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Malderor Plays Some Protest Music

Wednesday, August 20

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old ManA lot of people are frustrated by the current situation in Ferguson, MO, and while there isn’t much I can actually do about it, this show allowed me a “spasm of catharsis.”  I may not have much of a voice, but I do have a community radio show.  This is dedicated to Mike Brown.

2:00pm Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon Declares State of Emergency, Curfew

2:07pm: State Violence, State Control by Discharge

2:07pm: Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball by Main Source ft. Rob Swift

2:09pm: I Remember (Millions Of Dead Cops) by M.D.C.

2:11pm: Officer by Operation Ivy

2:14pm: Who Got The Camera? by Ice Cube

2:18pm: Police Brutality by Toxik Ephex

2:21pm: Police Story by Black Flag

2:22pm: Fuck The Cops by Ois II Men

2:24pm: Police Car by Cockney Rejects

2:25pm: Cops and Robbers by Hooligan

2:28pm: Police State by UK Subs

2:32pm: My Favorite Mutiny by The Coup

2:37pm: Gang Control by Leftover Crack

2:39pm: Police State by Destructors

2:41pm: The Sound Of Da Police by KRS-One

2:45pm: Fuck Police Brutality by Anti-Flag

2:48pm: Here Come The Cops by The Afflicted

2:50pm: Constables by O.C.

2:53pm: Hate The Police by The Dicks

2:57pm: Cop Killer by Body Count

3:00pm: Eyewitness Account of Shooting of Mike Brown

3:05pm: Police State by Dead Prez

3:07pm: Men In Blue Part One by Youth Brigade

3:12pm: Claimin’ I’m A Criminal by Brand Nubian

3:17pm: Film The Police by B. Dolan ft. Toki Wright

3:24pm: Fuck The Police by J Dilla

3:26pm: A.C.A.B. by The 4-Skins

3:27pm: Thugs In Uniform by Oi Polloi

3:30pm: Crooked Officer by The Geto Boys

3:40pm: The Death Of Emmett Till by Bob Dylan

3:43pm: I’m Black And I’m Proud (Live) by James Brown

3:49pm: Police Brutality by The Casualties

3:51pm: You Take Part In Creating This System by Discharge

3:52pm: No Justice, No Peace by Tavo

3:57PM: Change Gon’ Come (RIP Sean Bell) by Papoose


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