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Tuesday, January 24


“Over the last few years, many of my peers have started to shift their creative path from rock and noise into the realms of hardware based ‘dance’ music. Tekno. This delights me to no end, I feel like I’ve been waiting for this shift most of my adult life. I get asked for technical troubleshooting advice at least once or twice a week…I don’t mind, I love nerding out n helping out…but to be honest this is the advice I have to offer:

Stop trying to be a Performer and try to learn how to be a Facilitator. This is not rock n roll…let go of its mythology of western individualism and accept that you are an active participate in something larger than yourself. Lets do this.”

~Joey Casio

This is the last installment of a two part series celebrating the lives, work and legacy of many artists who are no longer with us. These are the East Bay’s Psychick Warriors: Barrett Clark (R.M.S., Polar, RPTN, Katabatik), Joey Casio, Micah Danemayer (Paralycyst, Discarded) and beautifully enigmatic Cash Askew (Them Are Us Too, Crecendo).

This broadcast also features unreleased tracks and live performances from the many projects that these artists were a part of. Accenting Shadows, Polar, Opulence, Obsidian Blade, Red Cellar, Paralycyst, Crecendo, Prist and Heavenly. They are deeply personal tracks for many of us in the studio as they represent these profoundly gifted artists. There are also tracks featured that they loved and were moved by.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this: Jay Fields (Exillon), Nihar (Surface Tension, Nine), Aja Archuleta (Crecendo, Piano Rain, Aja Vision) and The Creatrix. Special thanks to Valentyn. Finally, thank you to all of our listeners. It has been a blessing to get through this with all of you.


Topazu played:

Nuit Hadit / Incantation / Katabatik Kollektion 1

Nihar Bhatt & Exillon played:

Accenting Shadows / Tide Fall

Polar / Track 3 / How Many Grey Dots

Polar / Midnight Rituals / Circadian Rhythms

RPTN / Excerpt of Live from the Crypt / Unreleased

Aja Archuleta played:

Joey Casio / The Frame / The Frame 7″

Uncanny Valley / End Game / Speaking In Prosthetic Tongues

Opulence / Recognize Yr Power (equal power version) / Unreleased

Obsidian Blade / Paradam Genes / Katabatik Kollektion 6

Obsidian Blade / Live at Katabatik Summer Solstice Kampout 2016 1st track

The Creatrix played:

Red Cellar / Mutants to the Front / Live at Obscura Machina

Paralycyst / Damage Done / Discarded 007

Paralycyst / Untitled / Unreleased

Regis / Rites / Divine Ritual

Tropic of Cancer / The Dull Age / The Dull Age / Victims 10″

Vangelis / End Titles / Blade Runner Soundtrack

Aja Archuleta played:

Them Are Us Too / Marilyn / Remain

Crescendo / What is This Place (Version) / Live Performance

Prist / Kakc / Unreleased

Heavenly / Tears Rain Heavenly / Unreleased

Topazu played:

Body Sculptures / A Collection of Ceramic Vases (Yves Saint Laurent Buried in the Garden of His Marrakesh Home) / A Body Turns to Eden


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