Malderor & Dr Junk

Another Sunday Of New Releases

Monday, October 13


Malderor served up another 2-hour set of (almost) completely new music this week. It was a pretty accessible batch of brand new tracks from the UK and beyond. Mostly fuzzed-out British guitar-rock, with a little grime and some hip-hop-ish stuff.

2:03pm: Back To The Fire by Looks

2:06pm: Sometmes by Lusts

2:08pm: Girlfriend by Wild Smiles

2:13pm: Sundial (Live at Freswick Castle) by The Neon Waltz

2:15pm: 40 40 ICU by Jamie T

2:19pm: Nero by White Fence

2:24pm: Layered and Lovely by The Total Heels

2:27pm: Hypnotized by The Dream Police

2:32pm: On A Level by Wiley

2:37pm: Imagine Hearts by Ringo Deathstarr

2:39pm: Talking In Tones by The Charlatans (UK)

2:44pm: Regatta by Telegram

2:48pm: Come Back by Pins

2:52pm: Thievery by Arca

2:55pm: Black Scorpio by Tala

2:57pm: On Leaving by Hookworms

3:07pm: Crawling After You by Bass Drum Of Death

3:10pm: Come Saturday by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

3:14pm: The Eyes Of The Muse by King Tuff

3:22pm: Hustle by Sundara Karma

3:26pm: Lovely Weather by The Vandelles

3:31pm: Watch It Die by Bad Religion S.A.T. Word Of The Week

3:32pm: Mood Bomb by Superfood

3:34pm: Stars Are Aligned by Darlia

3:38pm: Succubus by Demob Happy

3:45pm: The Amazing Heart Attack by Wampire

3:48pm: Don’t Wanna Lose by Ex Hex

3:49pm: Living Alone by Bad Sounds

3:52pm: For Last And Forever by Azar Swan

3:58pm: Black Moon Spell by King Tuff

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