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Malderor – Music To Take Drugs To.

Thursday, January 30

takingMalderor is on his own again, as Dr. Junk is working Capp Street to earn extra money for his move to Portland. The Malderor and Dr. Junk show is your source for new music, but for some reason all the music that came across Malderor’s desk this week fell into the “druggy, dirgy, narcotic” category.  So he just ran with it.  (There are also some forays into bands playing the upcoming Noisepop festival.)

2:11pm: Amen by Spacemen 3

2:12pm: Solsbury Hill by Lou Reed

2:14pm: Love Bends by Wire

2:21pm: Fever Dreaming (Live) by No Age

2:24pm: The Swans by Cheatahs

2:28pm: I Do by Terry Malts

2:44pm: From Tomorrow by The Oscillation

2:50pm: YES by Joel Gion

2:55pm: Take Me With You by Psychic Ills

3:03pm: Shake The Dope Out by The Warlocks

3:07pm: Tin Soldier by Small Faces

3:09pm: Ready For The Mountain by Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah

3:16pm: Too Far Gone To Know by Toy

3:24pm: There’s A War Goin’ On by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

3:29pm: Dharma And The Bomb by Bad Religion S.A.T. Word Of The Week

3:30pm: Necromance Is Dead by Drenge

3:32pm: Don’t Beatle Me Up by Mr. Show

3:33pm: All These Things by Black Market Karma

3:40pm: Keep On Knocking by Death

3:45pm: Brats by Liars

3:48pm: New York by A Shoreline Dream

3:54pm: Sweet Girl by Ringo Deathstarr

3:57pm: Losing Touch With My Mind by Spacemen 3

4:02pm: return to normal schedule.


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