Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor and Dr. Junk – Psychedelic Shoegaze

Friday, January 17


On this week’s episode of The Malderor and Dr. Junk show we dip our toes into the psychedelic-shoegaze genre, with appearances from Eagulls, Tennis System, and Moonbeams. We also sample a new track from Anaxaton6, and give away tickets for Toy at the Chapel.

2:06pm: Left Myself Behind by Toy

2:08pm: Boola Stack by Anaxaton6

2:15pm: Eric by Teengirl Fantasy

2:19pm: Keep Your Head Up by Cults

2:22pm: She Found Now by My Bloody Valentine

2:30pm: Tough Luck by Eagulls

2:32pm: More For The Masses by The People’s Temple

2:37pm: Side Of The Road by Radar Eyes

2:49pm: Look For Me (I’ll Be Around) by Neko Case

2:52pm: Return the Gift by Gang of Four

2:54pm: A Day In the Life by The Beatles

3:05pm: Cobblestones by Communions

3:05pm: Arcane by Tennis System

3:08pm: Shakedowm by Larry and His Flask

3:10pm: Forever by Moonbeams

3:13pm: Last One To Die by Rancid

3:15pm: Molly’s Lips by Nirvana

3:17pm: Thank God It’s Not Christmas by Sparks

3:25pm: Motoring by Toy

3:33pm: Never Enough by The KVB

3:34pm: Mind Crawler by Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats

3:40pm: Twist and Crawl by The English Beat

3:42pm: This is how it feels by Inspiral Carpets

3:45pm: Do You Remember the First Time by Pulp

3:52pm: Who We Are by Bad Religion S.A.T. Word Of The Week

3:55pm: Crane Fist by Rancid

3:58pm: Lu-Chow Phang by Diatribe


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