Malderor & Dr Junk

Dr. Junk is HAMMERED.

Monday, May 20

7beb572ae6fe0e765529724b0f115db3This is Dr. Junk’s finest hour.


2:00pm: Interview by Kai the Hatchet Hitchhiker

2:10pm: Friend of Mine by Lily Allen

2:14pm: Backstabber by Ke$ha

2:16pm: None of Your Business by Salt n’ Pepa

2:23pm: Axis by Pet Shop Boys

2:26pm: Nothing Our Way by Frankie And The Heartstrings

2:29pm A Ton Of Love by Editors

2:36pm: Born Under a Bad Sign by Richard Hawley

2:39pm: Dumpster Dive by The Black Lips

2:42pm: Mind Your Own Business by Hank Williams Jr, Feat: Reba and Willie

2:47pm: Pure Evil by Baby Strange

2:49pm: Dead Moon Night 2 by A Place To Bury Strangers

2:53pm: Down By Law by Vir

3:03pm: Add it Up by Violent Femmes

3:07pm: Chicken Bones by John Grant

3:12pm: Restart by Mexicans with Guns from restart

3:20pm: Bugger Bogner by Luke Haines (From The Auteurs)

3:22pm: Show Me The Money by The Rising

3:29pm: Don’t Forget Who You Are by Miles Kane

3:30pm: Take em all by Cock Sparrer

3:31pm: Solitude is bliss by Tame Impala

3:36pm: My girls by Animal Collective

3:48pm: The Island by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:49pm: Giant Tortoise by Pond

3:52pm: Track One by Another Body Found

3:57pm: Hey Fuck You by The Beastie Boys

3:58pm: Hellbilly Joker (Go Fuck You) by Hank III



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