Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – Training the Bourgeoisie, Pt II, Dog Party!

Monday, December 7

jamon2Malderor was still training a new DJ at the station, and in addition hosting a party to welcome a friend’s new French bulldog to the world. So it was a bit chaotic and weird today, but featured new tracks from The Down & Outlaws, Deap Vally, Night Beats, the Chemistry Set, and much, much more.

2:02pm: Royal Jelly by Deap Vally

2:08pm: Get Lost by L.A. Witch

2:10pm: Phantasy by Mantras

2:19pm: Witchcraft by Strange Hotel

2:22pm: 3 Days by The Diamond Light

2:24pm: Took A Ride by Down and Outlaws

2:31pm: Fringe by Black Cobra Vipers

2:35pm: Oceans and Seas by Teenage Sweater

2:40pm: Arielle by Hungry Skinny

2:45pm: Stay Sharp by Rasheed Chappell

2:47pm: See Emily Play by The Chemistry Set

2:51pm: Nine Inch Noels by Nine Inch Noels

2:58pm: Little Shoes by French Cassettes

3:01pm: 93,000,000 Miles by Major Powers and the Lo-Fi Symphony

3:06pm: Everybody Knows by Strange Hotel

3:10pm: Soul by Nightworkers

3:18pm: No Cops by Night Beats

3:20pm: Sometime Ago (Raga Version) by The Lemon Drops

3:29pm: Wizbot by Sea of Bees

3:32pm: Harmonica Song by Helio Sequence

3:42pm: Got Heat by Shriekback

3:46pm: Taking It Back by Phil Reynolds and the Herald Angels

3:51pm: Strange Denial by Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:54pm: Think For Yourself by Charlie and Humphrey

3:58pm: I Want To Be Your Man by Tino Drima



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