Malderor & Dr Junk

Filling In For The Metal Asylum

Monday, March 11

Malderor and Bullwinkle filled in for Jody on the Metal Asylum. Bullwinkle is a bad influence.



12:01pm: Astral Rider by Cloven Hoof

12:03pm: Burning A Sinner by Witchfinder General

12:10pm: Death Or Glory by Holocaust

12:16pm: AC/DC vs Def Leppard by DJ Schmolli

12:20pm: The Windswept Mercy by Soilwork (Feat. Justin Sullivan)

12:24pm: Metal Command by Exodus from Let There Be Blood

12:30pm: Dutch Connection by Jaguar

12:34pm: It’s Electric by Diamond Head

12:37pm: Eat The Rich by Tysondog

12:46pm: New Orleans Is The New Vietnam by Eyehategod

12:49pm: Red Tide Rising by Orange Goblin

12:54pm: L’Enfant Sauvage by Gojira

1:00pm: Turn The Hell On by Fist

1:02pm: Ready To Deliver by Battleaxe

1:06pm: Rock On by Hollow Ground

1:10pm: Severed Survival by Fucking Autopsy

1:13pm: …For Victory by Fucking Bolt Thrower

1:18pm: Subconscious Terror by Fucking Benediction

1:24pm: Noise Filth & Fury by War Fare

1:28pm: Devils Church by Warhead

1:38pm: Speak English Or Die by Stormtroopers Of Death

1:40pm: Souls To Deny by Suffocation

1:42pm: Blinded By Fear by At The Gates

1:48pm: I’d Rather Go Wild by Witchfynde

1:52pm: Lady Lightning by Picture

1:56pm: Atomic Rock by More

1:59pm: Black Metal by Venom



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