Malderor & Dr Junk

Here Come The Saviours

Sunday, January 20



Malderor and Dr. Junk do double-length show on Radio Valencia, covering for their own spot plus Cheap Hooch Radio. This entails “double shots” from each of the artists they play, including The Enemy, The Methadones, and The Joy Formidable. They also have Susan, Jake, and Mark in the studio from local indie/shoegazers Here Come the Saviours. The band showcase tracks from their new EP, “Set The City On Fire”. (This advice is nearly taken literally by the 49ers fans outside, celebrating the team’s advancement to the Superbowl.) Check out their record here, for pay-what-you-want download: ¬†Highly recommended.


2:01pm: 1-2-3-4 by The Enemy

2:04pm: You’re Not Alone by The Enemy

2:11pm: The Descent by Bob Mould

2:16pm: If I Can’t Change Your Mind by Sugar

2:18pm: Revolution by The Beatles

2:21pm: I Am the Walrus by The Beatles

2:28pm: Tomorrow’s Version of Me by Here Come the Saviours

2:33pm: Rats by Metz

2:36pm: D.T. by Clinics

2:42pm: Faith Unfolds by S.C.U.M.

2:45pm: Amber Hands by S.C.U.M.

2:50pm: Bored of Television by The Methadones

2:52pm: Say Goodbye to Your Generation by The Methadones

2:57pm: Stoned in the Bathroom by Chubby Checker

3:00pm: Some Certain Heartbreak by Here Come the Saviours

3:04pm: Stoned to Death by The Crocodiles

3:16pm: All Your Gold by Bat For Lashes

3:24pm: Urban Gentileman by The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group

3:26pm: My Bloody Yugo by The Legendary Jim Ruiz Group

3:32pm: Soon by My Bloody Valentine

3:38pm: Dancehall Destructo by Here Come The Saviours

3:42pm: Left Myself Behind by Toy

3:56pm: She Cares by Here Come the Saviours

4:03pm: True North by Bad Religion

4:04pm: Fuck You by Bad Religion

4:04pm: Does Someone Have to Die? by Toxik Ephex

4:07pm: Life is for Living by Toxik Ephex

4:13pm: Lived in Bars by Cat Power

4:17pm: Wonderwall (Cover) by Cat Power

4:20pm: Whirring by The Joy Formidable

4:26pm: Cholla by The Joy Formidable

4:39pm: Just To Pass The Pleasant Time by The Jackals

4:39pm: Raspberry Moon by The Jackals

4:39pm: Leaving Here by The Strypes

4:42: I Wish You Would by The Strypes

4:47pm: Let’s Talk About It by Sweat Lodge

4:48pm: Payday by Sweat Lodge

4:51pm: Magic Clap by The Coup

4:56pm: Conquest by Tapes ‘n Tapes

5:07pm: Kill the Poor by Dead Kennedys

5:07pm: California Uber Alles by Dead Kennedys

5:14pm: No Shame by Perkele

5:15pm: Heart Full of Pride by Perkele

5:20pm: Crazy by Violent Femmes

5:23pm: Lies by Violent Femmes

5:29pm: Cape Canaveral by Astronaut Wife

5:33pm: capecanaveral by Mr. Projectile

5:39pm: Take the Skinheads Bowling by Camper Van Beethoven

5:42pm: Eurotrash Girl by Cracker

5:47pm: Isolation by Therapy?

5:51pm: Atmosphere by Nine Inch Nails with Peter Murphy

5:57pm: Riot In Cell Block #9 by Dr. Feelgood


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