Malderor & Dr Junk

Dr. Junk Takes A Dim View Of Malderor’s Vacation Choices

Friday, September 6

Malderor decided to go camping with his friends.  For some reason, this upset Dr. Junk, who saws on and on about…something.


2:04pm:Open Your Eyes by The Lords Of The New Church

2:10pm: The Hippie Song by Ari Lesser

2:13pm: The Drugs by The Holdup

2:18pm: All These Stupid Rules (Burning Man Song) by Mark Slverman

2:24pm: A Flower In The Desert by The Cult

2:27pm: Desert Song by Dead Can Dance

2:30pm: Catch The Sun by Doves

2:38pm: The Spectator by The Bravery

2:42pm: You’re a Target by No Age

2:45pm: Know Your Rights by The Clash

2:52pm: Ode To The Sun by Dredg

3:00pm: Dust by The Fields Of The Nephilim

3:01pm: In Dust We Trust by The Chemical Brothers

3:06pm: Hurricane by MS MR

3:10pm: Giant Tortoise by Pond

3:14pm: Step by Vampire Weekend (Which is the worst fucking band, ever. Editor.)

3:23pm: A Walk by Bad Religion S.A.T. Word Of The Week

3:24pm: Fuck You by Rancid

3:29pm: Before The Flame Dies by Cock Sparrer

3:33pm: Vodka Diet by Natasha Kmeto

3:34pm: I’m Waiting For the Man by Velvet Underground

3:39pm: Where Da Money? by The Jim Jones Revue

3:45pm: Evil Man by Destruction Unit

3:51pm: Know Your RIghts At Burning Man by ACLU

3:53pm: So You Wanna Be A Cop by Leftover Crack

3:59pm: I Won’t Be Your Generator by No Age


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