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Sunday, May 17



Broadcast 8 was inspired by Wong Kar Wai’s Fallen Angels (1995). A different direction from the traditional Asian “gangster” flick, the film emphasizes on internalized dialogue and much more experimental cinematography from Christopher Doyle. Like many of Wong’s films in the 90s and early 2000s, Fallen Angels has themes of loneliness in the city, longing, desire and heartbreak.

This show explores all of these themes, mostly focusing on the character played by Michelle Reis. Often referred to as “the agent,” she wears lots of vinyl, plastic jewelry, eats lots of dumplings and is very sexy, sassy and very damaged character.

Music plays a large roll in Wong Kar Wai’s films, so a few tracks from the soundtrack were featured as well as the latest release from Oakland based techno producer Russell Butler. He has a superb new album released on Opal Tapes called God is Change.

Topāzu played:

Patricia / Josephine

Russell E.L. Butler / Bankole

Delia Derbyshire / Air

Laurie Anderson / Speak My Language

Lena Platanos / Markos

DVA Damas / Wet Vision

Helena Hauff / Hiemal Quietus

Makina Girgir / Vie Absurde

Hound Scales / A Clique of Tough Women

Nagobe “Robinson” Randriaharimalala / Because I’m Cool

Paranoid London / Lovin U (Ahh Shit)

Goldie / Timeless (Inner City Life)

Tzusing / Axis of Revision

Truss / Brockweir

Profligate / Can’t Stop Shaking

Xhin / Vent

Orphx / What Will Burn

Unit Moebius / Overload

Andy Stott / Submission

SPK / In Flagranti Delicto

Vessel / Drowned in Water and Light

This Mortal Coil / Acid, Bitter and Sad

Sapphire Slows / Allegoria

Shirley Kwan / Wang Ji Ta

TK_Leon Lai Ming with MIcelle Reis Kar Yan in Fallen Angels

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