Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – Training the Bourgeoisie

Saturday, December 5

1412299125_rara_Malderor was training new Radio Valencia DJ Elizabeth Simon (from Bourgeoisie Productions), who should have a show starting soon. She didn’t bring any music, though, so it was a bit haphazard. Lots of brand-new music this week, however:

2:06pm: Fuck If I Know by Carlton Melton

2:15pm: Acid Head by White Manna

2:25pm: The New England by The Enemy

2:35pm: Do I Love You Indeed by Frank Wilson

2:39pm: Waterloo Sunset by The Temples

2:41pm: Paranoia by The Kinks

2:53pm: The Devil’s Shelter by Elephant Stone

2:56pm: Ride by Parchman

3:01pm: Sally Cinnamon by The Libertines

3:18pm: Red Flag by Fuzz

3:19pm: Jack The Maggot by Fuzz

3:26pm: Backwards From The Dead by The Down And Outlaws

3:30pm: What’s Your Story by Mantras

3:35pm: Diamante by Rara Replica

3:39pm: Forget The Past by Dot Punto

3:45pm: Dogmeat by The Flaming Groovies

3:49pm: You Suffer by Napalm Death

3:49pm: Barbarian Kings by Morgan Delt

3:53pm: Mrs Frankenstein by Tight Pants and the Dynamite

3:58pm: It’s My Life by Paul Anka



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