Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor With Older Sun and Japanese Punk

Wednesday, April 15

oldersun2Malderor is back in the country and back on the radio. Today Mully and Pat from Older Sun drop by with a copy of their new E.P., and Malderor has a stack of singalong Japanese Oi to spin. It’s a heavy one.

Check out the playlist:

2:03pm: In My Head by Badstrip

2:07pm: Drinking And Driving by The Business

2:08pm: The Bomber by James Gang

2:14pm: Still No Future by The Prisoner

2:17pm: Dream Lover (Live) by The Vaccines

2:21pm: Mouthwash by Lusts

2:28pm: Cherry Red by Groundhogs

2:34pm: Mesmerization Eclipse by Captain Beyond

2:37pm: Bad Man by Older Sun

2:44pm: Fight Night by Badstrip

2:49pm: Voice Of Youth by Discocks

2:51pm: Keep The Faith by Booted Cocks

2:53pm: Humble by Bang

3:05pm: The Freak by Wild Eyes

3:06pm: There’s Nothing Like Revenge For Getting Back At People by Hot Lunch

3:14pm: The Island by Bad Religion S.A.T. Word Of The Week

3:15pm: I Don’t Know (Live) by Ozzy Osbourne

3:20pm: Holy Diver by Killswitch Engage

3:24pm: What You Need by Older Sun

3:32pm: Stand Up Fucking Punks by The Erections

3:33pm: Spit You Out by METZ

3:37pm: Riot! Are You Ready? by Klasse Kriminale

3:39pm: Copycat by Generation 69

3:40pm: A Nation And A Party by Generation 69

3:43pm: 9mm and a Three Piece Suit by Catch 22

3:47pm: Over The Wall by Testament

3:50pm: Atomic Punk by Van Halen

3:54pm: Devastate by Everyone Is Dirty

3:59pm: Long Night In Long Island by Red Alert

4:02pm: return to normal schedule.



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