Malderor & Dr Junk

Live From A Swim-Up-Bar In Mexico

Thursday, September 6

This week we’re live on the air from sunny Mexico! Dr. Junk and I broadcast from a beach in Zihautanejo. There was a high surf advisory, and a 100% chance of margaritas. (Backstory: after last year’s labor-intensive trip to Burning Man, we agreed on “The Playa” that we’d blow off Burning Man in 2012 and do our show from a swim-up-bar in Mexico.) So this show was brought to you while dangling our bits in a pool and drinking something called a “Coco Loco” out of a fresh coconut.

Also, it came to our attention mid-show that we were being rebroadcast by a camp called “Airship Victoria” at Black Rock City. So there is much mocking of poor benighted fools in the desert.

Special thanks to listeners from Amsterdam, Santa Rosa, New York state, Black Rock City, San Francisco, and wherever you tuned in from.
Photos of the event below:



2:02pm: Mexican Radio by Wall of Voodoo

2:07pm: Burning Man Sucks, Don’t Go. by Mark Silverman

2:08pm: Cielito Lindo by Chingon

2:11pm: On Some Faraway Beach by Brian Eno

 2:20pm: Spacewalk by Lemon Jelly
2:22pm: Do You Remember The First Time by Pulp
2:26pm: Burn it All Down by VHS or Beta
2:30: Rockaway Beach by The Ramones
2:33pm: Terminal Beach by The Jesus and Mary Chain
2:36pm: King of the Beach by Wavves
2:40pm: Jumping Beans by Frank Black
2:43pm: Que Onda Guero by Beck
2:46pm: Slow Down by Poolside
2:53pm: Catch the Sun by Doves
2:59pm: Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp by Mercury Rev
3:02pm: Wade Into the Water by Alabama 3
3:09pm: I’m Just Me by Diamond Rings
3:13pm: Swim Up Bar by Screaming Daisies (Slight Glitching Here.)
3:15pm: Mexico by Mexican Institute of Sound
3:21pm: It’s a Long Way to the Promised Land by Bad Religion
3:23pm: Not Today by Transplants
3:25pm: Lay Back In the Sun by Spiritualized
3:32pm: Que Bonito Amor by Doctor Stereo
3:39pm: Mess Around by Ray Charles
3:39pm: Fandango by Herb Alpert
3:43pm: Always the Sun by The Stranglers
3:48pm: Underwater Moonlight by The Soft Boys
 3:56pm: Swim Up Bar by Screaming Daisies (Glitch Free Version)
3:58pm: Dead Skin Mask by Nadja
(Podcast then includes the first hour or so of Cheap Hooch, because I didn’t have a chance to listen to them before I went for a swim. At the bar.)

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