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September 29 2014
September 29, 2014 4:00pm


Oscillate Wildly
September 29 2014
4:02pm: Sleeper (Ty Segall cover) by Fear of Men

4:04pm: No Hope by 1991 from High-Tech High-Life

4:07pm: Nexus by Young Echo from Nexus

4:13pm: Tear Gas et La Revolte des Jeunes by Tiago Benzinho from Roses of Time II

4:21pm: I Can't Stand it by Telepathe from Dance Mother Fucker

4:28pm: CIRCLONT14 [152.97][shrymorning mix] by Aphex Twin from Syro

4:35pm: Colony by Boothroyd from Idle Hours

4:39pm: Vleade by Brothomstates from Qtio

4:44pm: You Could Feel the Sky by Boards of Canada from Geogaddi

4:49pm: Leafs by Recondite from Hinterland

4:54pm: The Mender by Tectonic Plates

4:59pm: Grass Nap by Danny Paul Grody from Between Two Worlds

5:05pm: Peel It Blank by Sin Ropas from Fire Prizes

5:11pm: Mind to be Had by Blonde Redhead from Barragan

5:20pm: Trellisaze by Slowdive from Pygmalion

5:26pm: Stomp by Ben Frost from Theory of Machines

5:34pm: Apologies by Spaces from EP1

5:40pm: Wolves & Lambs by Maria Minerva from Histrionic

5:45pm: Cuckoo by Still Corners from Creatures of An Hour

5:48pm: Night Revelation by Neokarma Jooklo Trio from Time\'s Vibes

5:54pm: Entity by Inventions from Inventions

September 15 2014
September 15, 2014 4:00pm


Oscillate Wildly
September 15 2014
4:01pm: Hang Around by Grass Widow from Internal Logic

4:03pm: Ladies' Mile by BEAK> from BEAK>>

4:08pm: Transcendence by Bitchin Bajas from Bitchitronics

4:17pm: Voce in XY by Lino Capra Vaccina from Antico Adagio

4:22pm: Electricity by The Avalanches from Since I Left You

4:27pm: Misappropriation by Demdike Stare from Testpressing #001

4:34pm: Aqua Regis by Coil from Scatology

4:38pm: Longlights by Blank Dogs from Land and Fixed

4:42pm: Computer Eyes by Jakob Boeskov/Timothy DeWit/Matthew Morandi from I Think I Scan

4:47pm: God In An Alcove by Bauhaus from In The Flat Field

4:50pm: Lupe by Brokeback from Looks at the Bird

4:56pm: Sabba by Bruno Nicolai from Tutti I Colori Del Buio

5:00pm: Absent Friend by Bark Psychosis from Hex

5:07pm: Beams by Tape from Luminescence

5:11pm: Return Again by Olof Arnalds from Sudden Elevation

5:15pm: Sleep Apnea by Beach Fossils from Clash the Truth

5:17pm: Over and Over by Bowery Electric from Bowery Electric

5:19pm: Rail by Main from Motion Pool

5:25pm: A Short Happy Life by Medicine from Shot Forth Self Living

5:33pm: Haze It May Be by Taylor Deupree from Northern

5:41pm: Death After Life VII by Thug Entrancer from Death After Life

5:48pm: Fences by John Roberts from Fences

5:54pm: More Surgery by Matthew Dear from Black City

September 8 2014
September 8, 2014 4:00pm


Oscillate Wildly
September 8 2014
4:01pm: Great Equator by Zammuto from Anchor

4:05pm: Sing Swan Song by Can from Ege Bamyasi

4:10pm: You Are All I See by Active Child from You Are All I See

4:14pm: Figment of Imagination by Coppe' from Void

4:16pm: Light Year by Genlevel from Back 2 Basics

4:19pm: Tvash Kwawar by Lee Gamble from Dutch Tvashar Plumes

4:22pm: Don\'t Know by Sd Laika from That's Harikiri

4:27pm: Conch by Stuart Dempster from Underground Overlays from the Cistern Chapel

4:30pm: Chimeras by Tim Hecker from Harmony in Ultraviolet

4:32pm: Mirrored by Silje Nes from Mirrored/Mirror 7"

4:38pm: Madimba Xylophone Duet by Jos Gansemans from African Gems

4:41pm: The Light Within by Goat from Commune

4:44pm: Cinturao De Fogo by Marisa Rossi from V/A: Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas- Tropicalia Psychedelic Masterpieces 1967-1976

4:46pm: Cloud Song by The United States of America from The United States of America

4:50pm: I\'d Like To Walk Around in Your Mind by Vashti Bunyan from Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind

4:52pm: A Mirror In My Mouth by Jenny Hval & Susanna from Meshes of Voice

4:54pm: The Hand by Ty Segall from Manipulator

5:00pm: Came So Far For Beauty by Leonard Cohen from Recent Songs

5:05pm: Barefoot Pilgrims by Balmorhea from Rivers Arms

5:09pm: Dewel by Mulatu Astatqe from Ethiopiques 4: Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale 1969-1974

5:13pm: Briefcase Wormholes by Cayos from Naranja

5:18pm: Mersh (VIP) by Dean Blunt from Mersh/Grade

5:21pm: Haunting Voices by Integral from Sercosa

5:28pm: Q-Loop by Basic Channel from BCD

5:32pm: Corrosive by Millie & Andrea from Drop the Vowels

5:38pm: 101 Rainbows (Ambient Mix) by Caustic Window from Caustic Window LP

5:47pm: I'll Read You A Story by Colleen from The Golden Morning Breaks

5:53pm: Heart by Darkside from Psychic

August 25 2014
August 25, 2014 4:00pm


Oscillate Wildly
August 25 2014
4:02pm: A by Nisennenmondai from N

4:14pm: Paradise Stone by Rustie from Green Language

4:16pm: Alberto Balsalm by Aphex Twin from I Care Because You Do

4:22pm: Bulk Erase by Pye Corner Audio from The Black Mist

4:27pm: Altitude by Moire from Shelter

4:33pm: Mimas Skank by Lee Gamble from Kuang EP

4:39pm: Cirrus by Bonobo from The North Borders

4:44pm: Turn Me Well by Micachu from Jewellery

4:47pm: Up Out From the Leaves by Damon McMahon from Mansions

4:49pm: When I\'m Roaming Free by Alba Lua from Inner Seasons

4:53pm: Without A Doubt by Bardo Pond from Without A Doubt 7"

4:57pm: matters by Tashi Dorji from Blue Twelve

5:05pm: GOLD VII by drcarlsonalbion from Gold

5:09pm: Ballad of the Lights (feat. Allen Ginsberg) by Arthur Russell & The Flying Hearts from Ballad of the Lights

5:14pm: Salt by Oren Ambarchi from Audience of One

5:20pm: Four Daughters by Four Women by Dalhous from Will to Be Well

5:24pm: Kling Klang by Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh from Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh

5:28pm: L'Herbe by Roger Rodier from Upon Velveatur

5:32pm: (n-1)! by The Humble Bee from She Possessed the Secret for Listening to the Stars

5:53pm: Charlotte's Mouth by Seefeel from Quique

August 11 2014
August 11, 2014 4:00pm


Oscillate Wildly
August 11 2014
4:02pm: La Distanza by Valerio Tricoli from Miseri Lares

4:16pm: Teresa, Lark of Ascension by Broadcast from Berberian Sound Studio

4:20pm: Music Will Untune the Sky by Have a Nice Life from The Unnatural World

4:24pm: (Interlude 1) by Alt-J from An Awesome Wave

4:25pm: Shadows Rising by Curses from Heartbeat EP

4:31pm: More Alone by Tropic of Cancer from Restless Idylls

4:36pm: Ascension Day by Talk Talk from Laughing Stock

4:43pm: Cloud Passade No. 3 by Lubomyr Melnyk from Three Solo Pieces

5:01pm: Need 2 Let You Go by Dean Blunt from The Redeemer

5:03pm: Orange Miss You by Tonstartssbandht from Now I Am Become

5:08pm: Guitarre Walurniam by Gunter Schikert from Kinder In Der Wildnis

5:12pm: Saramago by Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper from FRKWYS Vol. 11: Cantos de Lisboa

5:15pm: Dial: Revenge by Mogwai from Rock Action

5:19pm: Moon Shadows by Laraaji from Celestial Music 1978-2011

5:23pm: Pallas Athene by Fennesz from Becs

5:28pm: Umananamente Uomo: Il Sogno by Lucio Battisti from Umanamente Uomo: Il Sogno

5:33pm: Cement to Stone by Lansing-Dreiden from The Dividing Island

5:36pm: Zebra by Oneohetrix Point Never from R Plus Seven

5:42pm: Memories by Zomby from With Love

5:46pm: Forever Falling by Vestals from Forever Falling Toward the Sky

5:52pm: Crystalline (Be Again) by Solar Bears from She Was Coloured In

5:57pm: Retrograde by James Blake from Overgrown

August 4 2014
August 4, 2014 4:00pm


Oscillate Wildly
August 4 2014
4:03pm: 6 I by Charles-Eric Charrier from Silver

4:05pm: Ymir by Dawn of Midi from Dysnomia

4:10pm: Waterfall by Evian Christ from Waterfall EP

4:14pm: Aperitif De La Mort by Liaisons Dangereuses from Liaisons Dangereuses

4:15pm: Just A Little Boy (for Chester Burnett) by Swans from To Be Kind

4:30pm: To Breath Underwater by TwinSisterMoon from When Stars Glide Through Solid

4:36pm: Love Showered Me by Lewis from L'Amour

4:38pm: John Says by Leslie Winer from Witch

4:42pm: Chambers (Passing Train) by Hundred Waters from The Moon Rang Like A Bell

4:46pm: B Side by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma from Songs of Forgiveness

5:05pm: No Sass by Photay from Photay EP

5:09pm: House of Insomniacs by Alexander Turnquist from Flying Fantasy

5:16pm: Dye by Tycho from Awake

5:21pm: What\'s Up With That Girl (feat. Ashlin Frances Raymond/ Arkitype) by Shocking Pinks from Guilt Mirrors

5:27pm: BTSTU by Jai Paul

5:30pm: Sunblinds by Tilbury from Exorcise

5:35pm: Lonely Richard by Amen Dunes from Love

5:40pm: Rare Palms by Andrew Weathers & Seth Chrisman from Louella

July 28 2014
July 28, 2014 4:00pm


Oscillate Wildly
July 28 2014
4:02pm: Lvl [A$AP Rocky] by Clams Casino from Instrumental Mixtape 3

4:03pm: Danny Green by North Americans from No No

4:09pm: A Rainbow in Curved Air by Terry Riley from A Rainbow in Curved Air

4:27pm: Death, When You Come To Me by Moondog from Moondog

4:29pm: Sitting in the Crosswalk by Nic TVG from Then I Disappear

4:35pm: Hostessendienst by Aloa from Aloa

4:40pm: Chorus by Holly Herndon from Chorus EP

4:45pm: Circumambient Dawn by Dead Can Dance from Spleen and Ideal

4:48pm: The Physical Body by Dalhous from An Ambassador for Laing

4:51pm: I Hate It Too by Hum from You\'d Prefer An Astronaut

4:56pm: Cave-In by Codeine from Frigid Stars

5:00pm: Julie With ... by Brian Eno from Before and After Science

5:05pm: No One Left To Care by Michael Chapman from Rainmaker

5:11pm: Meadow Mines (Fort Polio) by Dylan Shearer from Garage Array

5:15pm: Twin of Myself by Black Moth Super Rainbow from Eating Us

5:18pm: King Bromeliad by Floating Points from King Bromeliad/ Montparnasse

5:26pm: Lonely Boy by K.Leimer from A Period of Review (Original Recordings: 1975-1983)

5:30pm: Plus Anime by Francois Bayle from Les Couleurs de la Nuit

5:34pm: Strange Birds by Coil from Musick To Play In The Dark Vol. 1

5:43pm: Anansi\'s Gambit (Island Of Lost Souls Mix) by DJ Spooky from Incursions In Illbient

5:47pm: Yesitney by Malka Spigel from V/A: Heavenly Voices I

5:51pm: Day 7 by The Notwist from Shrink

5:57pm: I Want More by Bryce Hackford from Fair

July 21
July 21, 2014 4:00pm


Oscillate Wildly
July 21
4:04pm: All We Want by Joel R.L. Phelps from Warm Springs Night

4:09pm: Chaos Engine by Pinback from Pinback

4:15pm: Like Herod by Mogwai from Young Team

4:24pm: The Valley in Flight by Richard Youngs from Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits

4:28pm: Lo Decidi Yo by Juana Molina from Wed 21

4:32pm: Desire Lines by Deerhunter from Halcyon Digest

4:40pm: Berserker by Jane from Berserker

4:45pm: In The Fog I by Tim Hecker from Ravedeath, 1972

4:49pm: By The Bridal by Amen Dunes from Dia

4:55pm: Souvlaki Space Station by Slowdive from Souvlaki

5:00pm: Lunch Hour Pops by Broadcast from Ha Ha Sound

5:04pm: Always Flying by Thee Oh Sees from Singles Collection Volume 3

5:09pm: Search and Rescue by A-Frames from 2

5:10pm: Worlds Apart by Molly Nilsson from The Travels

5:15pm: Peeping Tomboy by Kurt Vile from Smoke Ring For My Halo

5:19pm: Singing in Many Voices by Marisa Anderson from The Golden Hour

5:22pm: The Orchids by Psychic TV from Dreams Less Sweet

5:24pm: Pygmy Love Song by Francis Bebey from African Electronic Music 1975-1982

5:28pm: Pick Up Your Tears and Run by When Saints Go Machine from Fail Forever

5:31pm: Still Life by Oneohtrix Pt Never from R Plus Seven

5:37pm: Behind My Skin by Migrations in Rust from Two Shadows

5:41pm: We Have a Map of the Piano by Mum from Finally We Are No One

5:46pm: Vanessa by Grimes and d\'Eon from Darkbloom

5:52pm: This is How We Walk on the Moon by Arthur Russell from Another Thought

5:57pm: Cut and Run by Electrelane from No Shouts, No Calls

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