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Monday, October 5



Broadcast 16 was a feature with techno producer and DJ Rubidium. As one of the creative forces behind From 0-1 and as new resident DJ at the celebrated Underground SF night Pulse Generator, she is truly a star of the Bay Area’s underground electronic community.

We talked briefly about all of her projects as well as touched on an important conversation: the small growing female presence in club culture. Her intelligence, experience and talent is truly a gift to our community and I thank her for sharing her thoughts with Infinite Beat.

Afterwards, Rubidium also shared an exclusive all-vinyl ambient/experimental DJ set at Chillits, an outdoor event in Mendocino County, Sunday 09/27. With other DJs and live acts performing live in the genres of ambient, experimental, dub and other downtempo sounds, Rubidium performed as she described as “the darkest hour under a full moon…the mix is in the spirit of October: dark, brooding and melancholy.”

Topazu played:

Joey Anderson / You Gave Me Life / Head Down Arms Buddha Position

Aurora Halal / Overpass / Passageway

Ital / Endgame / Endgame

Terrence Dixon / Return of the Speaker People / Population One
Rubidium played:

Henry Wolff, Nancy Hennings with Drew Gladstone – A Choir of Bells – Antilles

Grischa Lichtenberger – remel plus – Semantica

Sawf – Sand #1 – Modal Analysis

Oscar Mulero – Silent Air – Warm Up

Paul Jebanasam – Rites I – Subtext

Michael Vallera – Distance – Opal Tapes

Ossia – Red X – Blackest Ever Black

Yves De Mey – Past To A Halt – Sandwell District

ADMX-71 – Winfield Spur – Sonic Groove

Stephanie Sykes – Creep – Vent

Perc / Speek / Perc Trax

Cut Hands / River Mumma / Dirter

Raime / The Dimming of Road and Rights / Blackest Ever Black

Yves De Mey / Resonating Red / Sandwell District

Vromb / l’effet blatte / ant-zen

chra / Empty Airport / Editions Mego

Yair Elazar Glotman / Agnosia / Subtext

Gareth Flowers + Josh Mason / The Awareness / Sunshine Ltd

Rechenzentrum / Uecker randow / Kitty-Yo

Four Hands / Mountain of Mammon (zoviet france version) / Signals

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