Malderor & Dr Junk

Mistakes Were Made

Tuesday, December 11


It’s the holiday-party season, and Malderor showed up at the studio a little bit “over-refreshed”.  A trifle worse for wear, if you will.  Dr. Junk sort of muddles through, and The Mysterious D from legendary SF nightclub “Bootie” drops by the program.  (Puzzlingly, no mashups are played.)



2:00pm: ‘Till I’m Out of Town by The Hillmans

2:02pm: Love Life by Churches

2:05pm: Baby it’s Cold Outside by Emily Zuzik and Art Hays

2:14pm: Innocent Wild by Neotropics

2:17pm: Stand My Ground by Diamond Rings

2:21pm: When the Lillies Die by IO Echo

2:26pm: Spark to Start by The Spitfires

2:28pm: Everything Burns by Ceremony

2:30pm: The Messenger by Johnny Marr

2:39pm: Kerosene by Crystal Castles

2:41pm: Straight to Hell by The Clash

2:46pm: Ghost Town by The Specials

2:50pm: Six Feet Underground by Travis Barker

2:57pm: What I Like About You by Sarah Hethcoat

2:58pm: The Base by Paul Banks

3:05pm: Earn Enough For Us by XTC

3:08pm: I Don’t Want to Go to Chelsea by Elvis Costello

3:11pm: If I Can’t Change Your Mind by Sugar

3:27pm: Markovian Process by Bad Religion

3:28pm: Seriously Drunk. by Malderor is Drunk

3:32pm: I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night by Sliv Bators

3:34pm: New Moon On Monday by Duran Druan

3:45pm: Acid Raindrops by People Under the Stairs

3:54pm: Pacifics by Digable Planets

3:54pm: Lumiere by Blue Scholars

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