Malderor & Dr Junk

One Chord And The Truth

Wednesday, November 13

1382935802-mssion theater

We’re a bit behind posting this, but…

Malderor was saddened to hear that Lou Reed had passed away so, like many other DJs on the planet, he cobbled together a tribute show. He plays a few Velvet Underground songs, and quite a few bands that were influenced by the Velvets. Also, Magic Kristian comes by to talk about renaming the Bay Bridge for Emperor Norton. And Bullwinkle hangs out to enjoy the craic. Oh, and Dr. Junk was at “the clinic” getting a shot to clear things up. Check it out.

2:02pm: Mortality by Chirstopher Hitchens

2:03pm: I’m Set Free by The Velvet Underground

2:08pm: 2:35 (Version 1) by Spacemen 3

2:11pm: Stoned To Death by Crocodiles

2:22pm: Stardust Remedy by The Jesus & Mary Chain

2:23pm: I Can’t Stand It by The Velvet Underground

2:25pm: Hate The Taste by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

2:32pm: Best Of Friends by Palma Violets

2:37pm: Tidal Wave by Thee Oh Sees

2:39pm: Rock ‘n Roll by Janes Addiction

2:50pm: When Jokers Attack by Brian Jonestown Massacre

2:50pm: Heroine by Suede

2:53pm: Some Kind Of Sad by Ringo Deathstarr

2:57pm: The Drifter by H.P. Lovecraft

3:01pm: Witches Wand by Luv Machine

3:04pm: 1999 A.D. by The Ventures

3:16pm: I Want Something More by The Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:16pm: Guitar Hero by The Deadlies

3:18pm: Death Machine by Motorhead

3:24pm: I Would Kill For Suzy by The Cat Heads

3:28pm: Baby’s No Good by The Mutants

3:31pm: Lieutenant Uhuru by Three Stoned Men

3:36pm: I’m A Better Anarchist Than You by David Rovics

3:38pm: No Mercy by Peter Tosh

3:44pm: Sunderberry Dream by Fuzz

3:46pm: Not Your Boyfriend by Grandma’s Boyfriend

3:48pm: Christ On A Crutch by Diddly Squat

3:53pm: Sister Ray by The Velvet Underground


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