Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor and Cheap Hooch – Live at R Bar

Saturday, August 1


Malderor and Cheap Hooch did another live-remote from the R Bar on Sutter Street. The first two hours are Malderor’s normal new-music and punk-rock smorgasbord, and the second two hours find Cheap Hooch playing vinyl (!) in a dive bar, with a battery-operated turntable. Thanks again to R Bar Ed for hosting us.

2:03pm: Here Comes The Sun by Red Alert

2:05pm: Borstal Breakout by The Accident

2:06pm: We’re A Happy Family by The Ramones

2:09pm: Begin The Begin by REM

2:13pm: Whatcha Drinkin’? by Husker Du

2:14pm: Let’s Break The Law (Anti Nowhere League Cover) by Vision

2:17pm: So What! by Anti-Nowhere League

2:22pm: Lonely You by Wax Idols

2:26pm: Whisky by Marian Hill

2:30pm: Let It Be by Joe Cocker feat. Claudia Linear and Leon Russell

2:37pm: Don’t Let Nothing Get In The Way by The Enemy

2:40pm: A Dark Cloud Lifted by Donovan Wolfington

2:44pm: Ugly Cherries by PWR BTTM

2:51pm: Final Solution by Pere Ubu

2:53pm: Police Brutality by King Clico

2:57pm: West Coast by Fidlar

3:05pm: The Sad Bag Of Shaky Jake by Humble Pie

3:07pm: The Creeper by Molly Hatchet

3:12pm: Drag by Ne-Hi

3:17pm: It’s Time For Fun by Goat

3:21pm: Rock Out by Motorhead

3:23pm: HARDROCKLOVER by Prince3EG

3:27pm: Outta My Mind by The Arcs

3:32pm: Whole Lotta Rosie by AC/DC

3:37pm: Rats In The Cellar by Aerosmith

3:42pm: Them Changes by Buddy Miles

3:47pm: Too Much Too Young (Manic 3 Tone Mix) by The Specials

3:50pm: Drink by Evil Conduct

3:56pm: Swarm by The Bohicas

3:57pm: Halloween by The Dropkick Murphys

3:58pm: Fashion Zombies by The Aquabats

Includes two more hours of delicious Cheap Hooch Radio!


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