Own Infinite Flower / One Night, A Six Pack & A 707 / RTLOYW Vol.2

Last Faith Studio / For Faith (Feat. Sebastian Mullaert) / Constructions Vol. 1

gayphextwin / taking time / spiro

Paramour / Best In Me / RTLOYW Vol.2

Cote Picardie / Pedro Vian / Les Femmes

Jadir Zarate / Breathe Under Water / Ancient Echoes

Keita Sano / Varna / Miles

Roche / Conge / AXT

Michael Claus / Brickwall Miracle / Michael Claus

Lone Dancer / Void Simulation / Lone Dancer

Dan Snazelle / Swarming Honey / Exposure to a Steady Stream

DJML / Bikkle / Puzzle Vision Toggle

Dan Snazelle / Serve Two Masters / Exposure to a Steady Stream

Worker/Parasite / Justa909 / Squirm

November 10, 2018 4:00pm


Infinite Beat
Infinite Beat welcomes Layne back into the Radio Valencia studio. With a release on Downwards as well as many live festival performances behind her (such as her Berlin Atonal debut, Moogfest, The Don Buchla Memorial) Layne graces us with a gorgeous post-punk tinged DJ set to embrace the coming Autumn. Enjoy.

Layne played:


October 27, 2018 3:00pm


Infinite Beat
Infinite Beat welcomes Only Now into the studio for a celebration of All Hallows'. We dive into the future of electronic music as well as celebrate the many local producers and crews that are shaping innovation in the Bay Area. Afterwards is a magnetic live set from the accomplished producer as well as an experimental DJ set full of his influences and upcoming releases. Happy Halloween. Enjoy.

Topazu played:

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe / Rotisiv Eht / Marlek

Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe / Yawa Sdlrow / Marlek

Caroline K / Animal Lattice / Now Wait For Last Year

Caroline K / Chearth / Now Wait For Last Year

Only Now played:

Dissection / Into Infinite Obscurity

Etant Donnes / Larme Secrète, Blanche Secrète

Indus Bonze / ヨッカブイ

Hanali / Prototype of Wall Of Toms

Only Now / Dirt

Domadana Kadodi Performers / Recording One

Marsesura / Asmoro

Burnt Friedman / Intrication

Citizen Boy / Indaba Ka Bani Besibenuza

Illumination Boys / African warZONE

Andrea Taeggi / Blazar

Tia Maria Produciones / DA UM KULE NA TROPA ( ANIMAÇAO )

Juakali / Shake Shake Shake( Kush Arora Remix)

September 29, 2018 4:00pm


Infinite Beat
In celebration of Folsom weekend, Broadcast 62 features Matthew Paul. As one of the minds behind the delightful Kosmetik party with Jordee at the legendary Stud, Paul has become one of San Francisco's very best DJs in the pat few years.

With a surprise co-host Rishy, Infinite Beat dives into celebrating subversion, queer culture on the dance floor and the punk rock spirit dance music can offer those of us on the fringes. The most stunning mix from Matthew Paul follows shortly after. Special thank you to Infinite Beat contributor Rishy for sharing his thoughts as well as his whipping skills! Enjoy!

Topazu played:

DJ Hell / I Want U

Selections from The Hacker / Le Théâtre des Opérations

Digital Vamp / You Can Take My Body (Exotic Mix)

Matthew Paul played:

Ambient Temple of Imagination / Space Program: Galactic Initiation

Sampha / Plastic 100 C (Batu Remix)

FQQL / Theon

Shackleton / In The Void

Francis Harris / Minor Fomrs (Valentino Mora Underwater Rephase)

Bulb / Dimmer Switch

Core / Moon

Acronym / Hydraulic Fracturing

Iazikzazubami / Bmaa

Jaures / Silence (After Death)

DJ Qu / Party People Clap (Anthony Parasole & Fred P. Remix)

BFTT / Public/Private

Cheap and Deep Productions / Time Stops (Ectomorph Remix)

Neel & natural/electronic.system / Mira

Utopus / The Vision

Sleep D & Albrecht La’Brooy / Sleeping Patterns

September 1, 2018 4:00pm


Infinite Beat
Broadcast 60 of Infinite Beat begins with a spotlight on the sublime Dais Records debut from Hiro Kone. Working with vocalists like Group A and the legendary Little Annie, Hiro Kone has sculpted one of the most spectacular records of this year. Highly recommended.

Afterwards is a lovely, audio jaunt with the beloved DJ extraordinaire, Primo. With his encyclopedia-like knowledge of all forms of dance music and his dedication to both his community of musicians and artists, Primo has become a respected voice in the Bay Area dance music community. His love of art and music is unparalleled, and it shines through in all of his mixes. Enjoy.

Topazu played:

Hiro Kone / Pure Expenditure (feat. Group A) / Pure Expenditure

Femminielli Noir / Exotico / Malas Influencias

Carter Tutti / Dancing Ghosts (2014 Remix) / Carter Tutti Remix Chris & Cosey

Carter Tutti / October (Love Song) [2014 Remix] / Carter Tutti Remix Chris & Cosey

Primo played:

Pinkcourtesyphone / WIstful Wishful Wanton / Foley Folly Folio

Cold / Strobe Light Network / Hyper Experience / Strobe Light Network

Synapse / Cosmic Connection / Get The Freaks And Get Some

Rhythm of Snow / Getting Closer to an Unknown Goal / Rhythm Of Snow

Twice of Love / The Birth / 24 Hours From Culture

Nitribit / Harmonic Walk / Harmonic Drive

Le Mystere / Opus 303 / On the Beat

MBG / Trance Wave Two (Mystic No Rhythm) / This Is MBG Underground

Mike Henk / Untitled B1 (DOX 003) / Untitled

Micronism / Constructing Space / Steps To Recovery

Nail / Brothers & Sisters (Dj Profile Mix) / Brothers & Sisters

Mark Ambrose / Underwater Acid / Smoky Clinic EP

Kong Oscar / Hypnotiserende / Kong Oscar

Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia / Maenad Beyond / Maenad / Exit 23

Junq / Neutron Harmonics / COG001

R Fresh & Kyng Nova / Devastating / Devastating / Feel It

Sem / Phox (Logan String) / Phox

Nuron / Eau Rouge / Likemind 04

August 4, 2018 4:00pm


Infinite Beat
Broadcast 60 begins with a short feature on two different debut releases. Left Hand Path revels Idol Collapse from Shanghai-based Forests. A haunting, writhing experimental album with a post-punk POV.

Left Hand Path's very own co-label head Nihar also releases his album Chrysalis on Jacktone Records. A gorgeously crafted release showcasing his roots in industrial noise, his love of beautiful, sculptural rhythms and his long time relationship with DIY Bay Area synthesis, Chrysalis is a fascinating debut. Highly recommended.

Afterwards is an exclusive mix from SF/NYC based film obsessive Estudy, who co-operates the SF-based underground party, They're Here, with Teeyam and Rodney K. It features his depth of knowledge in a multitude of genres that influence him, from his love of spooky minimal synth to bold electro stompers. Enjoy.

Topazu played:

Forests 森林 / Scanner Dirge / Idol Collapse

Nihar / Matrix / Chrysalis

éstudy played:


July 21, 2018 4:00pm


Infinite Beat
Broadcast 59 is a special, in-depth look at Jacktone Records. DJ and producer Doc Sleep returns to San Francisco to share many past releases from the label as well as some new upcoming releases. Featuring a number of Bay Area artists, Jacktone has given a platform for many rising producers who are redefining dance music today.

Thank you to Doc Sleep for finding time in her packed tour schedule to spend an afternoon in the studio. Special thanks to Nihar and the Creatrix for guest hosting and a lovely boba break.

Topazu played:

gayphextwin / Spiro

Doc Sleep played:


July 7, 2018 3:00pm


Infinite Beat
Broadcast 58 of Infinite Beat is now podcasted for your listening enjoyment. Beginning with a short feature on Devine Weight, a collection of experimentations stemming from Alex Zhang Hungtai's "failed" attempts at composing through his famed saxophone, disfigured and manipulated into the washes and drones that you hear in the album as the end result.

According to the album's description "Similar to Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Psychomagic, dreams and visions take on the roles of witnesses inside the uncharted labyrinth of the personal sub-conscious. To witness, is to believe. To believe, is to project a certain reality onto the external world. The projection then, has nothing to do with reality. Perhaps it’s where dreams go, after it dies."

Afterwards is a short interview with visual artist, Subset. He is a working designer who creates beautiful, geometric, digital deconstructions that explore the visual and audio experience. He has performed his live visuals with Atomâ„¢, Silent Servant, Rrose, Powell, Marcel Dettmann, Perc and as the "fifth member" of the Surface Tension Collective.

The broadcast concludes with a mix showcasing his audio influences that have inspired his visual perspective. Enjoy.

Topazu played:

Alex Zhang Hungtai / Devine Weight EP

Subset played:

Les Fleurs Du Mal / Biosphere, Deathprod / Nordheim Transformed

Sunny Graves / Spring (Slow Return) / Bayou EP

Luke Abbott / Brazil (Slow Version) / Brazil

Rival Consoles / Johannesburg / Night Melody

Actress / N.E.W. / R.I.P.

György Ligeti, Pierre-Laurent Aimard / Musica Ricercata no. 7 / Ligeti: Études Musica Ricercata

Kangding Ray / La Belle / OR

Steve Hauschild / Arpeggiare / Where All Is Fled

Petar Dundov / Ideas From The Pond / Ideas From The Pond

Room 2 / 36 / The Infinity Room

Pye Corner Audio / She Hunts At Night / Prowler

Nine / The Age / Unreleased

Bicep / Spring / Bicep

Death in Vegas / Sequential Analog Memory / Transmission

Tangerine Dream / One Night in Space / Booster

Datassette / Hands & Faces / Selected Offal

Stephan Bodzin / Odyssee / Powers of Ten

Archivist / Klamath / Pathfinder

Jon Hopkins / Everything Connected / Singularity

Rob Clouth / The Bridge And The Lights / Cloud Complex

The Sight Below / Life’s Fading Light / Glider

June 23, 2018 4:00pm


Infinite Beat
Broadcast 57 of Infinite Beat is podcasted for your listening enjoyment. Featuring the new upcoming Ostgut Ton release from Dutch producer Martyn called Voids. He reaches back to his earlier influences, pulling out deep D&B roots, UK garage, raw bass and lush primitive rhythms.

According to the release, "Voids is also an attempt to work through personal trauma and loss, including recovering from a heart attack and dealing with the passing of close friend and fellow producer Marcus Intalex aka Trevino, to whom the track “Manchester” is dedicated."

After is a sophisticated, genre-bending mix from Mid-West artist and DJ He Valencia. With a talent for sculpting stories with his DJ sets, digging deeply for obscure cuts and connecting his Mid-West roots with a global perspective through music, He Valencia’s mixes are pure poetry. Enjoy.

Topazu played:

Martyn / Mind Rain / Voids / 2018

Vainqueur ‎/ Solanus (Extracted) / Solanus EP / 1996

He Valencia played:

Barrington Levy / The Vibes is Right / The Vibes is Right / 1985

Film Clip / Killmonger museum scene excerpt from 'Black Panther’ / 2018

Audio Clip / IPhone Voice Message from Foozool

Outkast / My Favorite Things / The Love Below / 2003

Flying Lotus / Pickled! / Cosmogramma / 2010

DJ Assault / Tyrone / The Rowdy EP / 1998

dBridge / 5th Floor / Exit 018 / 2009

Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch / Flight to LAPD / Blade Runner 2049 Sountrack / 2017

Iannis Xenakis / Concret PH / 1958

Kesswa / Contemplate feat. Harpist Ahya Simone / Contemplate Single / 2018

Kareem Lofty / Swamp / Praxis Houston / 2017

Goldlink / Crew feat. Brent Faiyaz & Shy Glizzy / At What Cost? / 2016

Drake / Preach feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR / If You're Reading This It's Too Late / 2015

Kareem Lofty / Fr3sh / V/A - Mono No Aware / 2017

Drew McDowall / Tell Me the Name / Unnatural Channel / 2017

Moss Harvest / Vitrine III - Cloth Held With Mordants / Vitrine / 2017

Siouxsie and The Banshees / Jigsaw Feeling / The Scream / 1978

Asylum Party / Play Alone / Borderline / 1989

Zadig / Solar Analog / Act III / 2017

Stojche / Instinct / Magnitude EP / 2018

Huey Mnemonic / Control Mission / Unreleased / 2018

Robert Hood / War in the Streets / Omega / 2010

Aiken / 987 / Act II / 2017

Kalli / Profanity / V/A Black 01 / 2017

Chez Damier / Can You Feel It (MK New York Dub) / Can You Feel It 12" / 1992

DJ Deep / Nitescan / Act III / 2017

NY's Finest / Do You Feel Me (Club Mix) / Do You Feel Me 12” / 1993

Octave One / Meridian / The Collective / 1998

June 9, 2018 4:00pm


Infinite Beat
Broadcast 56 features Atlas of Nothing's latest release on Perfect Location Records called Audio Surveillance Zone. This San Francisco-based producer and DJ has crafted an EP full of lush sludge and throbbing weirdness. This is a highly recommended release.

Afterwards is an exclusive live mix from Teeyam. He is one third of They're Here, a horror inspired party in San Francisco's techno-electro underbelly with éstudy and Rodney K as well as a resident DJ for Outpost. Like Infinite Beat, his mixes celebrate the strange and the romantic.

Enjoy this visceral, sumptuous mix from the loved DJ, writer and film enthusiast.

Topazu played:

AON / Audio Surveillance Zone EP / Perfect Location Records

Drew McDowall & Hiro Kone / Barely Awake / The Ghost of Georges Bataille

Teeyam played:


May 26, 2018 4:00pm


Infinite Beat
Broadcast 55 starts with a short feature of Damon Eliza Palermo’s stunning new ambient track off of Acid Camp All Stars Vol. 1.

Afterwards is an exclusive all-vinyl mix from Austin Cesear, who was a featured performer in the first installment of Mutek San Francisco. He is a wildly gifted producer and it was a pleasure having his mix on the show. Enjoy.

Topazu played:

Damon Eliza Palermo / Uplands / Acid Camp Vol. 1

Austin Cesear played:

no tracklist

April 14, 2018 4:00pm


Infinite Beat
Broadcast 54 starts with a short feature on the Neu U EP from New York-based producer Heidi Sabertooth. Featuring four electro stompers, her analog live performances are superb and her sound has developed into bold, acidic productions. Highly recommended.

This broadcast also features an exclusive mix from the prolific producer Auscultation. You may also know him as Golden Donna. He put together a collection of favorites: ambient abstractions, melancholy film soundtracks and a little bit of pop tinged romanticism. A wildly refreshing, unexpected look at the producer's influences. Enjoy.

Topazu played:

Heidi Sabertooth / Neu U / Neu U

Heidi Sabertooth / Crack on the D / Neu U

Auscultation played:

Everyday Loneliness / What Doesn’t Belong

Impregnable / Swallow Its Stem

Loscil / Iona

áglæca / Hilla

A-G-2-A-Ke / Raps

Black Box / Dreamland

Ama Divers / When Winter Never Came

Chungking Mansions / 三星堆 展區對外開放

Ryuichi Sakamoto / Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence (Coda Solo Piano Version)

Troy Schafer / Hole House - Another Side Of Despair

Fourth World Magazine / Thee Fanfare Of Thee Ascension Of The Facehugger

Yoshimi / Epigenetic

7038634347 (Neo Petal) / Sugar Armor

Hiroshi Yoshimura / Silence

??? ???? / ???????

Stacian / So Cialo

Impregnable / Clean Sheets

Mika Vainio + Ryoji Ikeda + Alva Noto / Movements 9

Funken / Sub-Smasch

TUC (w/ Albrecht La’Brooy) / Victoria Park

Uon / Surface

Phil Blankenship / Under The Bridge

Windy & Carl / La Douleur

Ryuichi Sakamoto / The Left Bank

Rene Hell / Juliard Op. 66

Sade / I Never Thought I’d See The Day

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