Malderor & Dr Junk

The Sound Of Preparation

Wednesday, November 21

I nearly forgot to blog about this week’s radio extravaganza.  Dr. Junk and Malderor actually prepared this week, and the ladies from Cheap Hooch dropped by a bit early. A fine, fine episode of the Malderor & Dr. Junk show, featuring new tracks from Ghost Town Gospel, Vagabondage, Echo Lake, The Donots, and many more.


Oh, hey, here’s a playlist:

2:02pm: Wild Peace by Echo Lake

2:11pm: Helix by Byetone

2:12pm: Monsieur Cannibale by Sacha Distel

2:21pm: Solitude by Stagnant Pools

2:24pm: Troublemaker by Nelson Can

2:27pm: Dark in Here by Ghostigital

2:32pm: Yesterday is Here by Ghost Town Gospel

2:35pm: For Time and Forever by A Great Notion

2:38pm: So Long (feat. Frank Turner) by The Donots

2:44pm: Feels Like We Only Go Backwards by Tame Impala

2:47pm: Yet Again by Grizzly Bear

2:52pm: No One Does It Like You by Department of Eagles

2:58pm: For the Strangers (Live) by Suede

3:03pm: Before Questions Became by The Watchmakers

3:05pm: Goodbye Booze by Vagabondage

3:15pm: Daysleepers by The Soft Attack

3:15pm: Mediumship by No Joy

3:26pm: Do What You Want by Bad Religion

3:27pm: Gettin Pissed by He Who Cannot Be Named

3:29pm: Fuck You by Rancid

3:38pm: Symbols of Enigma by Collaptic

3:40pm: Cross by Air Tycoon

3:43pm: Marijuana by Chrome Sparks

3:47pm: London Skinhead Crew by Booze and Glory

3:48pm: Schemes by Argy Bargy

3:53pm: Take a Look by The Lancasters

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