Malderor & Dr Junk

Live Remotes, Garage Rock, & The Princess Bride

Sunday, July 22

This week’s show sees Dr. Junk and Malderor attempting their first ever live-remote broadcast from an ‘undisclosed location’. (Okay, we gave away the coordinates almost immediately.) Our hosts had a garage sale, and we made pirate radio. Also, we had Mikl Em and Alexia come by from the Dark Room Theater, to promote their live-theatrical production of “The Princess Bride”. Then we browbeat the lovely young ladies from Cheap Hooch into hiking up the hill to join us for the street party, so we all run overtime doing sidewalk radio. Pirate community radio, at its best. Download this stuff, stat! (Also, Malderor stole 90% of his “garage rock” tunes this week from



2:24pm: Get Me Out! by New Model Army

2:25pm: The Way We Move by Langhorn Slim and the Law

2:25pm: We Gotta Get Out Of This Place by The Animals

2:25pm: Know Your Chicken by Cibo Matto

2:26pm: So Alone by Ty Segall

2:26pm: Trudy Be True by Beta Blocker and The Body Clock

2:31pm: Long Way To Nowhere by The Pseudos

2:34pm: Finance News by On The Hour

2:35pm: Don’t Drop Litter Day by Green Desk

2:35pm: Can’t Stop Now by Major Lazer

2:38pm: Never Played A 45 by Macka B

2:44pm: Gimme A Light by Mister Vegas

2:53pm: Let’s Go Right Now by Wild Evel and the Trashbones

2:53pm: Block Of Ice (Live) by The OhSees

2:55pm: Did Ya Need To Know by Dale Gregory and The Shouters

3:08pm: Red Carpet by Fresh Espresso

3:12pm: It Was Disco And It’s Over by The West

3:24pm: Punk Rock Song by Bad Religion S.A.T. Word Of The Week

3:27pm: Rage: 20 Years of Punk Interview by Jack Grisham

3:29pm: My Beach by Surf Punks

3:31pm: Max Can’t Surf by FIDLAR

3:42pm: Tell Mama by Etta James

3:43pm: Just A Gigolo by Louis Prima

3:43pm: Feeling Good by Nina Simone

3:50pm: Get Ready To Ride The Lion To Zion by Culture

3:50pm: Mix-Up by The Gladiators

3:53pm: Wolf In Sheep Clothing by Big Youth

4:02pm: Henrietta by Yeasayer

Cheap Hooch features hosts Holly & D$ playing the best in Punk, Garage, Trash, Soul, Rockabilly and Primitive Rock n’ Roll. Each episode focuses on a different genre or theme, featuring local artists and covering local news with our Show Recommendations, Dive Bar Review and Crime Report.

4:04pm: Step Into The Striped Light by That One Guy

4:09pm: The Pot Can’t Talk About The Kettle by Helene Smith

4:11pm: Her Love Rubbed Off by Carl Perkins

4:20pm: Down To This by Soul Coughing

4:20pm: Call The Police by James Morrison

4:27pm: Seventeen by Sex Pistols

4:30pm: Lord Loves A Working Man by Hard Times

4:33pm: Hard Life by Lenny And The PissPoor Boys

4:38pm: After Dark by Kitty Wells

4:41pm: Why Don’t You Lie? by King Kong and the BBQ

4:45pm: London Boys by Johnny Thunders

4:48pm: Die WIth My Boots On by Jesse Morris

4:54pm: After A Sixer by Saddle Tramps

4:57pm: Evil by Howling Wolf

5:05pm: Watch Your Back by The Spiderbabies

5:05pm: Breakdown by The Sore Thumbs

5:08pm: Heavy Metal Thunder by Saxon

5:12pm: I Drink Your Blood by Rocket From The Crypt

5:26pm: Police Oppression by Angelic Upstarts

5:48pm: Drinking Tips by Dave Atell

5:49pm: In Control by Video

At this point Malderor got drunk and forgot to log any more song titles.  The End.

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