Infinite Beat


Saturday, February 21



Infinite Beat Broadcast 2 is now up for download and streaming. Special Guest set by the multi-talented techno/house producer and Icee Hot alum Ghosts On Tape. He dug deep to bring you a set filled with iridescent, pulsating sundown tracks, ready to take you into the night. Enjoy!


Topāzu played:
Levon Vincent / Anti-Corporate Music / Self-titled LP
Further Reductions / High End Basics / Woodwork EP
In Aeternam Vale / Dust Under Brightness / Dust Under Brightness Highway Dark Veins 12″

at the top of the hour:
DJ Sprinkles / Midtown 120 Blues / Midtown 120 Blues LP

Ghosts On Tape played:
Baaz / Glim / What About Talk About 1
Different Fountains / Muybridge / Muybridge EP
Fluxion / For You (Deep Chord Reconstruction #2) / Boardwalk Tales Remix EP
Roberto Clementi / 15 Years Later / Diodes EP
James Barnsley / Want to Be / Want to Be 12″
Aroy Dee / Until the Music Dies (D’Marc Cantu Remix) / Re-Sketched
Ghosts on Tape / Prism Pattern / Unreleased
Nicolai Toma / Minifloat / Minifloat 12″
El_Txef_A / Claim of Planet Earth (Deep’a & Biri Remix)
Dino Sabatini & Edit Select / Multiplo (Edit Select Version)
Kornél Kovács– Szikra (Abdulla Rashim Remix) / Szikra 12″
??? / Metal-Orm / Unknown
Nick Chacona / Be Like Olive (Levon Vincent Remix) / Be Like Olive (Levon Vincent Remix) 12″
Phil Moffa / Ignition / Attempt No Landing 12″
Sonarpilot / Osaka (Simbad Remix) / Mothership LP
DJ Sprinkles / Ballr (Madonna Free Zone) / Midtown 120 Blues LP

Thank you to Ghosts On Tape for contributing an inspiring live set.

Next Saturday, same time, it’s my partner in crime, Tristes Tropiques in the Temple of Dreams. IB is back March 7th with another guest DJ. Stay tuned!

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