Infinite Beat


Thursday, September 22



Broadcast 32 of Infinite Beat kicks off with a short feature on the new Nyctophobia EP by mysterious producer A001. Out on MORD, this release is one monstrous track after another, building on the tension and terror one feels when overpowered by darkness. There is no information on this release except for the following note:

~black car’s running
in the rusty light
of a bohemian sunset
while the desert cursed
dust over the words
of a scared man~

Afterwards is a live DJ set from the much respected Nick Ottrando. The man behind the reigns at Parameter, a night specializing in bringing the sound of the UK underground to the Bay Area, Ottrando has been able to not only showcase some of the best talent in the bass and techno scene, but also strengthen bonds among our own community right here in the Bay Area. Featuring several producers who have been featured at Parameter as well as several unreleased tracks, Ottrando is a master curator of sound, not only as a promotor, but also as a DJ. Enjoy.


Topazu played:

A001 / Cyprido / Nyctophobia EP / Mord

William Basinski / dlp 2.2 / Disintegration Loops II / 2062


Nick Ottrando played:

Batu / Unreleased

Asusu / Velez (A Made Up Sound Remix 1) / Livity Sound

Minor Science / Closing Acts / Whities

Randomer / This Train / Hemlock

Alex Coulton / Concealed Weapon / Tempa

Pev & Kowton / End Point / Livity Sound

Voiski / Eccentric Habits / L.I.E.S.

Midland / For (Yacht) Club Use Only / Aus

Batu / April These / Livity Sound

Shanti Celeste / Golden (Dub) / Secretsundaze

L.B. Dub Corp / No Trouble in Paradise / Ostgut Ton

Peverelist / Undulate / Livity Sound

Beneath / Send / No Symbols

Hodge / You Better Lie Down / Berceuse Heroique

Diotime / A / Construct Re-Form

Pangaea / Something in Your Eye / Hadal

Kowton / Bits and Pieces / Whities

Endian / Sub Tropic / Secretsundaze

Ploy / Sala One Five / Hessle Audio

Lamont / One Hour / Swamp81

Kowton / TFB / All Caps

Gaunt / MMRH / Mistry

Untold / That Horn Track / Bleep

Asusu / Trephine / Impasse

A Made Up Sound / All Out / Delsin

Pearson Sound / XLB / Self-Released

Laksa / Unreleased

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