Malderor & Dr Junk

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Sunday, July 15

Malderor was back after a brief hiatus, to bring you brand new tracks from The Velveteen Saints, The Walkmen, and Glenn Campbell. The show also features a random foray into 2-step garage, and a gospel Bad Religion cover. So, you know, it’s all over the place. As usual. I think Dr. Junk showed up too. Maybe. I can’t remember. Oh, wait, Malderor’s Mom came by for the last hour as well! We did run 60 minutes overtime as Cheap Hooch was unable to get in to the studio.


2:21pm: Masturbation by Ernest Borgnine

2:21pm: Let’s Push Things Forward by The Streets

2:22pm: 21 Seconds by So Solid Crew

2:22pm: Silver Tongue by Zulu Winter

2:22pm: Afan by Belleruche

2:23pm: Chinese Braille by Suckers

2:30pm: This Charmless Man by Blur

2:32pm: All The Words For Drunk in 1 Minute by Ali\’s Power Hour

2:33pm: Celebration Rock by Japandroids

2:44pm: Brains by Lower Dens

2:45pm: Lady by Chromatics

2:49pm: Night and the Ocean by Young Magic

2:53pm: Rock and Roll Is Dead by The Velveteen Saints

2:56pm: Same Shite, Different Night by The Lagan

2:58pm: The Rat by The Walkmen

3:06pm: Hey You by Jake Miller

3:08pm: Crosstown Traffic by Jimi Hendrix

3:10pm: Default by Django Django

3:17pm: All There Is by Bad Religion S.A.T. Word Of The Week

3:20pm: Give A Dog A Bone by Sham 69

3:22pm: Rise Above by Black Flag

3:26pm: How Do I Know? by Here We Go Magic

3:45pm: Immigrant Song by Karen O and Trent Reznor

3:46pm: Like A Dancer by The Enemy

3:47pm: Rising Tide by Noi!se

3:54pm: Objectify and Push by Cooper Hazen

3:59pm: Jello and Juggernauts by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

4:04pm: Off With Their Heads by There Will Be Fireworks

4:10pm: Time Of Your Life by Glenn Campbell

4:11pm: American Jesus by The Irreverend James and The Critical Mass Choir

4:13pm: We Gotta Know by Cro-Mags

4:21pm: Life of Crime by Geographer

4:24pm: Rainbounce by Reptar

4:29pm: Pelican by The Maccabbees

4:32pm: I Ain’t Drunk by Whitey Morgan and the 78s

4:38pm: Beer vs Pot by Bill Hicks

4:40pm: Broken By The Wheel by Crazy Arm

4:48pm: Break Loose by Rasheed Chapell

4:49pm: Burn Down The Malls by Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper

And there you have it.


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