Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor’s Japanese Punk Special

Monday, March 23


Malderor is about to bounce off to Japan for a two week punk rock tour with a d-beat band. To celebrate, this week’s show is 100% current Japanese punk rock, all bands you can see at this year’s Kappunk Festival in Shinuku next week! Check it out!

2:03pm: Punk And Proud by Discocks

2:04pm: Clockwork Soldiers by Hat Trickers

2:07pm: Viper by Bomb Factory

2:12pm: United Resistance by Radiots

2:16pm: Ocean Bomb by The Ryders

2:17pm: (Japanese Title) by The Ryders

2:20pm: (Japanese Title) by Oledickfoggy

2:24pm: Candy Gun by Melt Banana

2:31pm: So Much Pogo, But I’m Okay by The Erections

2:36pm: Cold Beer/Out Of Control by Crucial Section

2:39pm: Bring Out Myself by The Ryders

2:44pm: Our Fight Night by The Disaster Points

2:46pm: Problem by Pile Driver

2:50pm: Rebels With A Cause by Anger Flares

2:52pm: Nuclear by Extinct Government

2:56pm: Letter by The Prisoner

3:05pm: Punk It Up by Laughin’ Nose

3:09pm: Feel Good by Nickey & The Warriors

3:11pm: Piss Off MTV Punks by Tom and Boot Boys

3:13pm: I Never You Never by Raise A Flag

3:19pm: Fear by Mosquito Spiral

3:24pm: What’s The Meaning Of Love by Forward

3:27pm: Hate & Chaos by Hazard

3:28pm: On The Street Again by Anger Flares

3:33pm: Stay Free by The Prisoner

3:37pm: Protest & Resistance by Piledriver

3:41pm: Carry On Punk by Laughin’ Nose

3:44pm: Determination by Raise A Flag

3:47pm: Switch by Systematic Death

3:49pm: Air Raid Days by Slang

3:52pm: Way Of Life by Anger Flares

3:55pm: Darkside Moon by Mosquito Spiral

4:02pm: return to normal schedule.

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