Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – New Year, New Music

Monday, January 12


Malderor kicks off the first show of 2015 with a fistful of brand new releases. (Well, he started by continuing Bullwinkle’s theme for a few songs, then got into the new tracks.) Conan Neutron was also present for some of the show, working on below-the-hood studio stuff, so they chitchat about the tunes. Oh, and Malderor runs out of new stuff at the end and plays a bunch of zombie music to give away tickets to The Flesh Eaters show at the Great American. Give it a listen:

2:05pm: Fuck You by Bad Religion S.A.T. Word Of The Week

2:06pm: Hey Fuck You by The Beastie Boys

2:06pm: Fuck You by Rancid

2:13pm: Nowhere by GHXST

2:14pm: The Hunter by Slaves

2:21pm: Cut Me Out by Trust Fund

2:22pm: Centrefold by Tigerclub

2:24pm: Fossils by Circa Waves

2:27pm: Only Names by Dalton

2:31pm: Controller by Cheatahs

2:34pm: Chlorine by Title Fight

2:38pm: Blue Eye by Menace Beach

2:43pm: Surf by Curtis Harding

2:46pm: Gen Strange (Live At The Pool) by Peace

2:50pm: Let’s Dance by Ibibio Sound Machine

2:58pm: Dude Incredible by Shellac

3:03pm: Gated Joy (Remastered) by Shriekback from Care

3:06pm: River Of Fever by The Flesh Eaters

3:14pm: Sunset Gun by The Damage Manual

3:17pm: Remurdered by Mogwai

3:26pm: Red Eyes by The War On Drugs

3:30pm: Dripping Down by East India Youth

3:34pm: Holy Moses (Live) by Echo And The Bunnymen

3:36pm: It Was A Very Good Year (Live) by Brett Anderson

3:40pm: Wise Mr. Owl by The Blind Shake

3:43pm: Elvis’ Flaming Star by Pond

3:46pm: Manipulator by Ty Segall

3:49pm: Tonight, There Will Be No Survivors by Zombina and The Skeletones

3:51pm: Modern Mayhem by Flatbush Zombies and Trash Talk

3:54pm: Zombie Crush by Groovie Ghoulies

3:58pm: It’s Raining Zombies On Wall Street by Big D And The Kids Table


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