Infinite Beat


Tuesday, September 12


Broadcast 45 has been podcasted for your listening enjoyment. First, featuring a new release on San Francisco-based label Isounderscore from Abandoned Footwear called 108 Trees. Abandoned Footwear is a collaboration between Jay Fields and Michael Buchanan of the Katabatik Kollective. A stunning release that is highly recommended.

Afterwards is an exclusive live mix from the accomplished and beloved producer, Experimental Housewife. She has releases on labels such as Jacktone and No Fear of Pop as well as has a new release coming out soon called Geofamiliarity. Her work is thoughtful, deeply emotive and her mixes are out of this world explorations into sonic landscapes and memories. Enjoy.


Topazu played:

Abandoned Footwear / Track 1 / 108 Trees

Experimental Housewife played:

Experimental Housewife / Black Locust (Album Version)

Roach & Braheny / Desert Solitaire

Experimental Housewife / Patterns Quickly

Experimental Housewife / Scary Ferry

S Olbricht / DntTlk (Version)

SJ / Inside Voices

FOANS / Conversion 9

Pat Foosheen / Everyone, Everywhere

Starkid / Apply Sky

Ruffien / Ends

Grant / Shifting Views

Strategy / I Can’t Stand the Rain

MCM / Day 58

Mark Van Hoen / Closer Than We Know

Dead Can Dance / Frontier

Mahogany / Supervitesse (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)

Signer / Grosse Strasse

Karen Gwyer / Why Don’t You Make Your Bed?

Atomic Babies / Sub Scrapes

Monolake / Tangent I

CMD / Coming Through

Experimental Housewife / Neversummer (CMD Remix)

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