Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor and Conan Neutron, Live From American Steel Studios

Sunday, December 14


Malderor and Conan Neutron blow things up from a live remote at the American Steel Studios, an Oakland artist’s collective that was having a holiday open house. Malderor was playing things that ALMOST made his “Best of 2014” list, but just didn’t make the cut for one reason or another. Conan is helping out with a lot of awesome local music. Check out the playlist and podcast below:

2:03pm: Blinded by Abattoir Blues

2:07pm: Daydreamers by Nightworkers

2:11pm: Strawberry Smoothie by Twin Peaks

2:17pm: Your Weakness Gives Me Life by Le Butcherettes

2:19pm: Raise Our Fists Up by Minutes from Roland

2:22pm: Witches In the Garden by Hurry Up Shotgun from Abracadabraham Lincoln

2:26pm: The Shaman by Rutabega from Brother The Lights Don’t Work

2:31pm: Warning by Cymbals Eat Guitars

2:34pm: Stitches by Bloody Knees

2:36pm: Everything Goes With It by Early Ghost

2:43pm: Digital Witness by St. Vincent from St. Vincent

2:45pm: Riding Bikes by Shellac from Dude Incredible

2:51pm: Brass Cupcake by Melvins from Hold It In

2:57pm: Sometimes by Lusts

2:59pm: Girlfriend by Wild Smiles

3:02pm: On Leaving by Hookworms

3:12pm: Save The Clock Tower by Body Futures from Brand New Silhouettes

3:17pm: carthage must be destroyed by christian fitness from I am afraid of everything that isn’t me

3:20pm: That Activity by Happy Fangs from Happy Fangs

3:30pm: Heroes & Martyrs by Bad Religion S.A.T. Word Of The Week

3:31pm: In The Mirror by Public Access TV

3:33pm: Laced by DMAs

3:40pm: I Don’t Mind It by Screaming Females from Castle Talk

3:42pm: Me and Margaret Counting Countdowns by B. Hamilton from Everything I Own is Broken

3:45pm: Better Than Bad by Deathfix from Deathfix

3:54pm: Near And Undear by The Bixby Knolls

3:57pm: Stars Are Aligned by Darlia



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