Infinite Beat


Sunday, January 8


“I have some friends and I love them. If they weren’t here, neither would I be. I’m not going to pretend to know anything other than this.”

This is the first from a two part broadcast celebrating the lives, work and legacy of many artists who are no longer with us: Chelsea Faith Dolan (Cherushii), Johnny Igaz (Nackt) and Griffin Madden of Tri Works. They have influenced us, inspired us, mentored us and shaped who we are as artists, DJs, producers, as human beings and as music lovers who want nothing but to ride the rhythm together.

This broadcast also features unreleased tracks from both Chelsea and Johnny that are deeply personal for many of us as they all represent these profoundly gifted artists. There are also tracks featured that they loved and were moved by.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this: my cohost budding DJ Blake Alexander Thomas, Roche (100% Silk, Mathematics, Run the Length of Your Wildness), master DJ and human music encyclopedia David Siska (Sonic Sunset), synth goddess The Creatrix (No-Tech), Russell E.L. Butler (Opal Tapes), local DJs Ash Williams (The Chase), Tri works‘ Denim Decades and Dorian. I love that I can hear you laugh and cheer in the background. I love that you have surrounded me and each other with your encouragement and love. I love that I am getting through this with you.

Thank you to Nihar (Surface Tension), Aaron J (T.Vivian, Sure Thing), Guillaume (Spring Theory), Avalon Emerson, Cooper Saver, Courtesy, Cal Volner-Dison and all who came to support us during this broadcast. Finally thank you to all of our listeners.

Chelsea, Johnny and Griffin. This broadcast is for you.




Topazu played:

Yvette Sheurich / Miami Memories / Meow Wolf’s Arcade Soundtracks

David Last / Sunday Fog / Meow Wolf’s Arcade Soundtracks

Roche and David Siska played:

Cherushii / Everything is in Color / Memory of Water

Mental Cube / So This is Love / So This Is Love 12″

Pleasure Corporation / Crystalation / Meow Wolf’s Arcade Soundtracks

CJ Bolland / Camargue / Camargue

Cherushii / Your Love is Smoke in My Hands / Unreleased

The Creatrix played:

Nackt / Together / Unreleased

Nackt / Excrescence / Unreleased

Sueno Latino / Sueno Latino (Winter Version) / Sueno Latino 12″

Russell Butler played:

Nackt / 808 Trax 1 / Unreleased

Ash Williams, Denim Decades and Dorian played:

Jex / Studio E / Good Timin’ EP

ESP / On Cue / On Cue EP

Cut Copy / Free Your Mind / Free Your Mind

Lauer / Birsk / Birsk/Kilian

Blondes / You Mean So Much To Me / Touched

Soichi Terada & Shinichiro Yokota / Got to Be Real / Far East Recording

Topazu played:

Brian Eno / The Big Ship / Another Green World

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