Malderor & Dr Junk

The New Studio Build Is Underway

Sunday, September 9

This show was relatively messy, as Malderor and Dr. Junk tried to continue their show as-normal, despite the fact that Radio Valencia is physically moving from their former studio to their new location at 20th and Mission. So there are the sounds of active construction in the background, as our new space is being built around us, and Malderor & Dr Junk play their usual flawless musical sets. With support from Juan Rapido and the ladies from Cheap Hooch Radio. And Fernet. Features new music from Lost Romance, The Hobbes Fanclub, Goldblade, and some random West African funk.


2:00pm: No Condition Is Permanent by Marijata

2:06pm: No Condition Is Permanent by African China

2:13pm: Can We Fix It? by Bob The Builder

2:17pm: Movin’ On Up (Full Length Single Version) by The Jeffersons

2:17pm: The Dream by Thee Oh Sees

2:26pm: Top Of The World (Studio Version_ by Lost Romance

2:28pm: Outside Myself by The Hobbes Fanclub

2:33pm: Put Your Fears In Order (Live) by Mammal Club

2:39pm: She\’s Leaving Home by The Beatles

2:42pm: Leave Them All Behind by Ride

2:46pm: Move Bitch by Ludacris

2:54pm: The Descent by Bob Mould

2:57pm: Time And Forever by A Great Notion

2:59pm: Psychomania by The Damned

3:07pm: Money (That\’s What I Want) by The Flying Lizards

3:09pm: The Underdog by Spoon

3:13pm: Money Talks by AC/DC

3:20pm: A Lifetime of Scrutiny by Bad Religion S.A.T. Word Of The Week

3:22pm: Young Girl by The Distillers

3:25pm: Everything Sucks! by The Descendents

3:30pm: Black Holes In My Brain by Barry Adamson

3:33pm: Austere by The Joy Formidable

3:36pm: Money by The Drums

3:43pm: Malaguena Salerosa by Chingon

3:47pm: Riot Riot Hooligans by Riot Riot Hooligans

3:49pm: Ganja Smuggling by Eek-A-Mouse

3:53pm: Bus To Beelzebub by Soul Coughing

3:59pm: Grey Lagoons by Roxy Music



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