Malderor & Dr Junk

Malderor – New Releases and DJ Deathwish

Sunday, January 31

superbowlMalderor is back for his first show in three weeks! He has a ton of quality new music on deck, including brand new singles from Bob Mould, L.A. WITCH, the The Y Axes, and a new solo shot from the bass-player from A Place To Bury Strangers. There’s also a demo from Woodgraves, Nick Cave covering an old Pulp song, and a set of heavy-psych releases from the Captcha Records label. No studio-guests this week, but DJ Deathwish and D$ drop by for a scene report. Check out the playlist and podcast below! You like music, right?
2:09pm: Whiskey by The Prairie Willows

2:14pm: Black by The Soft Moon

2:16pm: Went To Town (Demo) by Woodgraves

2:24pm: Some Candy Talking by Richard Hawley

2:28pm: Orange Crush by Editors

2:32pm: Disco 2000 by Nick Cave

2:40pm: Starchild by Mosonics

2:44pm: Witch City by Reverends

2:49pm: Blues for Ceaușescu by The Fatima Mansions

3:01pm: Drive Your Car by L.A. Witch

3:02pm: Meteorite by The Y Axes

3:06pm: Good With Bad Habits by The Outta Sorts

3:10pm: Voices In My Head by Bob Mould

3:14pm: Everything I Do Is Out by Matthew Logan Vasquez

3:28pm: ComBroke by Dion Lunadon

3:28pm: Punkhouse by Screeching Weasel

3:30pm: Ben Weasel by The Queers

3:47pm: Modern Man (Bad Religion Cover) by Adrenalized for the Bad Religion SAT Word Of The Week

3:46pm: Forest Nymph by Skunk

3:48pm: Deepest Purple by Shooting Guns

3:54pm: Bermuda by Dreamtime

3:57pm: Flying Blind by Bats Out

4:03pm: return to normal schedule.



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