Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor’s College Radio Reunion

Tuesday, February 18

614438_ksfs-updated,640x360,r_1Will Bonny, Malderor’s old Program Director from his college-radio days, drops by for a long-promised visit.  They nerd out about radio, while Malderor spins all the latest new releases, which this week leaned in a strongly psychedelic/garage rock direction.  (Apparently that’s what the kids are listening to.) Features new tracks from DIIV, The Wytches, The Spyrals, and other bands that can’t spell. Also a track submitted to us directly by the Suicide Dolphin Bombers.  The music this week was oddly cohesive and entertaining, so give it a listen.


2:00 Different Days by The Men

2:13pm: Feed My Brain by Radkey

2:23pm: Bones by Bloody Knees

2:25pm: Feel by Soft Science

2:29pm: Every Girl by Allah Las

2:31pm: Doused (Live) by DIIV

2:40pm: Grave Dweller by The Wytches

2:43pm: Need Your Fire by The Spyrals

2:45pm: On The Run by Axxa Abraxas

2:53pm: And Light Shines by David Lynch

2:58pm: Out Of Sight by The Spyrals

3:00pm: Been Drinking Again by La Plebe

3:12pm: Colours To Life by Temples

3:17pm: Everythings Made In China by Suicide Dolphin Bombers

3:19pm: The Righteous One by The Orwells

3:28pm: Occupy Your Mind by Villagers

3:32pm: Candy Flip by Spires

3:35pm: Tin Soldier by The Small Faces

3:44pm: Germs of Perfection by Bad Religion S.A.T. Word Of The Week

3:45pm: July by Weekend

3:48pm: Mari by Martin Rev

3:52pm: Ready For The Mountain by Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah

4:02pm: Free Will by Rush


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