Infinite Beat


Sunday, September 17


Broadcast 46 is now available for your listening pleasure. Featuring the new F INGERS EP, Awkwardly Blissed Out. F INGERS is an international collaboration between artists Samuel Karmel, Carla dal Forno and Tarquin Manek. It is a masterfully crafted, dub-laden collection of tracks that immerse listeners into introvertion, paranoia, euphoria and hallucination. Utterly beautiful and highly recommended.

Afterwards this broadcast dives into the work of Bay Area-based producer Jay Fields. As one half of Abandoned Footwear with Michael Buchanan, Field’s own solo work as Exillon and as a core member of the Katabatik Kollective, Jay brings an extensive, diverse and utterly impressive body of work into the studio, molding it into a precision megamix. It showcases years of production in the world of experimental Bay Area electronics. Enjoy.


Topazu played:

F INGERS / All Rolled Up / Awkwardly Blissed Out / Blackest Ever Black

Architectural / Midnight #2 / Secret Chapter / Architectural

Raime / The Last Foundry / Quarter Turns Over a Living Line / Blackest Ever Black

Jay Fields played:

Abandoned Footwear / Noise Blob (broken sh-101)

Abandoned Footwear / Funeral March (March20 2015 live clip)

Abandoned Footwear / Tradestv2 (T105 live clip)

Exillon / 012716

Exillon / 122 / Numbers EP / Katabatik

Exillon / 010616

Exillon / 080316

Exillon / Racetamids (Katabatik campout 2016 live clip)

Abandoned Footwear / Mind Over Matter

Exillon / Minset9

Exillon / Balloon Last Breath

Exillon / 105

Abandoned Footwear / Katabatik campout 2015 live clip

Abandoned Footwear / Song 4 / 108 Trees / Isounderscore





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