Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – Live From Mendocino County On The 5th of July

Sunday, July 12


Malderor was up in Manchester, CA, (near Point Arena) for the 4th, but dutifully did his show remotely, from a redwood deck overlooking a lighthouse. There were a few requests from the peanut gallery, and some songs about soccer, since the World Cup Final was due to start. (Congrats to the US Women’s National Team on the victory!) Check it out here:

2:06pm: Whitenoise Revisited by 93 Million Miles From The Sun

2:10pm: No One Like You by Alex Skolnick

2:18pm: The Beautiful Game by New Model Army

2:24pm: Never Say Die by The Old Firm Casuals

2:27pm: Forever Blowing Bubbles by The Cockney Rejects

2:32pm: The W.O.R.M. by Wichita

2:35pm: Pretty Girls Is A Motherfucker by Parquet Courts

2:37pm: Underwear by Pulp

2:43pm: Hero by Frank Ocean with Paul Simonon Mick Jones and Diplo

2:46pm: Codine by The Charlatans

2:48pm: I Don’t Care (I Don’t Care) by The Down And Outlaws

2:52pm: It’s A Mess by The Atom Age

2:54pm: Yesterday Is Here by Ghost Town Gospel

2:57pm: Left 4 Dead by Rat Boy

3:00pm: Stonefist by Health

3:03pm: Everyday by Diane Coffee

3:07pm: I’m Not Alone by The Parrots

3:10pm: Eighty-Four by The Strypes

3:15pm: A Lily Pad For You To Rest On by Superfood

3:16pm: The Show Must Go On by Queen

3:20pm: Handclap Cinema by Playlounge

3:24pm: Stevie (Live) by Kasabian

3:28pm: Grand Not Great by Beverly

3:35pm: World Pleasure by Peace

3:41pm: Germs Of Perfection (Live) by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:42pm: Each Dawn I Die by Infa Riot

3:45pm: Shapeshifter Blues by Lee Gallagher and The Hallelujah

3:48pm: Here Come The Nice by The Small Faces

3:51pm: Love Is Noise (Live at Glastonbury, 2008) by The Verve

(Malderor sneaks away to watch soccer at this point.)


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