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Dec. 27 Podcast
December 27, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
Dec. 27 Podcast


Kill Yourself by Pussy Galore from Corpse Love
Ride the Sky by Lucifer's Friend
Masters of the Universe by Hawkwind from Weird Tapes No. 2
Vultures of the Horn by Ga\'an from Ga\'an
Incipit Tragaedia by Shub-Niggurath from Les morts vont vite
Dawn; Fire by Can am des puig from Part One: Dawn and Morning
Ko\'ysanka by Ksiezyc from Music the World Does Not See
High Why by Minimal Man from The Shroud Of
what happens ? by S.Y.P.H. from S.Y.P.H.
Die Matrosen by Liliput from Liliput
you you by Malaria! from Compiled 1981-1984
we r. by Chrisma from Hibernation
Makros by Lena Platonos from Lena Platonos
Lamboghini by Severed Heads from Adenoids 1977-1985
Red Light by Siouxsie and the Banshees from Kaleidoscope
The Sabbath by Asylum Party from The Grey Years
Charlotte Sometimes by The Cure from Staring at the Sea
Areknames by Franco Battiato from Pollution
The Garden of Earthly Delights by The United States of America from The United States of America
Red the Sign Post by Fifty Foot Hose from Cauldron
Send me a postcard by Shocking Blue from Shocking Blue
Ince Ince by Selda from Selda
Eskimo Blue Day by Jefferson Airplane from Volunteers
Alquivira (Tangos) by Lole y Manuel from Pasaje del Agua
Quiet Joys of Brotherhood by Sandy Denny from Sandy

Dec. 13 Podcast
December 13, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
Dec. 13 Podcast

Elle Voulait Que Je Sois Drole by Ilitch from 10 Suicides
Lullaby (By-By-By) by Scott Walker and Ute Lemper from Punishing Kiss
Avatar by Swans from The Seer
Fire Sermon by White Suns from Sinews
Through the Panama by Sightings from Through the Panama
Home Made Stuff by U.S. Maple from Long Hair in Three Stages
Somniphobia by Sudden Infant from Psychotic Einzelkind
New New by DNA from DNA on DNA
The Scent by Hair Police from Mercurial Rites
Sixteen Metaphonic Meditations 9 by Z\'EV from The Sapphire Nature
Binding of Shadows by Hexentanz from Nekrocrafte
Attente by Eskaton from 4 Visions
Elemental Disgrace I by Hive Mind from Elemental Disgrace
Three by Hototogisu + Burning Star Core from Fig.87
Solstice by Higuma from Pacific Fog Dreams
He Knows by Grouper from He Knows He Knows He Knows
Ar-Gu by Dome from 34

Nov. 8 Podcast
November 15, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
Nov. 8 Podcast

Come To The Edge by Zoviet France from Shouting At The Ground
Powershock I by Alberich from NATO-Uniformen
Le Corps De Jehan by Le Syndicat from Vorgine
Understanding by Deviation Social from Workforce/Deathwatch
In The Nursery by Psychic TV from Dreams Less Sweet
Kill The Hypnotic Bastards by Missing Foundation from Missing Foundation
Ghost Orchid by Dreamcrusher from Suicide Deluxe
Neuridrina by Esplendor Geometrico from EG-1
Bad Vibration by Excepter from Self Destruction
-25 by Pan Sonic from Kulma
Mediaton by Oval from Systemisch
Soul Eraser by Grouper from A I A: Dream Loss
Leaving by Andy Stott from Luxury Problems
Endorphin by Burial from Untrue
Bitches Sabbath by Grasshopper from Dark Sabbath: Symbols Of Evil
Untitled by Zaimph from Imagine Yourself Here...
May 1971 by Metal Rouge from Trails

Nov. 1 Podcast
November 1, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
Nov. 1 Podcast

Footprints in the Snow by Flux of Pink Indians from Uncarved Block
Passage on Nihon Bridge by Deficit des Annees Anterieures from When A Cap is Raising
Lost Your Soul by Cyrnai from To Subtle Drive
Stone Charge by African Head Charge from Ny life in a hole in the ground
Seoul Music by Yellow Magic Orchestra from Technodelic
Permanasair by Red Robin from Low Bit Gamelan: Chipmusic Inspired by Indonesian Gamelan Music
Upadesa by Angel Rada from Upadesa
Rose Hip November by Vashti Bunyan from Just Another Diamond Day
Riverdie by Folkdove from Folkdove
Wesak by Gimmer Nicholson from Christopher Idylls
Drip Drip by Comus from First Utterance
Half Asleep; Half Awake by Henry Cow from Unrest
Almond Raga by Algarnas Tradgard from Delayed
We Love Live (Like We Love You) by Group 1850 from Agemo\'s Trip to Mother Earth
Take Off Your Eyes by Damin Eih, A.L.K.and Brother Clark from Never Mind
Map by Flower Travelin\' Band from Music Composed Mainly By Humans
Dead Pigeon Suite by Can from The Lost Tapes
Regenmacher by Hans-Joachim Roedelius from Durch Die Wuste

Oct. 18 Podcast
October 18, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
Oct. 18 Podcast

Shomyo Part 2 by People from Ceremony - Buddha Meet Rock
Space Closure by Sensations\' Fix from Fragments Of Light
Tenebres (Walpurgis) by Igor Wakhevitch from Docteur Faust
Super 16 by Neu! from Neu! 2
Untitled by Ash Borer from split with Fell Voices
Lusty Climbing by Raspberry Bulbs from Deformed Worship
Haram Dei Ra (Alternate Version) by Popol Vuh from LetzteTage - Letzte Nachte (CD re-issue)
Lucifer Rising 5 by Bobby Beausoleil from Lucifer Rising
First Communication by Agitation Free from 2nd
Descente Dans Ce Monde Inconnu I-IV by Alain Meunier from Voyage Aux Fonds De La Mer
Crosstalker by Iron Claw from Iron Claw
Lone Soul Road by Sainte Anthony\'s Fyre from Sainte Anthony\'s Fyre
Livin\' In A Ram\'s Head by Pentagram from First Daze Here 1972-1976
Kingdom Come by Sir Lord Baltimore from Kingdom Come
Breadalbane by Flake from Psych Bites: Australian Acid Freakrock 1967-1974 Volume 1
Produced by York Factory Complaint from Lost In The Spectacle
Coral Pathogen by Styrofoam Sanchez from Empire Underwater
Choking Flies by Wolf Eyes from No Answer: Lower Floors

Sept 6 Podcast
September 6, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
Sept 6 Podcast

Asshole Pussy Galore Corpse Love - The First Year
Shout Primitive Calculators Primitive Calculators
I'm Choking Catholic Discipline Underground Babylon
The Monitors Chrome Half Machine Lip Moves/Alien Soundtracks
We're Not Crazy Red Transistor
Super Calor Steak From Delta Pain Perdu
Kharma Burn Black Pus Black Pus 4: All Aboard The Magic Pus
The Driftless Mouthus Saw A Halo
Square Dance Material Memory Serves
Sahara Sunrise YBO2 Pale SKin, Pale Face
Caucasian Walk Virgin Prunes ...If I Die, I Die
Teken De Tijd De Div Open Zee
moonlight Red Temple Spirits Dancing To Restore An Eclipsed Moon
the wait Killing Joke Killing Joke
1992 Bouncing Czechs Messthetics #6
Pure Joy in my Heart Asylum Party The Grey Years Vol. 2
the messenger Tamaryn
Switch Siouxsie & the Banshees The Scream
Journey Delta 5 See the Whirl'
Le Cortege Skating For Cover Rituals
il mosaico zeit un giorno in una piazza mediterranea
Falling As Flowers Do, Dying A Glorious Death Geinoh Yamashirogumi Ecophony Rinne
Angels Can't Stop Valet False Face Society
Touch Downer Lady June's Linguistic Leprosy

August 23 Podcast
August 23, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
August 23 Podcast
Oil Tubes Gaz Nevada Sick Soundtrack and More
Markos Goblin Suspiria
Miorte Mentale Di Un Sogno Arturo Stalteri Andre Sulla Luna
Melancholy Descriptions of Simple 3D Environments Oneohtrix Point Never The Fall Into Time
Cotes de Cachalot Heldon Third
Arcane Matters Helm Impossible Symmetry
One Cluster & Eno Cluster & Eno
Violin Strobe Henry Flynt Hillbilly Tape Music
Operator Dead... Post Abandoned Burning Star Core Operator Dead... Post Abandoned
I, Brute Force Flower-Corsano Duo The Four Aims
molto alto Le Stelle di Mario Schifano Dedicato A
Bubble Rap CAN The Lost Tapes [Disc 1]
Ra-Ma Cold Sun Dark Shadows
tusen år & sju timmar Anna Själv Tredje Tussilago Fanfara
A3 - Er Ra Alice Coltrane - Turiyasangitananda Divine Songs
Kalyani Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies The American Metaphysical Circus

July 26 Podcast
July 26, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
July 26 Podcast

How Can I Hand You A Diamond? by Ashtray Navigations from A Monument To British Rock
Crystal Healing by GHQ from Crystal Healing
Day Of Niagra by John Cale/Tony Conrad/Angus Maclise/La Monte Young/Marian Zazeela from Inside The Dream Syndicate Volume 1: Day Of Niagra (1965)
Vogler by Oren Ambarchi from Suspension
Clairvoyeurance by Telecult Powers from Black Meditations
For Barry Graves by Klaus Schulze from La Vie Electronique 5
Nereus (Spirits Over The Lake) by Emeralds from Allegory Of Allergies
Opt Out by Yellow Swans from Going Places
Freak\'N\'Roll by Ash Ra Tempel from Join Inn

July 12 Podcast
July 12, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
July 12 Podcast

Wig Warper by Twig Harper from Instant INcreased Mind Power
Mourn by Hell from Hell III
Isodea by Cluster from GroBes Wasser
Fracture by King Crimson from Starless and Bible Black
Sleepwalker\'s Timeless Bridge by Amon Duul II from Wolf City
Hairslide by C. Spencer Yeh / Okkyung Lee/ Lasse Marhaug from Wake Up Awesome
Above All and Beyond by Helm from Impossible Symmetry
Tunnels by Noveller from Red Rainbows
Confession of the Informer by Wolf Eyes from No Answer: Lower Floors
Antropoidien tanssi by Erkki Kurenniemi from Recordings: 1963-1973
Synaptic Island by Maryanne Amacher from Sound Characters (Making the Third Ear)
Learning to Control Myself by Oneohtrix Point Never from Rifts
Forest Floor 1 by KTL from KTL
Selling Light to Lesser Gods (He Is Risen Mix) by Sutekh Hexen and Andrew Liles from Breed Me in the Darkness

June 28 Podcast
June 28, 2014 3:00pm


Radio Heart
June 28 Podcast

Sheen by Xeno & Oaklander from Par Avion
Live set at le Quivive Gallery by Styrofoam Sanchez
Snowstorm by Caldera Lakes from Caldera Lakes
The Sadness of Cairo by Explosive Improvised Device from Machete and Fire
Church of All Images by Vatican Shadow from Kneel Before Religious Icons
Synth 1 and Feather 17 (Love and Destruction) by Future Blondes from Feather 17 12"
Wave-Lox 7 by Lubomyr Melnyk from Wave-Lox
Giant Mbira by David Lopato from Solo Piano
Modern Persian Speech Sounds by Omid Walizadeh from Modern Persian Speech Sounds
Lamuka by Cy 1: Hector Zazou from Noir et Blanc
Song of the Mermaids by Croatian Amour from Mermaids of Jadransko

June 14 Podcast
June 14, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
June 14 Podcast

Black is back by Wolf Eyes from Wolf Eyes
Looking for a hilltop by Section 25
Het meisje van mijn hart by Arbeid Adelt from Bijna Heeft Nog Nooit Een Haas
Untitled by Streetwalker from Future Fusion
Automatic by 808 State from Prebuild
Punisher by Underground Resistance from Revolution for Change
La Grande Illusion by Television Personalities from And Don\'t the Kids Just Love It
Midget Submarines by Swell Maps from A Trip to Marineville
Revelation by Josef K from Endless Soul
Deaf Disco by The Slugfuckers from Cacophony Disk 1
Asbestos Lead Asbestos by The 012 from Let's Get Professional
Looks That Kill by Thomas Leer from Contradictions
Aeray Dust by Bruce Ditmas from Aeray Dust
Check My Machine by Paul McCartney from McCartney II
Go Insane by Lindsey Buckingham from Go Insane
Group Dynamic by Geneva Jacuzzi from Kooze Control
Time to Throw Down by J.P.'s Force from Time to Throw Down
High on the Mountain of Love by Yellow Swans from Bring the Neon War Home
Jaguar Mirror by Acre from Sacrifice
Oljeni Li Ma, Maitchinko? by Sveltana Tchkarova, Aneta Emilova from Bulgarie. Chants de Nedelino.
Bilalis by Svitlana Nianio from Music the World Does Not See

May 31 Podcast
May 31, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
May 31 Podcast

No Mo by Pauline Oliveros from No Mo
Interface by Heldon from 6: Interface
Komm Mit Nach Berlin by Conrad Schnitzler from Con 3
Flying Teapot by Gong from Flying Teapot: Radio Gnome Invisible Part 1
Wolf City by Amon Duul II from Wolf City
The Emperor In His War Room by Van Der Graaf Generator from H To He, Who Am The Only One
Twisted Views by Government Issue from Make An Effort
Organized Sports/W.T.F.A.Y. by Void from Sessions 1981-83
Two Rabbits Are Obtained In My Arms by Completed Exposition from Stand Alone
Shed No Tears by Flipper from Generic
Maimed And Slaughtered by Discharge from Why
No Guilt by Brainbombs from Singles
I Fought The Police by Harry Pussy from A: In An Emergency You Can Shit On A Puerto Rican Whore
Self-Titled Debutante by Vampire Can\'t from Key Cutter
Jet Net by Boredoms from Wow 2
Town Hag by Sword Heaven from Entrance
Just Melancholy by Roy Montgomery from 324 E. 13th Street #7
My Mind Is In Garlands by Richard Youngs from Under Stellar Stream
Declaration De Sinistre by Brigitte Fontaine/Areski from L\'Incendie
Batwings (A Limnal Hymn) by Coil from Musick To Play In The Dark 2
Polio by The Dead C from DR503

May 17 Podcast
May 17, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
May 17 Podcast

Alegrias de Lole Lole y Manuel Pasaje Del Agua
Bubbles A. Vuolo & E. Grande Desert
Madre Y Tierra / Pellizco Goma 14 Abril
Sphere Patrick Vian Bruits Et Temps Analogues
coer fou/la globule/le mal sonne ame son catalyse
Aina Magma Magma
Hawknose Harlequin Amon Duul II Carnival In Babylon
Caesar LXXI Sir Lord Baltimore Sir Lord Baltimore
Dillus Roady Eloy Eloy
Assasin Pinnacle Assasin
Bal-A-Fou Heldon Interface
Alias Eden Eden
Da Oriente Ad Occidente Franco Battiato Sulle Corde Di Aries
Prosopoeo Zartong Zartong
Burn Out My Eyes Nektar Journey to The Centre of The Eye
Espresso Brazil, Part I Seedog We Hope To See You
Mister Ten Percent Triumvirat Illusions on a Double Dimple

May 3 Podcast
May 3, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
May 3 Podcast

Xy? Logic System Logic
Sport et Divertissement Roberto Cacciapaglia The Ann Steel Album
Never Alive Snowy Red Flexi Pop 01
Hurry Back Metal Boys Tokyo Airport
Dim The Light Marine Life in Reverse
Dizxko S.Y.P.H. Harbeitslose
Alien On Sunday Metabolist Hansten Klork (12" LP)
Sold America Michael Yonkers Band Microminiature Love [Bonus Tracks]
Frozen Mind Group 1850 Agemo's Trip to Mother Earth
Medley: Tropical Fish/Selene Gong Camembert Electrique
Ventetid Fujara Fujara
The Lagoon The Muffins Air Fiction
L'albero degli zoccoli Robert Wyatt Radio Experiment Rome, February 1981
The Anchor Stone (1988) Joan Jonas Audio By Visual Artists, TELLUS 21
Kalyani Joe Byrd and the Field Hippies The American Metaphysical Circus
Antares Michel Deneuve 16 Nouvelles d'Ailleurs
on the mountain gkfoes vjgoaf Spirit Dance
cold nose part i franco falsini cold nose
Vorbei Michael Rother Flammende Herzen
The Day After X Robert Schröder Harmonic Ascendant
sequencing_blue michael garrison Prisms
Angwora Steps Mkwaju Ensemble Ki-Motion
Sing Me a Song of Songmy, Part II Freddie Hubbard - Ihlan Mimaroglu Sing Me a Song of Songmy (1971)

April 19 Podcast
April 19, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
April 19 Podcast

23 Skidoo from Nine O\' Clock Drop
Something 2 Dance 2 by NWA from NWA
Mindfields (Headrock Dub) by Prodigy from Smack My Bitch Up
Tears (Wicked Mix) by Frankie Knuckles & Satoshi Tomiie from Tears
E-Culture by Unification (Unification Mix) from Unification
Open Mind by Orbital from Chime
Playing With Knives (Quadrant Mix) by Bizzare Inc from I\'m Gonna Get You
Unforgiven (Leftfield Hands Mix) by D:REAM from Unforgiven
Element by Corridor Element from Element
Over the Ledge (Rub Dub) by Ta\'boo from Over the Ledge
Here\'s the Sample (Basement Jam Mixdown) by Classic Man from Here\'s the Sample
ou by Magic Touch w/ Octo Octa & New Body from Palermo\'s House Gang
Nafara by Mood II Swing from The Scenic Route EP
Primitive World by Patrick Cowley from Mind Warp
Departure by Michael Hoenig from Departure from the Northern Wasteland
Drive Air by Goitia from Dream Meridian
French Kissing in the House of Love by Paradise 100 from The Loin King
Piano Cloud by Shams from Piano Cloud
Theme from Tony\'s Party by Bobby Browser from Still Browsing
Slain by Vereker from Slain
Materials by Bookworms from Japanese Zelkova
L2 by Escape Force from Confused House 4
5th Street Orchestration (Sweet Ambience Mix) by Classic Man from 5th Street Orchestration / Here\'s The Sample
Sunlight in My Eyes by Mood II Swing from The Scenic Route EP
House of Intuition by Magic Touch w/ Octo Octa from Palermo\'s House Gang

April 5th Podcast
April 5, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
April 5th Podcast
As It Is Now by Keiji Haino from Beginning And End, Interwoven
Phantoms by Ash Borer from Cold Of Ages
Only Know by Xenotaph from Vitae Lactura
III by Ulver from Nattens Madrigal - Aatte Hymne Til Ulven I Manden
Strength And Anger VIII by Ildjarn from Strength And Anger
Haunted By The Ghosts Of The Damned by Glass Coffin from Haunted By The Ghosts Of The Damned
Procession Of Ancestral Brutalism by Locrian from Territories
Selling Light To Lesser Gods by Sutekh Hexen from Breed In Me The Darkness
Blood On The Moon by Chrome from Blood On The Moon
Blue Step by Minimal Man from The Shroud Of
Kundalini by 23 Skidoo from Seven Songs
Tax Sex by Rip Rig + Panic from I Am Cold
Nine Months To The Disco by Glaxo Babies from Nine Months To The Disco
Anger Is Holy by Mark Stewart from Mark Stewart
Towers by Scissor Girls from so that you can start to see what S-T-A-T-I-C-L-A-N-D
Telephone by Stillsuit from Stillsuit
Blood Corridor by Shearing Pinx from Poison Hands
Simian Fever by Six Finger Satellite from Severe Exposure
Typical Illusion by Bad News from No End
Seed by The Goslings from Between The Dead

March 22nd Podcast
March 22, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
March 22nd Podcast
Gassho Kairboshi-Kiriuta by Geinoh Yamashirogumi from Yamato Gensho
Je suis passee by Hard Corps from Clean Tables Have to be Burnt
Shadow Disco by Innergaze
Geisha by N.I.C.O.L.E.
I\'ll Go To by Alvi and the Alviettes from 7\" single
TIme for Change by Pink Industry from Flexi Pop 1
Hammerblow by Lassigue Bendthaus from The Engineer\'s Love
Future Fusion by Streetwalker from Future Fusion
Troiseme by Colin Newman from A-Z
Sensorium by Clock DVA from Thirst
Kalte Kreicht by Grauzone from Die Sunrise Tapes
Definition of Honor by Second Layer from World of Rubber
Eerie Lights by Factrix from Scheintot
Salatini Assortititi by De Fabriek from Moda Bella
Prayer of Zos by Zero Kama from The Goatherd and the Beast
Church of All Images (Church of the NSA) by Vatican Shadow from Ornamented Walls
The Pale Horse Riders by Alfarmania from From Fix to Fix
Das Schaben by Einsturzende Neubauten from Halber Mensch
The Sea Wall by Impact Test from Seven Songs of Darkness
Sucked into Eternity by Missing Foundation from Missing Foundation
Oath by White Suns from Sinews
The Scent by Hair Police from Mercurial Rites

March 8th Podcast
March 8, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
March 8th Podcast
The Only Mistake by Joy Division from Heart and Soul
Host by The Wake from Harmony & the Singles
I Wait by Led Er Est from Dust On Common
Last Exit by Chris & Cosey from Techno Primitiv
Left Hearted by Bourbonese Qualk from New Wave Complex vol. 1
Camouflage by Yellow Magic Orchestra from BGM
Appalachian Grove I by Laurie Spiegel from Women in Electronic Music
Elektro Gamelan by Cybe from Cybonesie
Well of Tuhala by Fursaxa from Mycorrhizae Realm
Screened by the Sky by Tirath Singh Nirmala from Slimp Tench Depth
Laughter of Memory by Zaimph from Mirage of the other
Human Rights by Eg Oblique Graph from Sudden Departure
My darkest empress by Epheles from Les anges de la derniese scene
Aurora Of Despondence On Valles Marineris by Benighted Leams from Astral Tenebrion by Benighted Leams from Astral Tenebrion
Blood Annihilation by Revenge from Victory.Intolerance.Mastery
? by Pyha from Ruined
Pitted by Pharmakon from Abandon
A Dead Bell by Hair Police from The Empty Quarter
Singularity by Halflings and Cathode Terror Secretion from Singularity
Man with Potential by Pete Swanson from Man with Potential

February 22nd Podcast
February 22, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
February 22nd Podcast
Elemental Disgrace II by Hive Mind from Elemental Disgrace
Untitled by Demons from Evocation
Final Frontier by Envenomist from The Helix
Maniac Cop by Golden Retriever from Static Rain
The Slave by Art Bears from Winter Songs
Feedback Song by Rema Rema from Wheel in the Roses
In A Dream by Chrome from Chrome Box
Euromess by J.J. Burnel from Euroman Cometh
Space Energy Age by Sensations\' Fix from Fragments of Light
Time Fist by Pocahaunted from Bored Fortress
The Veiled Lamp by Higuma from Pacific Fog Dreams
Sarah by Sand from Golem
All Along the Watchtower by Trad Gras och Stenar from Trad Gras och Stenar
Eight Miles HIgh by The Index from The Index

Feb 8 Podcast
February 8, 2014 4:00pm


Radio Heart
Feb 8 Podcast
Chorus by Holly Herndon from Chorus
Untitled by Seers from Frfom the beginning...until the end
Temple of the Flood by Burial Hex from Book of Delusions
The Mermaids of Extended Technique by C. Spencer Yeh, Okkyung Lee, Lasse Marhaug from Wake Up Awesome
Comes Unbidden by Nate Young from Stay Asleep (Regression Vol 2)
Second Warning by Dark Day from Collected 1979-1982
Beyond Temptation by Chris Carter from Mondo Beat
Keep Falling Apart by Youth Code from Keep Falling Apart
Golden Peaches by Slava Ranko from Arctic Hysteria
Hur (Tar and Electronic) by Dariush Dolat-Shahi from Electronic Music, Tar, Sehtar
Blue Veils and Golden Sands by Delia Derbyshire
J.D. Emmanuel by Whirlwind from Solid Dawn
Duo Strumming for Two Harpsichords by Charlemagne Palestine from Continuous Sound Forms
Mellodrama nr. 2A by Et Cetera from Et Cetera
Marrow of the Wand by Eternal Tapestry from Dawn in 2 Dimensions
Untitled by Salem from N/A
Loner by Burial from Kindred

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