Malderor & Dr Junk

A Relaxed Sunday’s Entertainment

Thursday, August 22


Malderor was clearing out a backlog of mellow tracks that have come across his desk lately. (The Veils, that new Mazzy Star track, a lost Concrete Blonde song, etc.) Dr. Junk was phoning it in as usual. Overall it ended up being entertaining, if a bit subdued. Playlist:

2:04pm: The Recluse by Amigo The Devil

2:07pm: Dragula by GHXST

2:09pm: You Belong To Me (Dylan Cover) by The Veils

2:15pm: I Love Livin’ in the City by Fear

2:16pm: If You Wanna by The Vaccines

2:19pm: Die for Your Government by The Varukers

2:24pm: Take Me Home by Concrete Blonde

2:28pm: Trash (Live Acoustic) by Brett Anderson

2:31pm: River Of Lust by Bellavista

2:38pm: Birth, School, Work, Death by Godfathers

2:42pm: To Hell with Poverty by Gang of Four

2:46pm: I’m the One by The Descendents

2:49pm: Goin’ Crazy by Dizzee Rascal feat. Robbie Williams

2:53pm: Choosing For You by I Am Legion

2:56pm: Loose Sutures by Fuzz

3:05pm: Breather by Chapterhouse

3:10pm: Weirdo by The Charlatans

3:13pm: On My Balcony by Flunk

3:19pm: Man With A Mission by Bad Religion S.A.T. Word Of The Week

3:23pm: I Eat Babies by He Who Cannot Be Named

3:24pm: Liberty by The Interrupters

3:29pm: Dojo Rising by Cloud Control

3:33pm: CHVRCHES by The Mother We Share

3:36pm: Black Rice by Women

3:43pm: The Only Living Boy In New Cross by Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine

3:47pm: Faraway by Astral Pattern

3:51pm: California by Mazzy Star


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