Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – Sweeping Grandeur and Some Random Dude I Met At A Bar

Tuesday, November 3


Halloween Hangover shows are always chaotic, and this is no exception. Malderor was massively hungover from seeing a show in Oakland the previous evening. So he was soothing his wounds at a nearby tavern when he met some amiable dude from Minnesota-by-way-of-Las-Vegas, and began to talk about music. Roughly 19 minutes later, Malderor convinced this random tourist to hop across the street and be on the goshdarn radio. So the first half of the show is comprised of the kind of EPIC black metal this dude (Scott) was into. Lots of requests from him for grand, shoegazey, bombastic black-ish metal stuff.  Then the second half of the show is more epic tunes while Malderor realizes he hasn’t eaten in a couple days and the rosé is really going to his head.  Check it out! No playlist this week because hangover!  Oh, and DJ Deathwish was there too, with the voice of god on his side.



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