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The Last Episode!
June 27, 2013 10:00am


The Last Episode!
It has happened!
Radio Bob finally proposed!!
Now the two of us are getting married and moving to Tahiti!

so no more Double Wide Hour of Love and Peace for a while, at least for the foreseeable future, that is. Instead, will be living the life of the rich and famous, sitting on the sand and sipping rum drinks.

In a way, you could say, that the show is gratefully dead. ba bum!

I guess we better play some Grateful Dead tunes:

"Uncle Johns Band"
"Sugar Magnolia"
"Scarlet Begonias"
"Friend of the Devil"
"Casey Jones"

Then some potential wedding songs:

"Never, My Love" The Association
"Longer" Dan Fogelberg
"Time in a Bottle" Jim Croce
"Dedopolis" Japa Kaur
"Want it to be You" Japa Kaur

Miscilany, just cuz:

"Choo Choo Ch'Boogie" writte by Vaughn Horton, Denver Darling, and Milt Gabler (bet no one knew that)
"Goin' to Mardi Gras" Professor Longhair
"Big Bamboo" Mighty Sparrow
"Know you Rider" Traditional

wow wow wow

and th-th-the that's all folks...

catch us on the beach next time -
me and Radio Bob - in Tahiti!!!

Songs at Random!
June 13, 2013 10:00am


Songs at Random!
Well, we've done it again - another *really weird* episode of the Double Wide Hour of Love and Peace. Imagine that. But this time, it's not our fault. It really isn't. This week, the playlist was all up to fate. Whatever song that Japa's (or sometimes Radio Bob's) finger landed on when the song book was opened up *at random*.

We got some mantras, some sappy Japa Originals, some fun (but under-rehearsed) covers, and Much more. well, not really that much more...

go ahead and have a listen...if you dare!!!

"Alone in the Moonlight" by Japa Kaur
28th Pauree of Japji (Sikh Prayer)
"Closer to Fine" Indigo Girls
"Friend of the Devil" Grateful Dead
"The Hanuman Tree" Japa Kaur
"Revolution" The Beatles
"Sa Ta Na Ma" Mantra for Miracles
"The 13 Grandmothers" Japa Kaur
"It's all God" Japa Kaur
"The Moth" Japa Kaur
"Sweet Spirit of Love" Kin
"Hari Om" mantra, yo
"The Blue Ballin' Blues" Japa Kaur
"Uncle John's Band" Grateful Dead

awwww yeah
that was fun.
let's do this again...

and now for something Completely Different...
June 6, 2013 10:00am


and now for something Completely Different...
Get your spiritual side on with this Double Wide Hour of Japa doing Japa. far out. It's chanting the name of God, people. Japa means chant. Chant your cares away. Take your chants and try out chanting. See if it brings the love and peace, prosperity, and yes (Radio Bob) - Hot chicks - as promised.

Japa, is it really you in that picture?

um, yeah.

"Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa, Sa Re Sa Sa Sa Rung
Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Re Har Har, Har Rung" for prosperity

"Sat Narayan Waheguru, Hari Narayan Sat Nam" for intuition and healing

"Akan Jor", 33rd Pauri of Japji, illiminates negativity, fear & ego

"Adi Shakti Namo Namo, Sarab Shakti Namo Namo, Pritam Bhaguati Namo Namo, Kundalini Mata Shakti, Namo Namo" invokes the divine feminine

"It's all God" by Japa

"Green River" by Japa and Julie

"Guru Guru Waheguru, Guru Ram Das Guru" for healing & miracles

"You are the Light" by Kin

"Longtime Sunshine" closing song, yo

presenting...Ludwig van Beethoven
May 30, 2013 10:00am


presenting...Ludwig van Beethoven
Yes, that's right, people.
We brought Beethoven back from the dead in order to interview him here live on the air. That's the kind of extra mile we go to here on the Double Wide.

Also, we brought in an orchestra from Kalamazoo, Michigan to perform some choice pieces for you live on the air:

3 Piano Sonatas
5th Symphony
The Moonlight Sonata

and live by Japa on the keys:
Fur Elise

wow. what an episode, eh, Radio Bob?
yeah, dude.

Piano up the Wazoo - take two!
May 23, 2013 10:00am


Piano up the Wazoo - take two!

more wazoo for you -
or, more piano for you, as it were

due to technical snafus on last week's show, we didn't exactly get as much piano up the wazoo as we would've liked to, so we decided to offer up some more of it this week, for your listening, and, uh, wazooing, pleasure.

and so we have it:

originals by Japa, unless otherwise noted.

"My Bible Smells Like Whiskey"
"Wine in the Afterlife"
"Morse Code"
instrumental "Etude" inspired by Fredrick Nighthawk
"Hey" by Dave Manning
"Freedom, the Wind"
another Freddy jam
"The Blue Ballin' Blues"
"Meu Piano"
"You've Got a Friend" Carole King
"Want it to be You"
"Blue Moon" Rodgers & Hart
Jam out

Piano up the Wazoo
May 9, 2013 10:00am


Piano up the Wazoo

Well, it started out on a good note, with some really good intentions, but then, uh, while attempting to amplify the piano a little more, Radio Bob, uh...

sure, blame it on me....

well, Bob, you're the one that, uh....
pulled the internet cable out of the laptop when you went to check the mixer.

uh, no, that'd be you, Japa....

well, let's just say that the show kindof ended abruptly before we really got it into it, so, hopefully we'll get that piano up the wazoo for you next week.

The Ides of March
March 14, 2013 10:00am


The Ides of March
The Ides of March!
Celebrating people who have died.
how depressing, Japa...
not really, Radio Bob, it just means that we still love them even though they are gone.
love them enough to write songs about them and then sing them on the radio.
great, Japs. what you got for us?

Originals by Japa Kaur...

A tribute to Mr. Folsom:
"Wire Road"

A couple songs for Paul:
"This Space for Rent"

Inspired by Michael:
"Wine in the Afterlife"
"Ganga River"
"The Moth"
"Later for You"

For my Mom:
"From Mom"

"But I might die Tonight" Cat Stevens

another Michael inspired number:
"Krishna Radha"

"Dust in the Wind" Kansas

A sad one in memory of my Mom:
"On the Weekend"

that's it, folks. Enjoy those bloody Caesars. Bottom's up.

Night Music~!
March 7, 2013 10:00am


Night Music~!
Wow, Japs, after that really horrific version of the theme song, I'm not sure who's left out there to listen to the rest of the show, but just in case anyone is still listening, you might find the following...songs to listen to at night:

(on piano)
"Moonlight Sonata" Beethoven
"Riders on the Storm" The Doors
"Prelude in E Minor" Chopin

(on accordion)
"Cradle Song" Brahms
"Mike is so Tired" Beatles, wrybread on vocals and snazzbo guitar, Mike Aisenfeld on the snorepet

"Hallelujah" Leonard Cohen

"For You" Japa Kaur
"Time Machine" Japa Kaur
"House of the Rising Sun" Animals
"Hotel California" The Eagles
"Alone in the Moonlight" Japa Kaur
"Light on the Shore" Japa Kaur
"Knockin' on Heaven's Door" Bob Dylan

enjoy, yo
Japa and Radio Bob...out...

Poems with Agnew T. (Goldwater) Pickens
February 28, 2013 10:00am


Poems with Agnew T. (Goldwater) Pickens
wow, who knew that the Double Wide was into poetry?
not me.
me neither.
well, I guess this week, we are.

after some delightful live piano numbers, I suddenly feel in the mood for some poetry. and low and behold, it is so.
A couple readings from his recently published book, "Space Christals" and then a talk with the author/poet himself, which blossoms into a rather thought-provoking discussion on the government, GMO's, and other fun things.

ending on a more up note with poems about love and the ever popular "Cora Lee Brine"...drivin' through rain, high on romaine...

much love to the Agnew T.. Thanks for being a *very* special special guest on the double wide, all the way from Antarctica, via Ohio...did I get that right?

hello to the boys at the coffee house.
let's celebrate.

until next time, waheguru
that's what she said.

Remarq Presents!
February 21, 2013 10:00am


Remarq Presents!
This week we have a *special guest* - how exciting!!
wow, Japs, that's so exciting!

yes it is, Radio Bob.
in fact, so exciting that we dedicated the entire Double Wide Hour to Mr. Remarq Johnson who totally rocked it out with his guitar, beautiful vocal presence and philosophical food about life, love and all things deep. check out his "existential lullabies" - a genre on which he has cornered the market. quite effectively, I might add.

So yeah, here is Remarq, in all his *remarqable* glory.

Dreaming Collective
My World
So Real
Tigule (probably spelled wrong)
Bubble Rising
King of Fools
Legend of Argon Vancouver Part 1
Legend of Argon Vancouver Part 2
Infinity to One

there you have it folks. wah lah.
and if you want more of Remarq - check out the portal to Remarq nation at:

dig it.

The Ole Valentine's Day Show!
February 14, 2013 10:00am


The Ole Valentine's Day Show!
It's Valentine's Day, people. feel the love.
plenty of it here on the Double Wide Love and Peace Hour with Japa and Radio Bob.
Come rock out with us in true loverbird fashion - lots of gushy Japa originals and toe-tappin' Elvis and other hearthrob mushy favorites.

how does that sound?
pretty great, Japs.
let's have it:

oh yeah, and did I mention also some really exciting instrumental surprises AND a new L&P theme song?
oh yeah, AND a solo performance by Radio Bob?
really, it just doesn't get any better.

ok, I'm listening.
let's have it now. for real.

oh yeah, AND - the bathroom is fixed!
great, Japs.
and now...? the setlist....??

oh, now. here we go:

The *New and Improved* "Double Wide Hour of L & P Theme Song"
"Blue Moon" (for Mutti)
"Love Me Tender" (yes, I do, Elvis. you got it, man)
"Return to Sender" (featuring Radio Bob on the Barratone Sax)
"Into" (love poem to Japa)(really, folks, it's true)
"Sugarlime" (a Japa original, right back atcha, babe)
"I Don't Need to Keep Lookin'" (I know that one's for me, isn't it, Japs?)
"Lay, Lady, Lay" (love this one. Bob Dylan, yo)
"Time in a Bottle" (Jim Croche, by Radio Bob, Japa takes a pee break)
"That's Amore" (Arthur the Accordion makes an appearance)
"Longer" (Japa's wedding song, by Dan Folgelberg) (what IS a forest primeval, anyway?)
"For You" (a cheezy Japa original)
"Houndog" (Elvis is back)
"Time Machine" (and yet another)
"Krishna Radhda" (and yet another, duet style by Japs and Radio Bob)
"Morse Code" (Japa's latest favorite original number)

Hot off the Press!
February 7, 2013 10:00am


Hot off the Press!
Songs that are, well, (if you read the title, you'd know), Hot off the Press!
New Releases!
Brand New!
Never Been Heard Before!
Recently Inspired Original Songs by Japa!

along with new songs in Japa's repetoir that she is *super stoked* to share with you guys.

RB: you mean, uh, really great songs that you haven't practiced very much, Japa?
JK: um, yeah. thanks for that, Radio Bob.
RB: Ok, cool, man. well, what do you got for us Japs?

Today's lineup:

"Fallen for You"
"Want it to Be You"
"In Love with a Cowboy"
"Far Away" (cover of cool local band "Rin Tin Tiger")
"Don't Stop Believing" (Journey) (uh, Japs...that's not exactly hot off the...)
"Tears of a Clown" (Smokey Robinson) (more like way cold, man)
"The Gambler" (Kenny Rogers) yet another...
"The Blue Ballin' Blues" (a Japa original, recently re-vamped)
"Morse Code" (Japa's new original favorite)

Jam out, yo

The Odds and Ends Show
January 31, 2013 10:00am


The Odds and Ends Show
The Love and Peace Hour is officially going Double Wide now, people. yup. The producers at the station love us SO MUCH that they are allotting for a whole extra hour of love and peace per week. amazing.

will wonders never cease.

Japa and Radio Bob celebrate with a selection of mostly Japa originals that have been sitting around collecting dust in the junk drawer for a while. Now we've pulled them out and brought them back to life. Songs that fell through the cracks, or that were heard only once or twice and then never heard from again. Songs so odd that you really just hope they will end.

"Macavity" T.S. Elliot and Andrew Lloyd Webber, from CATS, yo
"The Eric Song"
"Nothing More"
-Radio Bob sings- "To All the Girls I've Loved Before", Willie Nelson
"The Julie Song"
"Golden Temple Glow"
"Wine in the Afterlife"
"Later for You"
"One Kiss, Tommy"

There you have it folks. Hope you enjoy the selection.
yes, all is odd. and no, it never really ends.

More of the Best of the L & P Hour! ***Special Two Hour Episode!***
January 24, 2013 10:00am


More of the Best of the L & P Hour! ***Special Two Hour Episode!***


as the title suggests, we were granted a special *TWO HOUR* slot with which to broadcast the remainder of our (er, ah hem), YOUR favorite songs from the Love and Peace Hour since its birth back in September, 2011.


a favorite, a favorite, and then, yet another favorite!

it sure doesn't get any better than that!

(well, I don't know, Japa, some new material might be uh....nice...)

yes, thank you, Radio Bob.

and now, the playlist for this week's show:

Hey (Dave Manning)
Subterranean Homesick Blues (Bob Dylan)
Kiss Down Noriega (JK)
Light on the Shore (JK)
Serenade (Sherwin Day)
Jailhouse Rock (Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller)
Everything's Alright (Jesus Christ Superstar)
Peace Train (Cat Stevens)
Crazy Over You (JK)
Sell Your Bike and Get a Job (JK)
Freedom the Wind (JK)
Kehehelanis 3 (JK)
Blowin' in the Wind (Bob Dylan)
Down Easter Alexa (Billy Joel)
Ripple (Hunter, Garcia)
Scarlet Bagonias (Hunter, Garcia)

ok, there you have it, folks.
Thanks for listening, and yes, RB, new week!

The Best of The Love and Peace Hour 2012...and beyond...!!!
January 17, 2013 10:00am


The Best of The Love and Peace Hour 2012...and beyond...!!!
Wow. this was quite an episode!
in more ways than one!!

Thanks to your input via loyal listners' poll, we tallied results and are proud to bring you:
The Best of the Love and Peace Hour 2012 ! (and beyond...)

some technical snafus set us back in the beginning, but no worries, The Love and Peace Hour wins again! bringing you the best of the best of the best of last year's shows (sounds like kindof a short show, Japa)...

thanks, Radio Bob...

ok, so here we have it folks. on guitar, piano, banjo, bass, accordion and a hint of ukulele, re-live the glory of the best of the Love and Peace Hour 2012....and beyond...!!!

Husband Lord*
Riders on the Storm
Crave City*
The Donut Shop*
Meu Piano*
Dark Eyes
Your Neck for Dinner*
My Bible Smells like Whisky*
Movin' Right Along
Rocky Top

*originals by Japa Kaur
all the rest, you've probably heard before.
from some famous guys.

The Paul Addis Tribute Show Part II
November 8, 2012 11:00am


The Paul Addis Tribute Show Part II
we decided to keep it rockin' from right where we left off on the last show.
come here the magic of the Love and Peace Hour, Paul Addis style - take two.

Yes, folks, Paul Addis is worth not just one radio tribute show, but two. so here it is. Number two of the Paul Addis tribute hour.

Kicking it off -

(on piano)
The 12 Bar Blues
"My Bible Smells Like Whiskey" Japa Kaur
"Rocketman" Elton John and Bernie Taupin
"Riders on the Storm" The Doors

(...and on guitar)
"Know you Rider" American Traditional
"Freedom, the Wind" Japa Kaur
"Sell Your Bike and Get a Job" Japa Kaur

tha tha tha that's all, folks.
see you around, Paul. We love you, man. peace.

The Paul Addis Tribute Show
November 1, 2012 11:00am


The Paul Addis Tribute Show
Long live Paul Addis!

His wit, eloquence, intelligence, artistry, talent, laughter and balls-out approach to life was an inspiration us all. Well, to me, at least.

Not only a good friend and Bay Area artist, and performer, Paul Addis was also a fellow DJ here on Radio Valencia. In fact, he was the one who hosted me during my first on-air appearance on this station. Be sure to check out recordings of one of the great legacies he left with us, the podcasts of his show, "Revolution Clash."

This episode of the Love and Peace Hour is dedicated to you, Paul.

Giving voice to your words on the air, to mingle along with a couple songs I think you'd enjoy hearing, and at least one that you most surely would meet with disdain*, here we go:

"Dust in the Wind"
"Joy to the World"
"This Space for Rent"
12 Bar Blues Piano Jam...

over and out.
Paul Addis cleared for flight.

The Once in a Blue Moon Mutti Concert
September 6, 2012 11:00am


The Once in a Blue Moon Mutti Concert
A re-creation of a concert that I put on in Maine this summer in honor of my 91 year old grandmother, Mutti, on the occasion of the Blue Moon in August, 2012.

My Grandmother has been referred to as "Once-in-a Blue Moon Mutti" since she is the kind of amazing person that comes around only once in a Blue Moon.

Hence the name, and hence the concert, and yes, I was very stoked to be in her presence on this wonderful and special occasion.

Re-live the glory here on Radio Valencia, via the "Love and Peace Hour with Japa"

J.S. Bach, "Musette"
L.V. Beethoven, "Fur Elise"
Japa Kaur, "Meu Piano"

Japa, "Barco do Paz"
Janis, Mercedes Benz

F.& B. Bryant, "Rocky Top"

Merle Haggard, "Old Man from the Mountain"
Japa, "The Moth"

Sherwin Day, "Serenade"
Carole King, "You've Got a Friend"
Rodgers & Hart, "Blue Moon"

so yeah, it was a fun evening, fun occasion, and fun to re-create this event dedicated to the one and only Once in a Blue Moon Mutti.

Radio Bob: waheguru

Live from Maine
July 12, 2012 11:00am


Live from Maine
This week, Radio Bob and I are stoked to be hosting "The Nodes!" a Maine-Made bass and guitar duo featuring singer songwriter Mike DeRoche on vocals and guitar and Steve Hamilton on bass.

In this episode, we'll be featuring Mike's original numbers, which capture his songwriting talent, rich vocals, and consciously-minded lyrics.

Mike shares his ideas of living simply, staying close to nature, taking care of the environment, and remaining in the present.

Meanwhile, Steve Hamilton offers a strong and steady bassline to accompany his good friend and co-hort.

Radio Bob: hey Japa, how did you meet these guys, anyway?
Japa: Well, Radio Bob, like 8 years ago, I was hanging out in front of my mom's house at her yard sale in Portland, Maine, and along comes this friendly looking guy and we strike up a conversation and, well, enter Steve Hamilton. Somehow he got a hold of the latest album of "SuperNova", and believe it or not, years later he still has the album, (maybe even actually still listens to it!), thought, "hmmmm, I wonder what that girl is up to now...?" started checking around on the internet and whatdooyahknown, found the Love and Peace Hour with Japa.

Next thing you know I'm hanging out in his basement with Mike DeRoche, live from Falmouth, Maine, broadcasting songs of love and peace.

So here it is: an exciting episode featuring the original songs of Mike DeRoche with Steve Hamilton on bass.


"You Get it"
"Changes" (David Bowie)
"The Day"
"The Fisherman Song"
"Grow Your Own Tomatoes"
"The Garden"
"Ripple" (Grateful Dead)

*Super* stoked to have you guys live on the air today. We are honored!

and if you want to hear more music from The Nodes, or want to get in contact with Mike or Steve, send an e mail to:

Live from the Rainbow Gathering, Cherokee National Forest, Tennessee
July 5, 2012 11:00am


Live from the Rainbow Gathering, Cherokee National Forest, Tennessee
Recorded on-location in the forest of northeast Tennessee, Radio Bob and Japa bring you a live and spirited version of the Love and Peace Hour, an authentic and unique experience from the National Rainbow Gathering, a huge campout in the woods which takes place around the 4th of July in a different part of the country every year.

This week Japa and RB brave the bugs, humidity, and smelly hippies to bring you and up-close and personal report of this annual gathering of love and peace. Good times, man.

Community kitchens, clay ovens, clever water filtration systems, trench-style shitters, this gathering is a good example in community living and sustainable practices - not to mention love and peace!

Everywhere you went, you'd hear, "Lovin' you, sister! Lovin' you, brother!", and the occasional, "Random pocket trade?" Empty your pocket contents into your hand and blindly trade it for whatever pocket contents your friendly rainbow brother has to offer.

"Besides quinoa, steamed greens and celery, I mostly offered up songs," says Japa. "Taking requests, winging newly-learned covers, and dusting off moldy oldy originals. I pretty much had my guitar with me everywhere I went."

Catch a piece of the action from one sunny afternoon when Japa pushed record on the ole Zoom H2n to capture a riveting 60 minutes of the 2012 Rainbow Gathering to comprise this week's *thrilling* episode of The Love and Peace Hour with Japa.

and the spirit of newly-learned originals, requests taken, and moldy oldy originals, Japa and Radio Bob are *proud* to bring you...

"Over the Rainbow" Judy Garland
"That's Amore" Dean Martin
"Crazy Over You" a Japa original
"Summer of '69" Bryan Adams
"Jack and Diane" John Cougar Mellencamp
"Uncle John's Band" Grateful Dead
"Crave City" another Japa ditty
"Aime" Pure Prairie League
"Old Man" Neil Young
"Mercedes Benz" Janis Joplin

hope you enjoy, especially when the melody gets rough, the tune is unknown, but the song just keeps on going...

and tha-the-the-thuh-the-thuh that's all, folks...

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