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Monday, October 31



Happy All Hallows Eve. Broadcast 34 starts with an emotive, short selection of melancholy tracks that highlights a superb solo LP, You Know What It’s Like, from Carla Dal Forno of Fingers and Tarcar (Blackest Ever Black). It is a release with stunning, somber songwriting, field recordings and ambient electronics from the artist, evoking the work of Nico, Grouper and many artists of the neofolk genre.

Shortly is an interview with Justin Anastasi (Surface Tension, VX, Soft Moon). His music, support and creativity has supported and inspired many of us in the Bay Area for well over 16 years and it was an honor to have him on the show.

Afterwards is a dark, eerie mix at dusk from the accomplished musician. Enjoy.


Topazu played:

SPK / Ivocation / Ivocation / In Flagrante Delicto 12″

Tomo Akikawabaya / Mars / The Invitation of the Dead

Six Six Seconds / Tearing Down Heaven / Tearing Down Heaven

Rose McDowell / Tibet / Cut With the Cake Knife

Severed Heads / Lamborghini / Lamborghini

OMD / Silent Running / Dazzle Ships

Moral / Dance of the Dolls / Moral

Moral / Trees in November / Moral

Carla Dal Forno / What You Gonna Do Now?

Carla Dal Forno / Italian Cinema / What You Gonna Do Now?

Carla Dal Forno / DB Rip / What You Gonna Do Now?

Carla Dal Forno / Dry in the Rain / What You Gonna Do Now?

Carla Dal Forno / Dragon Breath / What You Gonna Do Now?

Bookworms / Xenophobe / Xenophobe


Justin Anastasi played:

Diamanda Galás / This Is The Law Of The Plague / Plague Mass

Raime / Told and Collapsed / Hennail

A.C. Marias / Drop / Drop / So

Sonic Youth / Shadow of a Doubt / Evol

Ike Yard / Cherish 8 / Ike Yard

Minimal Man / She Was A Visitor / The Shroud of

The Cure / Splintered In Her Head / Charlotte Sometimes

Chris & Cosey / Thy Gift of Tongues / Conspiracy International Two

Bauhaus / Bela Lugosi’s Dead / Bela Lugosi’s Dead

DVA Damas / Brand New Head / Brand New Head

Tuxedomoon / No Tears / No Tears

Pink Floyd / Lucifer Sam / The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

Belong / Make Me Return / Common Era

Cocteau Twins / Blind Dumb Deaf (Peel Session) / Garlands

Siouxsie & The Banshees / Night Shift / Juju

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