Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – Zero Preparation and DJ Deathwish

Sunday, October 18


Malderor had basically zero time this week to prepare for the show, so we don’t have the usual complement of new music. Instead you can expect a show chock-full of old-school punk rock, some cuts from the Supersucker’s new country record, and some stoner metal from some band Malderor met last night at the Golden Bull in Oakland called “Them Evils.” DJ Deathwish does turn up to help out with the mid-song banter, and the show turned out better than one might expect. Check it out!

2:07pm: You Sound Like You’re Sick by The Ramones

2:07pm: Cold Black Love by Them Evils

2:09pm: All My Rowdy Friends (Have Settled Down) by The Supersuckers

2:15pm: Skankin’ To The Beat by Fishbone

2:19pm: Sappy (Demo) by Kurt Cobain

2:21pm: Shells and Spells (Demo) by The Gentle Cycle

2:39pm: The Serenade Is Dead by Conflict

2:39pm: Riot 77 by Total Chaos

2:42pm: So Many Lies by Argy Bargy

2:54pm: Riot Squad (Live at the Great American Music Hall) by Cock Sparrer

2:59pm: Anger and Fear by The Partisans

3:02pm: Time Bomb by Blitz

3:04pm: 53rd and Third by The Ramones

3:09pm: Left 4 Dead by Rat Boy

3:10pm: Euphoria by Killing Joke from Pylon

3:15pm: Scenario by The Beastie Boys from Pump Up The Volume Soundtrack

3:24pm: Funky Frankenstein by Chaki

3:29pm: Wash It Down by Demob Happy

3:32pm: Don’t Let Nothing Get In The Way by The Enemy

3:36pm: Lonely You by Wax Idols

3:44pm: Static Space by Beatcreatures

3:48pm: Ice Ice Baby by Big Daddy

3:50pm: She Floated Away by Husker Du

3:55pm: If Ever I Stray by Frank Turner

3:58pm: Trouble On Oxford Street by Skinny Lister



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