Infinite Beat

Infinite Beat / BROADCAST 1 / TOPĀZU

Saturday, February 7


Infinite Beat Broadcast 1 is now up for your listening pleasure. Featuring some current favorites as well as some classic ones, this was an all vinyl set featuring some Bay Area (and former Bay Area) resident house and techno producers. Xamiga (a collaboration between former San Francisco resident Xosar and legendary producer Legowelt), Ghosts on Tape and San Francisco to NYC based Ital.

Thanks to Tristes Tropiques, Sir Winston Ratchet, everyone at Radio Valencia, Sara & Jason, Cal Volner-Dison and everyone who has been so supportive during the very first broadcast of Infinite Beat. Stay tuned, there will be some great guests to come!



Xamiga / Wolfpack / Unsolved Universe
Patricia / Plural / Body Issues
Broken English Club / Casual Sex / Jealous God
Roman Flugal / All That Matters / Happiness is Happening
Ghosts On Tape / Only Now (Innerspace Halflife Remix) / Only Now 12″
Ancient Methods / Confused Voltage / Mu EP
Beau Wanzer / Something To Tide You Over / Untitled
Funkinevil / Night / Night 12″
Plez / Can’t Stop (Acid Rainforest Mix) / Can’t Stop 12″
Amnesia / Ibiza (Loco Mix) / Ibiza 12″
D’Marc Cantu / Heater / Physical State EP
Rrose / Worn/Scarred / Artificial Light EP
Andy Stott / Cracked / We Stay Together
Ital & Halal / Phase 2 / The Day After
Innergaze / Perception-Reception / We Are Strange Loops
Deux / Everybody’s Night / Golden Dreams
Ruth / Mots / Poloroid Roman Photo
Chris & Cosey / Love Cuts / Take Five
Section 25 / Inspiration / From the Hip
HTRK / Love is Distraction / Psychic 9-5 Club
Sade / Never Thought I’d See the Day / Stronger Than Pride



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