Infinite Beat


Sunday, October 16



Broadcast 33 starts with a short feature of the superb LP release by Marie Davidson Adieux au Dancefloor. Out on Cititrax, Adieux au Dancefloor is her most seminal work, exploring her POV of dance music and culture through her beautifully sculpted productions.

Afterwards is an in-depth discussion about the past and present of Industrial music with Nine (Nihar Bhatt). As one fourth of the Surface Tension collective and through his own productions, Bhatt has been heavily involved in the local scene for several years and as an insightful perspective on how industrial music has impacted techno music today. He finishes the show with a lush mix of current artists who use the industrial ethos in their own music. Enjoy.


Topazu Played:

Marie Davidson / I Dedicate My Life / Adieux au Dancefloor

Ulwhednar / Midvinter 1-6 / Midvinter

William Basinski / dlp 3 / The Disintegration Loops II


Nine played:

Moor Mother / Valley of Dry Bones / Fetish Bones

JT Whitfield / Hunting and Ingrown / JT Whitfield

S/N / Floating Point / Unreleased

Forests / Slept / Unreleased

Russell E.L. Butler / Privilage / The First Step

Ciarra Black / Dupont Street / Unreleased

Rhyw / Skull to the Chest / Rhyw

L/F/D/M / Lego Train Crashes / Crocodiles In The Ceiling EP

Vittorio Di Mango / Jump / Wrong Definition

Shifted / Chapter 69 / Sickness By Means of Clairvoyance

Ontal / Simulacron / Simulacron

Israel Vines / WWKD / WWKD [TEETH-1]

Offworldcolonies / Domaren / Domarringen

Smell The Flesh / Blood Relic / Smell The Flesh

Osheyack / Fraud / Fake/Fiction/Fraud

Rizzla / Twitch Queen / Iron Cages

The Creatrix / Regolith / Unreleased

Egyptrixx / Conduit [Repo] / Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power]

Kareem / Meyrink / Huren – le 17 janvier Los Angeles, USA

Nine / Interplanetary / Unreleased

Brethren/ Lychomlic Mydru / Luka Et Al

Emptyset / Completely Gone / Emptyset

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