Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – A Hero’s Return

Sunday, September 27


After a month of vacations, both planned and unplanned, we’re back on the air with Malderor’s Curated Catastrophe. This week we’ve got your regular slew of new releases, a stack of “pogo-punk” Japanese 45s, and some no-show guests from SF’s underground theater scene!


2:02pm: Corinne by Black Honey

2:04pm: Junk DNA by Demob Happy

2:08pm: Dope Cloud by Protomartyr

2:14pm: Nothing Compares 2 U by Chris Cornell

2:19pm: Touch The Water by Lee Gallagher And The Hallalujah

2:22pm: High and Outside by The Supersuckers

2:27pm: Velelandia by Amores Vigilantes

2:31pm: Phoneys 7 Phreaks by Grand Theft Audio

2:37pm: Pure Blue by Splashh

2:38pm: Malderor mourns the loss of his sidekick Dr. Junk – who moved cross country by focusing on brand-new and unreleased music, mostly Insane Clown Posse, Baha Men, Starship, and Nickelback.

2:44pm: Who Sent You? by Broken Hands

2:47pm: Mittens by Frank Turner

2:49pm: Malderor stumbles through another show without Dr. Junk to prop him up. Only able to continue because he knows you can’t hear the sobbing when the mic isn’t live.

2:51pm: Restless by New Order

3:00pm: I Saw Her Face by The Men

3:06pm: Trouble by Baby Strange

3:08pm: Buick Mackane by Ty Segall

3:13pm: What You Gonna Do by The Discocks

3:14pm: Stupid Dirty Punk by The Erections

3:17pm: Hate The Police by The Dicks

3:24pm: A Way Of Life by The Erections

3:25pm: Greatest Fuckin’ Tonight Pt 2 by The Erections

3:28pm: Holdin’ The Bag by The Supersuckers

3:29pm A Streetkid Named Disire by Bad Religion

3:34pm: Lay Me Down by The Down And Outlaws

3:38pm: Start! by The Jam

3:40pm: Sink With California by 7 Seconds

3:45pm: Main Title (I’m On My Way) by Paint Your Wagon

3:48pm: Kyle’s Mom’s A Bitch by South Park

3:49pm: Fall Children by A.F.I.

4:52pm: Life Won’t Wait by Rancid



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