Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor and Mully from Older Sun

Thursday, March 13


Malderor’s guest on the show this week was Chris “Mully” Mulhauser from new local metal act Older Sun. We played a lot of local metal, some punk-rock from Oakland’s Trouble Maker, and the usual brace of brand new psych/garage from Britain and beyond. Lotsa metal today, though. Download the podcast, let the anger flow through you.

2:00pm Blood Of The Serpent by Glitter Wizard

2:06pm: Black Rider by White Barons

2:08pm: Debreeding by Hornss

2:17pm: My Bridges Burn by The Cult

2:17pm: Fever Dreams by Dio

2:21pm: She’s Just Killing Me by ZZ Top

2:32pm: Gina Works At Hearts by DZ Deathrays

2:36pm: Waterloo Sunset (Live Kinks Cover) by Temples

2:39pm: Yellow Woman by Fat White Family

2:43pm: Going To Mexico by Motorhead

2:46pm: If I Could Change Your Mind by Haim

2:49pm: Suicide Note Part 2 by Pantera

2:53pm: Thrasher’s Abattoir by Carcass

2:57pm: Dangers Of The Faithless by Testament from Formation of Damnation

3:02pm: De Vermis Mysteriis by High On Fire

3:08pm: Ale House Braves by Orange Goblin

3:12pm: Lay Down, Stay Down by ‘Purple

3:16pm: Church On Tuesday by Stone Temple Pilots

3:20pm: This Is Oakland by Trouble Maker

3:22pm: Hollywood by Junkyard

3:28pm: The Sentinel (Judas Priest Cover) by Machine Head

3:33pm: Some Heads Are Gonna Roll by Judas Priest

3:38pm: Give It A Name by Jerry Cantrell

3:40pm: Another Night In London by Devildriver

3:47pm: Whatever by Sundaze

3:50pm: Killer Smile by Hot Lunch

3:55pm: Barael’s Blade by The Sword

3:58pm: We Belong Together by Bad Brains


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