Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor and Dr. Junk: Improvisation

Wednesday, May 21


Dr. Junk still can’t figure out the internet, and Malderor’s guest this week had to cancel at the last possible second.  So…Malderor wings it.  A few repeats (The Mekons) and a couple long dub songs, but overall it was a solid episode with all the brand-new and unreleased music you’ve come to expect from this show. Like so:

2:03pm: Money Is Not Our God (Babylon Dub) by Killing Joke

2:06pm: Kingston by Lenny Lashey’s Gang Of One

2:09pm: Antipatriarca by Ana Tijoux

2:15pm: Rub My Root by Pink Finks

2:17pm: I Don’t Want To Be An Asshole Anymore by The Menzingers

2:20pm: Sun Cheyenne by Down Dirty Shake

2:24pm: I Am What I Am by Spiritualized

2:30pm: Feels Like I Only Go Backwards (Tame Impala Cover) by The Arctic Monkeys

2:33pm: Wire Frame Mattress by The Wytches

2:36pm: Distance Yourself by Baby Strange

2:39pm: Yosoko by Loom

2:42pm: John Law Burned Down The Liquor Sto’ by Chris Thomas King

2:52pm: Cracked Actor (Live) by David Bowie from David Live

2:53pm: Mirrors (Live) by Crocodiles

2:56pm: Riot Squad (Live) by Cock Sparrer

3:00pm: Watch Your Back (Live) by Cock Sparrer

3:04pm: Lovely Weather by The Vandelles

3:07pm: Near and Undear by The Bixby Knolls

3:10pm: Rotted Man by Dahga Bloom

3:17pm: Let It Be by Lindy Blaskey and The Lavells

3:23pm: Ungu Wena Wena by Marais & Miranda

3:24pm: Sleep Forever by Crocodiles

3:28pm: Fingerpainting by Acid Baby Jesus

3:30pm: Little Girl Little Boy by The Atom Age

3:41pm: The Beautiful Game by New Model Army

3:50pm: Fuck Armageddon, This Is Hell by Bad Religion S.A.T. Word Of The Week

3:52pm: Space In Your Face by The Mekons

3:54pm: Love Like Blood (Your Heart Is A Weapon Dub) by Killing Joke from In Dub


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