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Wednesday, February 22


Broadcast 38 has been podcasted for your listening pleasure. First is a feature on a new release from the Bay Area’s treasured “hardware queen and sci-fi nerd,” The Creatrix. Called “Approaching an Abandoned Helm,” her gorgeous release out on No-Tech is full of ferocious, intoxicating techno. Highly recommended.

Afterwards is an exclusive mix from one of the rising stars of the East Coast techno scene, Ciarra Black. She is one half of the No-Tech label with J.R. Nelson, one half member of the noise/industrial/experimental techno duo Appetite with the lovely Jane Chardiet and she has her own No-Tech solo debut, Pendulum. Her mix features many No-Tech affiliates as well as many producers that echo her own love of raw electronics.

It is an honor to be able to share her perspective in the Bay Area. Enjoy.

Topazu played:

The Creatrix / Ionosphere / No-Tech

Ciarra Black played:

Truss / Brockweir / Perc Trax

E-Saggila / Soldier-Priest / Summer Isle

Pan Daijing / The Promise To The Fatherland

Tuning Circuits / I am A Non Believer / TFO PE

Pvre Matrix / Vague Nostalgias / No-Tech

Robert Hood / Alpha / M-Plant

Planetary Assault Systems / Hama Static / Osgut Ton

Ciarra Black / Dry Ice / Unreleased

Illusion of Safety With Dead Tech / Catalavox / Complacency/Deaf Eye

Liquid Asset / Contact / Unreleased

Clock DVA / Virtual Flesh / Contempo

The Creatrix / D’lex n’ritja / No-Tech

Helena Hauff Meets Andrea Gehm / Rupture / Solar One Music

December / Berds / Where To Now?

Ciarra Black / Dial / 1221

SHXCXCHCXSH / Vvvllllvvv / Avian

M/R / Let That Shit Breathe / L.I.E.S

Umwelt / Days Of Dissent / Boidae

Appetite / Kiss of Judas / Ascetic House

Dedekind Cut / So Far..So Good / Hospital

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