Malderor & Dr Junk

Bourgeois Productions and Dot Punto.

Tuesday, July 22

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 12.06.05 PMElizabeth from Bourgeois Productions and Katya from local band Dot Punto drop by the studio to talk about San Francisco’s live music scene, and to play tons of local bands. Here’s the playlist:

2:06pm: Stranded On My Own by Titus Andronicus

2:07pm: Less Out Of Sync by DZ Deathrays

2:13pm: North Circular by Real Lies

2:21pm: Forgot The Past by Dot Punto.

2:26pm: Away For The Weekend by Social Studies

2:28pm: Young People by Hungry Skinny

2:36pm: Little Killer by Merchandise

2:39pm: Be Slowly by Jaws

2:42pm: Water Prayer Rasta Mix by Adham Shaikh

2:57pm: In Fits In Dreams by Yassou Benedict

2:58pm: Cold Lead Bath by Owl Paws

3:01pm: Stand Up by Royal Jelly

3:11pm: Stay In Town by Brasil

3:13pm: Twist by Picture Atlantic

3:15pm: Urban Arson by Halcyonaire

3:26pm: It’s Easy by Dogcatcher

3:30pm: Find It Of Use by Radiation City

3:30pm: Che Mart by Dot Punto.

3:38pm: Automatic Man by Bad Religion S.A.T. Word Of The Week

3:41pm: Time Won’t Let Me by Wartime

3:56pm: Boys by Bed

3:57pm: Rabbit Hole by The Lower 48

3:57pm: Glass Beach by Cold Eskimo


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